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  • please not Lawro, even tho he’s an lfc ledge, he has the charisma of adeaf wombat, ratboy is miles. better, also much better ai needed for commentary

  • wont there be fifa 14 for PS2?

  • thnx

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  • What are your sources for this article? The Turkish and ukrainian leagues are yet to be confirmed based on the information that’s been made available.

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  • I never got these 4 free packs everyone speaks of……

  • I find that in some cases you can add a bronze all attributes to a player and sell him for quite a bit more for example, I bought a bronze all attributes last week for 150 coins and Ricky lambert for Southampton for 250 somehow but normally around 300-350 And added the bronze all attributes to him and he sold for 950 coins that’s a profit of around 400-450 coins after Ea take 5% hope this helps

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  • It’s very simple to find out any matter on web as compared to books, as I found this piece of
    writing at this site.

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  • Lacina Traore is another very op player because he is fairly fast,6ft 6 and can make such a big impact

  • can u do it step by step cause its not working

  • Is it possible to change the arena player to your own Be A Pro player?

    I really want to improve one-on-one with the keeper, as I probably got the worst chance-to-goal ratio this game have ever seen.

  • So what do you do

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  • hah i got coins for as little £5. my team now consists of neymar and ronaldo !

  • Please coins fifa 14

  • nice details on gk career… i was wondering to start it… now with ur few tips it has become easier… i got this q…. what is maximum overall a gk can gain???

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  • We want to add the Algerian team in career mode

    • In career design kits and badge. Better player in FUT Packs. Pick if u want to be CF or CM or RWor LWin create players or Pro Clubs.

  • pouvoir changer de sponsor,de maillot ,d’ équipementier avec son club gérer vraiment le club quoi…

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  • Add the ukraine and turkish leagues.create a new FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP tournament in career mode.Also in career mode,kits need to altered every season….If they do this,then fifa 15 will be interesting!

    • I agree, as well as the Greek League. EA are discoursing so much young potential players in these talented leagues…

  • 1. Manager Career:
    A. Give Chance to create team kite.
    B. Following all the rules as per Fifa and Uefa for teams selection for all league games and titles..
    C. Manager talk in writing with players as I saw in football manager.
    D. Manager should have right to select sponsorships for the year…
    2. Player Career..
    A. He should have right to select teams for loans and transfers..
    B. Able to have talk with manager for his future and talk with press…

  • Add I-league also and other small league too…

  • Allow gamers to play as an owner of a club, have people around you control parts of the club or do it yourself. make money by success and right decisions that pay off (buying a player that turns into a star, or investing in the right manager to bring the best players for your squad) and maybe one day buy a big club!

  • add nigeria to fifa 15

  • I would love to see 2 leagues in scotland , premiership and championship.

    You have rangers fc in rest of the world but…
    Rangers and hearts fc will both be in the championship next year ( two big clubs).

    *REMOVE rangers from rest of world league and bring in the championship in doing so you will gain two big clubs aswell as several clubs who’ve been in fifa over the last few years.

    *many players move from scottish lower leagues to big clubs

    And you have all 4 leagues in england

    • mike daddlesfdffd

      england have way more than 4 leagues, they have hundreds

    • I totally agree mate! being from Scotland I would love to see the lower leagues not just the Championship but league 1 and 2, would make the scottish cup more interesting and be a pro career would be amazing!

  • One more…

    Increasing staium size / upgrading during career mode.
    Always good to get more money in and if you build a small team up through several seasons upgrading the small stadium should be acheivable

  • We definetely need Greek Superleague.
    And certainly better stadium atmospheres from ultras and stuff like flares. coreos, chants etc.

    • Agreed, so much young talent in the Greek League. Greece is one of the most passionate football countries in the world, yet EA don’t add there league to FIFA! Also need Ukrainian, and Turkish leagues. It needs the UCL, and maybe the Europa League. Lastly, better international teams. There is sooo many pointless int. teams like India and Bolivia, while countries like Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Nigeria, Japan, etc. are missing.

  • must make scenario option in practice for vollley, bicycle kick thrown to you etc

  • should allow you to warm up before matches like a training infront of a crowd in the stadium
    and should show them lining up in the tunnel

  • i want to see the cameras show the some crowds face full of exictment….i want to train as a player before a match…add i league of india

  • Paul van Broekhoven

    The Japanish League

  • Do champions league fixtures count in the decision to put players in TOTW?

  • the dutch jupiler league

  • Be a ref mode

  • I think this as you could control the match as an official
    I.e. Linesman, ref etc.

  • include classic teams like the invinsibles

  • Adecco league ! Norway

  • ASB Premiership – New Zealand

  • Include the CONCACAF Champions League for the North and South American leagues to participate in.

  • david silva
    el sharaaway
    aleixis sanchez
    marco veratti
    sergio aguero
    NOTE: this list is based on my own career mode!! xxx

  • Allow us to intervene in the middle of a simulation. Also, save a game in progress so you can leave and come back to it later


  • Please include I-League from India..

  • 1.Be a Chairman mode would make an excellent addition.
    2.Give the option of knowing a players ability level.
    3.Have the option of starting as an International mgr and build your reputation up to get a top mgrs position.

  • put legends on the play station.

  • put all the leagues in the game.

  • Is that is?

    Talk about in-depth…

  • 1. New unlock for edit pro on pro clubs… Tattoo’s.. To personalise your pro that much more! Be able to unlock different colours, sleeves, tribals and body region! 2. Club and career TEAM training sessions, unlocking accomplishments and improving stats/ratings taking skill games to the next level.. A good fitness session results in better stamina etc for the next match, a bad session vice versa risking missing out on making the starting 11. 3. SORT OUT the ai problem with the ai team mate close to the ball possessor, u knock on or skill move and your taken off the ball, half the time resulting in turning over possession and a counter attack! The same goes for power up a shot and he then ends up in your path blocking a goalscoring chance for his own team! Yes in real football this can occur and can’t be avoided, but it happens so often! 4. Different variations of each skill move, making your play style that much more unique and to be unpredictable and exhibiting your flair, character and personal touch!

  • add the Wales national squad we have the likes of Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, Joe Allen ect…

  • I generally only play Player Career, so what I’d like are:
    – Training sessions for between games. Basically do any of the skill games and get points for it so that you can have a temporary attribute boost for the next match and a permanent boost after you’ve hit a certain amount of points depending on the level.
    – Time on contracts, so if you want to leave a club at the end of the season and no-one’s bidding for you you will become a free agent with a selection of clubs to choose from.
    – Conversations with manager. One of my bug bears atm is that my player is the best player in the team but keeps getting taken off after 45 minutes or 60 minutes. EVERY GAME. I’d like to be able to ask the manager for more playing time, or if contracts are introduced ask for a new contract on more money etc..

    I’m a player of Football Manager as well and there are some aspects of that I’d like to use from the player’s perspective.

    • YES!… I keep getting taken off WITHOUT FAIL at 55-60mins.. doing my head in! Even if I’ve scored 2/3 goals etc – Not sure if this is a bug in the system but this needs to be addressed!

  • There is no virtual pro menu on fifa 14? I’ve made a new game face and I am trying to re download it to my Playstation 3 but there seems no option to do so??

  • I need haked tool link plz help send me link

  • Sand me haked tool link

  • add a feature of custom designing kits with real sponsers like fly emirates, bwin , aon, etc and also the kit designers like adidas, puma and nike , puma etc so to make changes to kits before starting of new season and plz plz plz plz add i league of india and a feature by which we can create skill moves of our own

  • I think there should be a chairman mode so you can own your favourite team and build them into a world class team
    I also think the should be a referee mode so you can be the ref or linesman

  • Japanese League, Hong Kong League, Champions League and Europa League…

  • For online gammers; set a package of 2,3,4 games so when I want to play on line I dont want to waste time waiting to find opponent, I am already set up. so If I get the 3 package once i finish playing , I am starting the next right away. Please have common sense.

  • Do the warming-up by by your self

  • In career mode you should be able to resign from a club and should use the champions league instead of champions cup, you should add the fifa club world cup and you should be able to choose your sponsors and edit your kit.

    a.Create kit or edit kit
    b. Choose sponsors for your club
    c. Get naming rights for champions league
    d. Add FIFA club world cup
    e. Disable Global Transfer Network
    f. Bring back the ability to see all abilities of all players
    g. Have the ability to sign a contract with the club to show how long you wish to stay
    h. Create a manager, e.g. create his face and which clothing he should wear etc.

    a. Have the ability to give players tattoos
    b. Be interactive with the club manager to talk about your career


  • if you play raheem sterling from liverpool very often (im talking nearly every game) you can have him at 90 by the time he is 24, thats what happend for me anyway

  • In manager mode you should have a trophy cabinet showing which trophies you won and with which team in which year

  • Make your own team kit. not fucking going to and download them for moeny, fuck that! and also make your own stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scenarios!! They should have games where you are half time and have to win by 2 goals to win the league or something like that.. like South Africa 2010 game had. was really good… and warming up in front of crowd as mentioned before… should be able to demote and promote from B sides. All countries jerseys! proper jerseys not the crappy ones..

  • Have variable weather that can change throughout the game.

    For example, it rains from 0-23rd minute and then breaks out in sunshine , the one side of the pitch that is in the shade stays wet and the sunny side gets progressively drier throughout the game.

    There are endless scenarios you can implement where weather can affect gameplay movement.

    Also 1500 kick offs could start off in day light and then get darker towards 1700 in the day.

    It can be done, look at F1 games and they use rain effects successfully.

    Alex, Staffordshire, UK

  • 🙂

  • Fifa did every year Turkish leauge and the few years isn’t anymore why ?? do it again !

  • Fully license the Portugal league sagres as well as all the clubs in the league. Also the Portugal 2nd division should be in the game. The B teams for top clubs are in there and it would be fun to be able call up and drop players from the B teams.

  • Portugal league licensed stadiums has Been asked for by the community for years. License FC Porto, Benfica, Sporting, and Braga stadiums. Bring back the euro 2004 stadiums.

  • just bring in the concacaf champions league with this make sure their is the canadian cup

  • I got Jan dirt cheap within half an hour of starting my career as Bradford

  • – Agree with the weather changing comment. Can change a lot throughout games and would be great to get darker.
    – The License for the Champions and Europa League is a must.
    – I am not a fan of the new scouting system at all. Can’t believe you can’t see the ratings of any player.This has bothered me most about the new FIFA.
    – As a player in Career mode I want it changed that you can be on the subs bench. When I am not fit enough to start it removes me from the squad altogether. If I am fit enough I’m in starting lineup.
    – Changing of kits going into new seasons.
    – More emphasis on contracts for your player – Also a ability to show total earnings over whole career.

  • any african league should be there.for years now africa only get a representation of a few clubs..the south african league should be there with the likes of egypt,ghana, and nigiria

  • Just give coins boost on the pc version of the game in fut

  • mike daddlesfdffd

    Manager mode-
    1. staff upgrades (like fifa08)
    2. easier objectives for smaller clubs in the league (as west brom in first season i was told to get euro spot)
    3. option of global scout network
    4. not having money reset after season (with melbourne victory i had $4m and after a season the board reset it back to $2.6)
    5. option of which sponser to get (better is more money)

    Player mode-
    1. be able to get subbed on
    2. talk to manager for upcoming games/ futre.
    3. use money to buy upgrades (like nba2k14)

    CEO mode-
    you are a small club and have to build it up making investments and telling the manager what sort of player to buy.

    Referee mode-
    be the referee and bad calls mean you could be fired

  • Remove the bloody keeper in pro ranked like you could in the last 1. Stop the nobs coming out thinking there messi and letting in open goals

  • Is this a one time use thing? I activated my financial takeover but restarted my career cause I selected a wrong option . Will I be able to do it again ? Or wait till I reach another level and repurchase it on catalogue ?

  • If I give you my fifa I’d so you can give me coin

  • Career mode: Add abililty to edit kits
    add ability to choose sponsors
    add Villa Park to game 1 of the most famous stadiums in football and its never been in the game
    add ability to customise managers appearance
    unmask players ratings as having them masked just makes the searchin for a player process long winded
    add world club championship
    add ability to hire staff ie assistant manager & coaches

  • the career mode potentials are all random these stats are just the average i did a everton career n i make Barkley into a 89 by the time he was 25 it matters how you play with the players and how they play under you like in real life!!

  • Thanks I got Messi OMG STill cant believe it.

  • I started manager mode with Sunderland, played for two seasons won 3 trophies including the league. still whenever I apply to other club, I get rejected every time!!

  • In career mode there should be a club world cup also more national teams from north america and more leagues from North america as well to do the Concacaf Champions cup.
    in player mode a more interactive story line would be more fun if it were to include decisions that could affect whether or not team mates like you or if other clubs want to buy you. and if you are good enough you can get a personal boot like messi and ronaldo get. also it would be so fun if you could make a player as a youth player and work your way up a clubs youth academy.

  • Will Hughes from derby is an incredible player.I signed for Aston villa for £250,000 at the start of career mode and then offloaded him two seasons later for £22 million.

  • have an answer for this question?

  • its not working :ccccccccccccccccccc

  • How do u do it

  • Norwegian first division

  • Hey EA,
    you should really consider taking in the Turkish League again. I know how difficult it is with the Turkish Football Federation, but you should really try to do the best to -at least- take in the 4 great clubs of Turkey. That would be Trabzonspor,Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerbahce. I am sure that the money you would spend on buying the licenses would fully be paid with the higher percentage of bought games by the turkish players in Germany, Turkey and England. I know many players, who dont buy it, because they cant play with their favorite team.
    Also there are many stars in this league now like Malouda,Bosingwa, Drogba, Sneijder, Baros and many others that will eventually join.

    I am not turkish, but I still want this league, because there is a plenty of players that I would really like to play with on Ultimate Team.

  • Add legendary teams that have played throughout history. They have already taken a step towards it with the introduction of legends in ultimate team. Having teams such as the arsenal invincibles the real Madrid galacticos Barcelona of 2005 Chelsea of 2005 treble winning United team Liverpool of the 80s the champions league dominant Milan team. I believe all those teams plus more would be a real good fun idea.

  • In pro clubs the AI should have a set difficulty to at least world class. and the refs need to get a grip to many silly free kicks given away in fifa 14 and yet some serious ones not given. I also think you should add a manager mode for multiple players so u can play against friends in one big comp.

  • In manager or player mode you should have the abilities to spend wages. I think it was total club manager 2004 u could buy houses, cars, jewellery etc… think that would be a good addition also in manager mode there should be a build mode so you can build/expand stadium, youth ground, training pitches car and coach parking, medical centre u should also be able to upgrade grass from standard to underground heating etc…

  • Add indoor masters. start your career as a youth player end it in the masters.

  • Finnish Veikkausliiga and Japanese J-League would be essential adds to the EA FIFA leagues.

  • Manager mode:
    – being able to talk to your team in bad situations to give them a boost and talking to individuals about game time and training.
    – tying in with what I just said when you talk to a player you can praise or hate them which will result in morale, relationship and if he wants to stay at the club.
    – if you build a relationship with a player at a previous club and he is a realistic transfer target then it will give a higher chance for him to join your new club.
    – you can watch key moments in training sessions in when a player makes a good pass or screws up which will make you wonder who to choose for the upcoming game.

    Player career:
    – talking to the manager
    – training with your team in training sessions which will result in them playing better with you.
    – doing things outside of football, for example, going to a pub and getting drunk may affect how the whole club and manager thinks of you and it can be in a good way and in a bad way.

  • Championship teams when they come into the Premier league their number fonts should change to the premier league fonts for a more realistic effect. Also for Pro Clubs you should be able to edit your stance for free kicks and penalty’s. Another thing is you should be able to create your own kit and badge for pro clubs. One last thing if possible it would be so great if you could pud the conference league in the game as so many people would love it.

  • There should be a new manager mode type when you only watch the game instead of playing it. So your only the manager and only bring in players but you cant play.

  • In career mode you should be able to edit your manager on what he looks like. And your player should be able to buy tattoos and on player career you should be able to attend training sessions.

  • Finnish Veikkausliiga

  • In the player career mode, there is no incentive for me to play for more money. You should be able to use your money to buy things which will then raise your player ratings. For instance, why should I transfer to Madrid when Tottenham is my favorite team? I never would in the game because I have no reason to. But if Madrid offered me more money and money allowed me to boost my ratings, now I have a tough decision.

    Money can be used for things like buying a nice comfortable apartment close to the stadium which will improve stamina or injury rating. I can buy a personal trainer or personal chef to improve strength or agility. I can buy a new car and experiencing the speed on the highway will improve my speed and aggression during games. I can spend a day off at the training facility to improve my passing or I can spend the day hanging with my teammates and by getting to know them better, improving my vision. I can do community service becoming a fan favorite. On the weekend I can stay in and watch film of my opponents defense to improve finishing, or I can go out to the club at the expense of some stamina points, but maybe I will meet a girl (or maybe I will get in trouble). With a wag around to improve my focus, I will definitely be a better penalty/free kick taker. Just some thoughts.

    You can still keep some of the accomplishments for skill building, but this year I was not able to build my pro enough to draw any attention from the giant clubs. And I ignored transfer offers because I had no incentive to leave WHL.

  • I think Flamini is deserved of a higher rating than 77 … maybe 80.

  • Owner mode; owner mode is where you should be able to put prices on food at stadiums, parking, jerseys.etc. you could give a certain amount of money to the manager to spend on transfers and such. Just like in madden 25. You would have the opportunity to relocate your team or build a new stadium.

  • Fifa 14 is the most terrible game i ever purchased. All fifa did was change the interface, to a more windows 8 theme, which im sure microsoft must have done. The only major difference the scouting is absolutely annoying. It seems the project manager is absolutely lazy. There isnt even any market research to examine what fans want. Owner of EA sports get something done or u will loose fan base. I sold fifa and bought pes. Pes feels better than fifa.

  • 1. Improve the AI. Attacking players wandering offside and then staying there or get involved in plays makes no sense, the players represented aren’t 8 years old. And why don’t defenders pick up an attacker? Always playing zone defence makes little sense. Players on attack for that matter rarely look for open space.
    2. Be able to show all 23 players on each team during celebrations. Don’t know why celebration scenes that are animated that players cannot control only show 11 players.
    3. Full National team anthems. Playing the last 5 seconds is a joke, play the whole thing or don’t bother with it at all.
    4. Bring back Downloadable international commentary packs. It was the only thing worth buying from the fifa store.
    5. Go to an actual football field and record what hitting the post sounds like.


    If your managing a lower league team and they get promoted show it on their jersey for example remove championship logo and insert premier league logo

    Have proper media conferences like the ones in NBA 2K14

    In player career mode when signing for a big club have an introduction like the one Neymar had when he signed for Barca also do a speech

    Have an option to add accessories like: tattoos, piercings and other things on player career mode

    Have a in game twitter where you get tweets, follows and a fan base

    Get the chance to sign with a sponsor like NIKE ADIDAS or PUMA and have endorsements like being on the cover of a future FIFA or creating your own boots with the sponsor

    Allowing player to go in crowd and celebrating with fan after scoring

    Letting fans come on to pitch (pitch invasion) for example when team wins the league or gets promoted

    Pitch fights in a derby match

  • to transfer career money to ultimate team

  • I know this is a far fetched idea but being able to be the boss of all fifa the head not the coach but being the head fifa boss just watching transfers and that unfold would be cool

  • An online career mode like a bunch of different servers making up full leagues and having reminders when your next game is like real life eg. Next game is on Tuesday at 11:am and if you don’t show up its a forfeit

  • I would like to see the skill games implemented into career mode. You could train youth players or young players specific attributes, and for a booster, do a skill game with them once a season or something to give them an extra increase to a certain area of their stats.

    I should also be able to apply for any job in career mode and not just the random ones the game throws up. All the teams should be divided into categories according to whether or not they would take you on. You could just have a red, yellow and green system were green would be that the team would love you as manager and red is no chance.

    I would like to see much more of an attempt to improve single player in ultimate team. There should be tournaments for every single league and also more hybrid tournaments with specific leagues requested. I don’t know why they don’t do this as it would make opening more packs for random players to make random 11s more appealing. A ‘Pack only’ tournament would also be good, were you can only use players you have got from packs.

    I should also be able to pick the difficulty for every tournament I do in ultimate team. There should be different coin rewards for each difficulty like with the team of the week challenge.

    Also for Ultimate Team, I would love to see them bring back that mode they had in the Euro 2012 DLC. That one were you went around the world challenging teams and you would get a random player off them every time you beat them. You could have a tour around Seria A or any league and at the end of it get a coin bonus and also a random player from that league. That was a great mode and seems perfect for ultimate team.

    The most important thing to improve though is the physics in the game. First touch error is a great thing but it makes no sense if a defender controls the ball perfectly when I shoot as hard as I can at him on the edge of the box. There is not enough variety in deflections. I hardly ever have a shot deflected in, or wide, or back into play. It just hits the defender and then stops and lands at his feet which is ridiculous.

  • I just finished my 1st season with perth glory. I want to move aboard in another league but when I get accepted 4 a job I cant do anything else & im stuck with the same team. Help please. How do I leave my club to go elsewere

  • There should be an option to have training days, where instead of playing in a stadium like you do in Arena Mode or skill games, you play on the training grounds of whatever team you play for. If you played for Milan, you’d be on the Milanello sports centre, with trees around the grounds. It’d be great to be able to train your players to slowly build up their stats, and see them in training gear training in the cold, the rain. Little things like this would make you more invested in the players you have, and changing the roster would be a bigger deal if your team’s chemistry could be improved through training.

    You could also train like this in Virtual Pro mode, to improve specific traits. Maybe in virtual pro mode, you can do a max of 3 drills a day for your player, so you would have to choose whether you wanted to do sprints to improve speed and stamina, or weights to improve strength. With only 3 drills a day you couldn’t exploit it and max out your player quickly, but it would allow you to improve stats that aren’t initially impressive on your player. I’m 6’1 and very quick, but I have to be shorter in virtual pro or my speed stats will be quite slow, you should be able to improve them no matter your height.

    This is one that’s a little less likely to be achieved, but I’d love to see a futsal mode just for fun. I bought Fifa street in 2012 just to play futsal, but it was too much about the tricks, and actual futsal is more about passing. I’d love to see a futsal mode that doesn’t change any of the gameplay or mechanics, it simply puts it on a futsal court, only 5 players a side, and futsal goals. Even if it was just as a training game/skill game.

  • You should also be approached by other clubs to take the head coach position, instead of actively seeking which clubs will take you.

    There should also be a part at the very beginning of your career where you’re interviewed by the club’s media, and one of the questions they would ask is ‘What is your favourite team?’ or ‘What would be your dream destination club?’ that way if you choose Milan or Real Madrid, when they come knocking it would be a big deal.

  • 1- They should include the contract length feature in the pro mode.

    2- Managers should be able to bring up players from their 2nd devision or youth team for FREE! You know.. Like in real life!!


  • Firstly add the Concacaf champions league with the Canadian cup. They should have the MLS drafts and finally, add the Scottish championship to make it fun.

  • I spent £25 and got giggs and cahill! so thanks for the useless and costly glitch 🙁

  • Yep i was getting silvers and none rares the best player i got was probably Demba Ba

  • Press conferences and more player and board interaction!!! New training facilities and new stadiums!! Ask owners for money for a marquee signing… Training (e.g. get Giroud better at dribbling) and realistic crouds, varied commentary and better gameplay would make fifa 15 perfect

  • Can the commentators demonstrate more emotion and passion in gameplay. They’re quite dull at the moment. Also, it would be cool to be able to control the players personal lives a bit more in terms of whether they turn up to training, how often they train etc…

  • I would like to see the Greek league added. There are some other smaller and lesser none leagues that are currently part of the FIFA series. I believe that the Greek should be added as well as they have Olympiacos, which is doing really well in the Champions League, as well as Paok, which is doing well in the Europa League.

  • I got Aguero up to 92. I scouted a striker that started as a 95 and is a 98 now (I think the signing fee was 35 million though). The potential and initial rating seem to be pretty random

  • Every Year A Team Changes It’s Kit. Not Massively But They Do. In Career Mode You Can Go On For Year With The Same 2/3 Kits. There Should Be An Edit Mode For This. Even If They Make It An Unlockable In The Fifa15 Catalogue. It Just Gets Boring Doing Season After Season On Career Mode With The Same Kits.

    Get Rid Of The GTN. It’s Crap. The Transfer System Isn’t The Problem It’s The Negotiations.
    1. You Can’t See How Good A Player Is. Unless You Have Scouted Someone For A Month You Can’t Just Buy Them Else You Don’t Know What Your getting. Therefore There Is No Fun In Transfer Deadline Day.
    2. I Really CBA Spending Money To Buy Scouts To Do A Job I Could do In Five Minutes On A Search Menu. It’s Pointless.

    I Used To Enjoy Doing Stadium Upgrades And I Think This Should be Brought Back. i Think The Stadiums In The Game Are Crap. They Are Nothing Like The Stadiums In Real Life. I Don’t Understand How Hard It Is To Create More Of Them. if It’s Because It Takes too Long Then Keep Doing Them And Add Them To The Unlockables!

    Bring Back Visual Sim. This Was You Can Sim The game But If Things Are Going Bad, You Can Go Into The Game And Sort Things Out. When Your Getting Good At Career Mode And Your In All The Cups, European Championships, National Championships (If Your A National manager). You play So many games That Sometimes You CBA Playing Them So You Sim Them. But Most Of The Time Your Team Loses In A Sim.

    Have Teams Bid For Your Players More Often. If You Put Someone Up For Transfer It Takes Donkeys For Someone To Bid And If They Do It’s A Crap Bid.

    Have Transfer Negotiations Quicker. Do It Like A Live Thing. instead Of Putting In An Offer/ Having That Accepeted/ putting In A Contract Offer/ Having That Accepted/ Accepting The Player! Why Don’t They Do it “Live”, not Literally but like asif your having a conversation with agents/player/managers. Therefore things can be done quicker!

    Everytime a good player moves to a worse club than his last, the next fifa game is rating goes down. This is ridiculous as being at a different club doesn’t make them worse.

    Pick your own friendlies at the beginning of the season

  • I think you should introduce real time weather, where weather can change during a game! For instance a heavy deluge of rain that makes the pitch muddy and cut up, thus slowing down the ball, or high winds that affect the ball movement or very hot sun that effects the players fatigue ! I would also like to see injuries and the effects of bad tackles better replicated! And the use of elbows etc to gain an advantage in the air if not seen, if seen then punishment for them! And I still think that the crowd could be more realistic! all these things are eye candy but I feel would mKe the gMe more immersive! I used to love the pitch cutting up in the old kick off games years ago!!

  • Please make fut more interactive, and global, you know big thing!

  • on PC there is no such thing as virtual pro

  • Is mesut ozil hair going to be updated ?

    • I have the same issue. I would like to see him with short hair. He is not playing good with his long hair.

  • video not available!

  • CAREER MODE Players value should be more realistic through performance/goals etc. For example, I had a striker worth 1 million in prem and scored 20 goals in 10 games with average 9.7 performance. No change in value!!! Realistically he would shoot up in value (20 million maybe). Also had valuable players performing poorly yet there value did not decrease?
    Should also be a mode for career that the cpu teams are at different levels according to the size, eg Barcelona legendary,mansfield amateur etc. This would make the career mode so much more realistic.
    the global transfer system is pants. A simple search system is just fine as it was.

  • A. Maybe a kind of life section of career mode???

  • You should earn about 800k per match (and add in finances)and instead of ozil being 50k he should be like 50m, messi 120m not 1.2m and Robben 90m not 250k… make FIFA 14 realistic please EA as no other fifas are.

    Make gold packs have something special in it… At least 65k (if above is included then 65m)

    And finally when on career and ultimate team, when you forfeit the score should be as it was when you left the game. These will quite simply make FIFA 15 ACE!!

    • Oh and certainynot EA TAX!! It’s like when you buy a player and sell for profit you don’t get it because of EA TAX!! And there should be training sessions on career mode

  • Manager and player mode:
    I think it could be nice if ,as you go to a club, you could sine a contract for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years or 5 years. So you can go away on a free transfer at the end of your contract.

  • Manager or player mode:
    I think it is nice if you could manage or play in a youth team in a youth competition.
    With youth teams from big clubs. Like young Ac Milan or young Man united in competitions like young serie A or young premier league and every time in the season you could take players from the big club to play with the young team and you can give players to the big team to play with them. But they are not allowed to play 2 games in 1 week. So they are not allowed to play with the big team and the young team in the same week. And there must be an age limit.

  • I think there need to be more special chemistry styles. Pace & Dribbling +3 as well as Pace & Heading +3 would be nice. I also think there should be +6 for pace at least, if not for all stats.

  • Formation designer? I would like one. If it already exists on xbox and ps then put it on mobile too. I would love to have it

  • To be gk in this Game is a bad ideal no matter what hight weight you use is stl shit in fifa 12 fifa 13 I never got a goal 1 on 1 with the player in this game I got in every single match . And every times the ball comes to hm he gs tru his legs that’s so retarded . And in the arena every shot on target b the computer is a goal the kipper dives after the ball is in the net 😂

  • Muscle Factor X Review

    My brother recommended I might like this web site.
    He was entirely right. This post actually made my day.
    You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for
    this information! Thanks!

  • Thank you for share.
    I like Eden Hazard and chelsea.Hazard is future of chelsea.

  • Started my career as manager in Lanús, from the argentinian league, in the first part of the tournament (Torneo Inicial) i finished in the 7° place, and in the second part (Torneo Final) i finished 2°, then i went to Newells Old Boys, also from Argentina, been there for three seasons, won all that is possible, but the only teams i can apply are worst teams of the Argentinian League and some of the worst teams of Europe, im really disappointed with that…

  • i play my career mode as a coach and i dont know why i get fired from my club and i win games and buy new players do everything…. before i get fired get notes saying that i dont follow rules and get mad at referres thats why i get fired??? from every club what should i do???
    Thank You

    • The same thing happened to me and I have no idea how to avoid it 😭

    • Lol I just found out. You have to turn of the kinnect because it thinks that your raging and swearing. Even though the commands are cool you have to turn it of 👌

  • Concacaf champions league… and Central American Country Teams, Also Gold Cup of America.. Libertadores Cup

  • I got ronaldo …anyone want him ..
    Kik me at ayoitzalex123 xbox only

  • Here’s some suggestions for career mode( Be a pro and Manager Mode)

    1.Include cut-scenes or short video for player of the year, manager of the year, new signings, etc.

    2.Make it more interactive and diverse.

    3.Include kit creator and sponsorships as same old kits for 3/4 years becomes boring.

    4.Include stadium expansion. Especially for lower division clubs, where they can expand the stadium with their revenue.

    5.Manage signings interactively (fun and quick).Instead of waiting every 2 or 3 days waiting for the reply, negotiating the fees, etc., it can be processed within a day, discussing stuff with agents.

    6.Include video clips at the starting of every major cup match like Champions cup,Euro League,etc

    (Below are for ‘be a pro’)

    7.Enable fan graphs and popularity index for be a pro mode

    8.Animations and interactions with players and coaches

    9.Sponsorship deals and agents

    10.Fan wars and animations.

    11.Rumors and gossips which we as a player has to handle.

    12.Enable accessories like glasses, hats, mask (lol, i know it’s unreal but this things makes it interesting and fun)

    13.More animations and clips is what I suggest for be a pro. It’s supposed to be a strategy after all, controlling one player entire life.It gets boring after the first career as its repetitive. It have more scope to be interesting but no complications.

    • Regarding no. 5 it should be like a meeting with the agent and player so it’s done quick and simply.

  • Mexican 2nd division

  • i started a career with UCD AFC (bad club from ireland). i played 5 seasons and won 4 times the league , 5 times national cup and played the final of champions cup and won 1 euro league. and after all that i got an offer from stevenage -_- WHY!!??

  • 1. In career mode, as a play they should go into the player’s personal life e.g girlfriends, going out clubbing, rivalries and charity events. (like in the game Soccer Life on ps2).
    2. In manager mode; you should be able to change your kit each season, have the option to play a half season (where you only play each team once) because sometimes it gets a bit boring.
    3. You should be able to have reserve teams so if you don’t play a player for a while or if they get injured and they are 80% match fit, they can still keep in form for the reserve team,
    4. You should be able to do post match interviews and you should be able to pick your pre-season warm up matches, and at the beginning of the season like in Fifa 07 you should be able to pick a sponsor.
    5. When youth players get scouted, their potential rating shouldn’t drop as quickly as it does. Also youth teams will be a good addition and have tournaments like the youth FA cup. Also in player mode you could start as youth player and go to trials for teams and play in a match, and you have to get a certain match rating to get through, but if you don’t the required rating then you start off at a lower level club.
    6. More focus should be but on African football as there is a lot of talent there and they should add Nigeria and Ghana back into the game.
    7. Deliberate diving and fights on the pitch (should be asked if you want to turn it on before the game, with an age rating).
    8. Adding a lot more international teams, leagues and competitions would be more interesting. Also the conference league being added in would make a great addition.
    9. Also beach football would be fun.
    10. Classic games would be great to play with classic games from the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and 00′s.
    11. Bringing Lounge mode will be great especially when you’ve got friends over.
    12. At international level there should also be U21 teams.
    13. On manager mode they should go back to the old menu layout this version is is very tedious with the emails and the global scouting is very irritating, I prefer Fifa 13 where you could just search for a position and the players are listed in order of ability, instead of having to scout them for a long time.

  • in fifa 15 put in every league in the world including the airtricity league of ireland division 1

  • Have a real sim of the sim mode…… there are some of us who have no want to be a player on any level and would still like to see the players play some and the stadiums they play in….

  • I haven’t been able to use the one from Level 13 in any of the following seasons, so I am assuming this is a one time thing until we hit level 39? Same issue with Scout a Future Star Player.

  • I’d like to see different types of goals and nets e.g hexagon shaped nets and little sqares and goals with just two poles at the back so the nets move different is and to be able to change the jersey Knicks and socks seperate

  • I would like to see the option of placing a release clause into a player’s contract as well as being able to trigger a release clause…as well as memories flashing in players’ minds when lining up against rival teams

  • Trading between anyone not just friends on FUT please!!!!! I’m desperate

  • Ball boys as well because players run through advertisement boards

  • When is the update gonna work

  • add egyptian league and make tifos in matches

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  • Alright chaps? I accidentally figured this out.

    The ‘potential job openings’ available in the ‘browse jobs’ menu are related to one thing only: the quality of your first 11.

    For example, I have a 4 and a half star Bournemouth team, and I was getting frustrated that the only jobs available were Man Utd, Arsenal etc. when I really wanted to get the Sunderland job. So, I put my young reserves into the first team in ‘team management’ and simmed a bunch of games hoping to get sacked. I then realised that there were lots of jobs available in the menu.

    I loaded an old save – top of the league, with my full team in place – and checked the job offers. Man Utd, Chelsea, Juventus and Lazio. Then I changed up my first 11, with an average rating of around 70, simmed one day in the calender, and checked again. Suddenly, about 10 premier league teams were available as well as a whole bunch abroad. This explains the problems which the lads above have been experiencing in finding a new club. If you, say, win the Champions League with a 2 star team, the potential job openings will still only reflect the quality of your players. Although, in that case you would probably get a direct offer or two. If you’re really frustrated, I’d recommend purchasing financial takeover in the catalogue, bringing in some star players and increasing your first team’s average rating.

    Unfortunately, actually getting the job is still tricky. As far as I can tell, you need to have accomplished a couple of your objectives and/or be on course for a successful league campaign, so realistically you’re looking at March, since the League Cup now qualifies as domestic tournament. Lastly, it’s worth noting that most job offers don’t appear until mid-to-late October and the foreign teams change every couple of days on the calender, so one day it’s Italy, a few days later France etc.

    I hope this helps.

  • They should have the Turkish League

  • when players say things to you in career you should be able to answer them

  • New kits for manager mode, new sponsorships and brands maybe.

    A lot more stadiums and stadium upgrades for manager mode. The generic stadiums are not nearly as realistic or cool as the ones based on real stadiums. So more legit stadiums please.

    For example, every team in the the championship pretty much has the same stadium

  • Anyone who know, when all transfers are updated?

  • I would like to see the japan Croatia and Nigeria added to the national team that would be great for the World Cup coming

  • South Africa professional soccer league – PSL

  • Add UAE League (Arabian Gulf League) and the Turkish League, more national teams
    add hazza bin zayed stadium, add fogy weather

  • UAE League ( Arabian Gulf League )

  • Add UAE national team, it is one of strongest National teams in Asia


  • Add Costa Rica Honduras El Salvador Jamacia Guatemala Canada add the Afghan League cause a USA player in the league Add the Finish League Bulgaria league add the Romania league add the Ukraine & the league add Ghana add the Israeli League add Algeria add Angola the Egypitan league add Croatia & their league add all second divisions to all the leagues in Europe add Nigeria add the South African league add the Quatar leagee & national team Add all the saudi league stadiums add all BPL stadiums & teams that have been in the BPL add the Saudi national team add Japan add china back their league add the J league add the NASL aadd women’s National teams & a few leagues add the Mexican second division add the Guatemalan league & home stadium add American Samoa add Fiji US Virgin Islands Samoa add Cyprus league & National team add Hugarian league add Romanian league add Mylasia Hong Kong & league add Belarus add all south American leagues add the Ivory Coast League

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  • Were a team of volunteers in addition to establishing a different structure in this local community. Your website provided us valuable info to work with. You must have done some sort of challenging exercise and all of our entire team shall be fortunate to your account.

  • We want the Libyan League in FIFA 2015 !!

  • we want

  • yes we want

  • Generateur de credit fifa 14

    I always emailed this web site post page to all my associates, since if like to read
    it then my contacts will too.

  • They won’t fix it. They never do.

  • diego costa is brazzill :/

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  • Pingback: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Game Out Now In NA | FIFA 14 Tips & Cheats - FifaSolved

  • Thank you very much for sharing.
    I like him a lot.
    He is a hero.

  • Hey I was wondering i have fifa 14 I berly got it and I tried to find barcelona and Real Madrid but I can’t find the team plz help

    • Hi Alex, they are located in the (Liga BBVA) which is the Spanish La Liga, hope that helps.

    • Like the guy before me added, both are Spanish clubs so they are located in the (Liga BBVA) which is like looking for Liverpool FC in our English Barclays Premiership, be aware though some of the European clubs, such as Barcelona – are listed as FC Barcelona, so u ain’t gonna find ’em under B! Lol.
      Hope that helps? Look again for Real Madrid cos that’s how it’s listed.
      I that helps.

  • Этот чит предназначен для FIFA 14
    Сперва лучше залогиниться через сайт, потом через ориджин и запускать программку

    Функции чита:
    1) Добовляет в ULTIMATE TEAM много золота
    2) Прокачивает сразу Виртуального Футболиста
    3)Когда вы проигрываете, поражение не засчитывает
    4)Прохождение карьеры на 99%
    5)Бесконечная пауза
    6)В Ultimate team добовляет золотой набор

  • Hey the transfer market has been down for a really long time and I was wondering if you know when that will start working again? thanks

  • Howdy! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I
    came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!

    Terrific blog and wonderful style and design.

  • This has been the worst decision by a coach in U.S. soccer history. A world cup team needs experience more than youth. Many European teams were dispatched easily in previous world cups just because they did not have experience. Donovan Brazilian style soccer is more productive in 15 minutes than other players 90 minutes.

  • portugal football team 2014

    Ivory Coast vs Japan for 2014 World Cup Brazil Round 1 Group c is on Saturday 14 June 2014 This Game Held In Arena Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil Live results, news, images, videos, athletes, comments, & Lot Of more FIFA Actions so stay tune and enjoy the match Live Ivory Coast vs Japan

  • portugal football team 2014

    After the wheel, the PlayStation is the best invention of all time.”

    did Pirlo actually say that?

  • still down on 30th may!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the tips. What do you mean by “aim the left trigger?”

    • Jonathan Vasquez

      The left stick the one you move your player aim it the opposite way of the goal then when you are about to shoot aim it back to the goal

  • What do you mean by “aim the left trigger?”

  • Nice share, I guess the fenerbahce may be and should included in fifa 15


  • no comment here,so,i would like to have the godin^^

  • no comment yet,so i would like to have the godin if u still have it^^

  • I bought edit players before I signed anyone and I’m having trouble buying players for free

  • Does the right analog work when using a PC. USB controller?when I use it….the player never perform skill moves…plz help

  • can i have godin please

  • Still down, June 13.

  • What if you already own EDIT PLAYER IN CAREER MODE? Does this still work?

    • The only reason he mentions buying the player editor is because people rarely buy it cuz it can only do cosmetic changes like changing boots

  • Klondike Cheats

    Quality content is the crucial to invite the viewers to pay a quick visit the site,
    that’s what this site is providing.

  • Yes It does. What you have to do is save the career mode before you sign your player then exit out without saving then continue career then sign your player and use the edit player mode to apply any one change to the player (make sure your save and exit the changes to player) then you exit again without saving then re-enter and you should have player and money back.

  • Cheattssss

  • Ultimate team mode is awesome it has helped me to get my younger kids to fall in love with football (soccer ) they learn so much about each player their origins country ,clubs ,strengths weakness , chemistry and strategy they are addicted who am I kidding I’m addicted too just fiffa just keeps getting better

  • Can’t open rare gold pack on fifa world cup

  • Still down…

  • I think fifa 15 should bring in the confrence leagues in please it would be epic

  • The only problem with this is if u can’t afford the player and his wages then no transfer

  • Still Down July 12

  • When will it come out

  • July 4th… I think…

  • I mean 3rd…

  • Bullsh*t

  • guys it should be up and running tomorrow

  • when is fifa 14 web app back online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m sure it does work fine for a bunch of cheaters lol. How is manager mode even fun with unlimited money?

  • Ok so where is the video?

  • I like how there is alot going on in the box but what is the red for?

  • Ollie Skipwith

    I like how there is a lot going on in the box like pushing and moving about but please, can someone tell me what the red is for????

    • It’s the new set-piece total control feature, where players will be able to organise and deliver free-kicks exactly how they want using the best tactics.

  • Is fifa15 going to have the confrence teams in and the sckool league

  • I want to know do I have to download cheat engine to get the unlimited money for my team

  • Does it work on deadline day?

  • Need to sue them

  • Does it work if you have already unlocked the edit player

  • Can I have ronaldo please

  • This is a apk file any ios hacks?

  • Fuck yeah

  • Firdauss Mohamed

    How to download link FIFA 14 ?

  • does it still work if you already have edit player?

  • How do u do it

  • Luca Kiesewetter


  • komt er ook een turkse compititie? wil ik echt hoop het zo!!!!!!!

  • any news on career mode fifa 15???

  • Can you guys help me out by giving me some player please guys.

  • I have a I phone can it still work ?

  • Pique
    Start price:1,200,000
    Buy now:1,300,000

  • Pique
    Start price:1,200,000
    Buy now:1,300,000

  • Global Scouting sucks. Hate it.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Once I heard it was back I decided to save my money this year. To it makes career mode unplayable.

  • ive no good players on fifa 14 could you help me out please

  • What do you go on to do that

  • So happy the name pops up when you start typing, finding some players with accents in their name was proper annoying!

  • is there web app for xbox 360

  • if these features are really true especally the aspect of ball control and improved graphics i think it would be the best version ever

  • Hope in fifa15 we gonna be able to player other tournaments not just career mode.otherwise, I’m superb with the chances I reckon so far

  • That really work’s?
    I hope

  • Will the ovarall of some players still be missing until you enquire for them and how many commentaters would be in the game

  • can yall please help me I need players and am barely in division 6th

  • I think when you downloaded a game Is like you bought the game. y is difficult to play it.FIFA game you can’t enjoy without data connection. which not supposed to be like .nbak14 is far more dan all ea game.because you can play it anywhere anytime with no connection. I think ea should find solutions to their games .

  • This may be a stupid question but im gonna ask it anyway …. I have pre-ordered Fifa15 (not from EA) from a local store (uk version) So if I download the demo and go on the web app when I get my actual game and start using that will all the progress I have made from the Demo and App be in that game ? Also with the demo will I be able to transfer my fifa points from Fifa 14 to that ? …

  • When is the fifa 15 web app coming out?

  • weak , seriously weak ….

  • So excited! But I wish that there could be a thing where you could design the clubs kit for the next season, that would be so cool

  • Maybe Pedro obiang on career fifa 15 or Munir if he is on the game

  • Maybe Sandro for barca b team

  • Those of you, who like me loyally found the funds to buy ‘ultimate team’ packs week in, week out. Irrespective of all of our senses telling us ‘not to be stupid’ and to ‘save our money’, have after showering EA with our hard earned gelt, been well and truly shafted here and then discarded like some cheap hooker.
    No more Pro Club for Xbox 360 and PS3 EA have informed the press with some cock n’ bull, real reason – EA don’t currently make any money off Pro Clubs or charge anything extra when you use it.
    So although we spent millions of pounds last year on ‘in game’ purchases, EA feel that none of what we spent in 2013/14 should be invested in us the majority party, the 360 and PS3 community.
    When will this obvious contempt for the customer stop? Right now I say and to hell with your Dick Turpin approach.
    I have purchased over 2 million coins worth of Gold /special packs in FIFA 14 these last few weeks and the quality of cards being offered is disgusting. (Screen shots of every opening are available) We are sold promises for over priced and more importantly of all, useless add ons which do not actually improve the persons gameplay at all. Scripting is still EA’s biggest lie of all too as far as I can tell.

  • is there a way to get team management on player career mode ?Sucks to play same formation on all games ..

  • I miss that I cant watch statistics from a player im searching for. How many goals, assists and match rating they have from the current and previous seasons. Makes the road to succes a lot more wider.
    Sorry for my English

  • Transfer Network Scout is rubbish. Bring back the old system

    • Yup, think the same way.

      Also It would be nice if you can choose a few sattelit clubs where you can bring under (youth)players that u don’t use and which you couldn’t rent or sell.

      And the carreer mode should be longer than 20 years, so you can play on with young players youve scouted/bought.

  • I dont care. I play ps4. It´s new gen now.

  • To be honest I played few games and I am not impressed with Fifa 15 and the only reason I am buying it is because I skipped Fifa 14 and I own a PS4 and its about time to own a soccer game for PS4. The games should be named as Fifa 14S. Gameplay is ok but there is a lot of room for improvement. Graphics the players feel, look and move like robots. One of the games I played the referee gave me a penalty kick for no reason. The presentation is awesome. I pre-ordered the ultimate edition because I dont want to spend any penny in FUT but having a gold pack every week for 40 weeks makes it a good deal. But if the PES 2015 demo impresses me I might just cancel the pre order and wait for PES.

  • Hi, I was wondering if fifa points will be carried over from my playstation 4 from fifa 14 to the fifa 15 web app when it comes out. Thanks.

  • Bittencourt is a great cam, Russell from Scotland is over 21 but is a great cf, and my fav player is pasquato he is a cf to.

  • I would like to see other teams hire and fire there managers as in 14 the vacancy for real Madrid was available but I did not go for it yet when I played them next they still had the manager. also will be good to see other club managers have a star rating so a rubbish team manager could have a high star rating manager so a bigger club sacking there manager and hiring him.

    • I like that idea. I wish you could build your career and be rated on a 5 star system. That way other teams could notice you and not have to wait 4 seasons to switch to a decent team. I WISH WE COULD APPLY FOR ANY TEAM WE WANTED and not just wait for available spots.

  • Help me please

  • Please help me

  • FIFA 15 System Requirements

    Hi! I played FIFA 15 Demo. I must say is the best football game yet. But to play you must met the FIFA 15 System Requirements.

  • Wrong Flag

  • Build Liga BBVA teams with 4-2-3-1 formation

  • Should bring back the bar that’s shows how popular u r and the questions the press ask u

  • Thank god someone told me about this, I only really play FIFA for pro clubs and was buying two copies so my son and I can play together – however without this feature I have time to cancel both orders and save £90.

    If they had done the same for Ultimate which is far more complicated than pro clubs I would have respected the decision, but the fact that it is such a money spinner and they have kept it shows what a disgrace this decision is.

    There is a large community of players who enjoy clubs but cannot afford to upgrade to next gen, and that most pre-orders were done before this knowledge was wildly know is an example of EA’s lack of care towards their customers, we know it will sell so tough everyone!

    That’s £90 I’m saving, and probably another £100 on ultimate that my son chips in with, I will be interested to see how much this has costs them overall.

    FIFA 14 clubs will I suspect still be heavily played next year.

    • I totally agree with you Lain. This is lack of care. They are what they are because of previous gen and now that there are new gen of consoles then they forget about those who were loyal all these years.
      I for one can buy the new gen of console but Prefare to wait for a slimmer xbox one because I travel a lot.

      They should have removed the ultimate teams left pro clubs because this UT is too complicated and worse you get to spend more time doing “office” more than playing. This really ridiculous.
      One last thing. Why if the games is incomplete or lacks certain things we should still buy with full price.

      I cant hide it I hate what you have done poeple of EA. For me there is no fifa without pro clubs.


  • I was looking at some of the shooting challenges for the online mode and it says the some must be specifically done in online career mode. Does this mean other challenges are doable elsewhere?

  • GSN is awesome , searching players with already known stats was too easy for me , now it’s more realistic

  • No Ronaldo?

  • I Would like to see The South African league in next years fifa16

  • this is the one app is work

  • this is the one app work i try every on but this app is work

  • Does anyone know if as you go up divisions, ie championship to premier league, the numbers on the back of your teams top and logo sleeve change to the appropriate division in FIFA 15???

  • why no ronaldo

  • This cheat is so old, so also could do this in FIFA 14.
    Problem is sometimes young players won’t grow by this cheat.

  • This cheat is so old, you also could do this in FIFA 14-13

  • Is this mode available on the IPAD?

  • Does this keep going from season to season? I did this with Leeds United and I only have the 50 million for 1 season and then the next season I was back down to 12 million

    • The board should give you more money from your club owner the next season yes, but if not then you can just unlock the next level up in the catalogue Javier.

  • How do u log out??? I want to go on to my other account on FIFA 15 but I can’t find the option. Somebody please help.

  • In muy opinión, they should add a trophy room in which would hace al the trophies you’ve won across your carreer, improve the news section with realistic news and press conferences in which new players are presented, they should bring back offers from other clubs to mánage them.

  • No ronaldo ? No bale ? Ive scored over 25 goals already on fifa 15 with their free kicks

  • yea you can set those tactics but they are worthless unless you can SAVE them, you idiot programmers of fifa 15

  • Does anyone know how to view player moral in your team management in fifa 15?

  • not a cheat it was built in to the game so you can class this a cheat as super mario said been able to do this since fifa 13

  • please help me

  • But whats the fun in that?
    Why not just pick the players you want in the editor and put them om the team you want to play then?

  • Can you use the same financial takeover in more than one game/club or do you have to pay with xp points every time you use it?

    • You’ll most certainly have to pay with XP point every time you unlock the financial takeover, and in regards to using it for two separate clubs it really is random. Sometimes it lets you and other times it does not. Lucky there’s more levels to unlock though. Hope this helped

      • It is not possible to redeem it more than one time. I am playing career with to clubs and i can’t use it for both of them

  • Customize->general->log off

  • How should we go about logging in to our router ?

    • You should be able to Connect to your wireless router by a cable. Open up a cmd (Dos) window and type ipconfig. The IP address shown under gateway will be the IP address of your own router (e.g. You must then type this into the address bar of your web browser and press enter. This should open up a window for you to log in to your router with. The username is almost always admin but can be different depending on what company you’re with but you’ll have to look up the password for it yourself.

  • On previous Fifa’s I have tried using this more than once in the same career game but it only worked the once. It says in the catalogue that in can only be used once a season, not once a career game. Is this issue fixed in this game? So can we use financial takeover more than once during the whole career mode game?

    • Yeah it’s to do with EA, there is a glitch in the game because you are supposed to get funds once per season but sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

      • I’ve read on a forum that EA’s definition of ‘season’ could mean a career game. Which is a definite shame. What about if you get it as a gift from a friend? Is that a way of using it more than once? And can you use the 3 financial takeovers from the catalogue within the same career mode?

        • Yes that’s a way of using it a total of six times if you use gift to a friend and if you have a friend that would do that for you then by all means go ahead with it.

  • I brought the level 9 financial takeover and no money has gone onto my career mode

  • Anyone on PS3 and want to swap Level 39 F/T’s? It’s Xx-ClevoO-xX hit me up.

  • My full FIFA 15 game is lagging from the menus also. Only when connected to the EA server. What would cause this?

  • I generally find the videos on this site useful but this one was a waste of time. It’s not so much a cheat as just exploiting the way sports games work.

    • We’re really glad that you enjoy our videos, this one was just to help people that don’t know about it and want to buy or acquire the best players in career mode.

  • If you run out of takeovers in your catalogue can you never get the financial takeover again on a new career?

  • It’s pointless to scout my own youth players only to find out that the seasons are limited.Please EA give us unlimited seasons and show us events like Ballon d’Or, and also to be able to design the kits& logos.Otherwise thumps up guys you are the best.

  • I used this feature, bid for two players 3 months later, had them accepted then when agreeing the contract my money disappeared completely. Now can’t redeem anymore this season. Sounds like EA still have issues or does the money have a life span on it?

  • can someone please send me a financial takeover on pc, my origin user name is Alexx2323

  • my game lags even with the internet turned off

  • how do i quit my manager career and change team

    • If you go into OFFICE then select BROWSE JOBS it tells you the available jobs. If there is one you want you can apply

      • Has anyone actually had any of their job applications for the available teams under BROWSE JOBS accepted? I brought Watford up from the Championship, have been exceeding all my clubs expectations, won a few cups and every time I apply to a job I get the message “we’ve reviewed your credentials and references and have decided to explore other options…”

        I know this was a problem in past FIFA manager modes, would be a real shame if they still haven’t fixed it.

  • Would anyone like to trade Financial Takeovers on ps4? my tage is drumice.

  • Thank you!! I done this and it worked!

  • Daniel Todeschini

    Does Adrian Rabiot a CM from PSG grow? Starts at like 73 and he only 19 at start of game?

  • mie nu imi raman jucatorii salvati la rezerve

  • Gut sehr gut

  • Just tried buying the level 9 financial takeover and no funds have been added? Any clues as to how I can resolve this or am I basically screwed?

  • Im really gutted, was thinking of going LIVE on my xbox to do this on my copy of FIFA 15, not sure ill bother with takeovers now

  • You are cheating by calling this a cheat. You are just editing squads, this really spoils all the fun of playing along the transfer market with a proper money/transfer glitch. Hopefully one would come up soon.

  • bitches ibra got 91 phy where he is atm ?

  • Mines still lagging

  • can you make a good la liga team under 50k. please.

  • Okey. This bugged for me. In the winter transfer i got financial takeover. Then the game bugged so I had to start over and now I cant get it anymore on my save.

  • please help me too. I can’t find the option to log out either… and I’m afraid I’ll screw up the game by forcing it to stop every single time. cheers. Gui

  • I wanna see Manager mode becoming more realistic by being able to manually negotiate Manager’s contracts as is with Players,also being able to see the most payed Manager and player.The other thing is having the freedom to see other Managers’ perfomances and that will open up the idea of competition amongst Managerial posts.

  • How do you get Hazard on Ultimate team

  • how can i start a career all over again ?

  • By using this “method” you use your players contracts by entering the match and then quitting without the matchbonuses you could have gotten. Yes, you will get the bonus coins fast – or that depends on what fifa lvl you are. Don’t see the idea in doing this anyways. I think you should just get the coin bonuses in the way EA intented you to and enjoy the game while getting them..

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for the comment, yeah you’re absolutely right about the contracts but they get chucked at people left-right and centre in packs and they don’t really cost anything to be fair. This method is more for the how should we put it, inpatient FIFA gamer that cannot wait to get coins the long route way.

  • but what happens after the 10 games….?

    • After the 10 games are up the coins will stop for that specific item out of the catalogue, all you have to do then is unlock another coin item at another level from the catalogue and rinse them coins too Tom.

  • Hi I got Milner IF for 11000 coins and do you think his price will grow? If not whose price will? I have a low budget like about 20k. Also, when will player prices grow or fall again? Sorry for asking these many questions because I am new. Thank you!

  • Ummm why do you have creation centre and i dont.

    • If you’re on Next-gen (Xbox one, PS4) you don’t have creation centre, creation centre doesnt work with something on the next gen fifa

  • yes plz 50 k

  • please help me

  • But wouldn’t this method also build ur loss ratio, like since ur forfeiting, isn’t it gonna show a loss each time in ur overall record ? Any reply would help

    • Yes it would. It adds a loss each time you do it. So if you pride yourself on an accurate WDL record it’s not worth doing.

  • So the boost points chosen in the catalogue would restart again or no???

    • They wouldn’t restart again, but there are quite a few at different levels as you level up by playing the game. So you just got to unlock them and redeem them.


  • sorry cross out neymar

  • I want cheap money 1,000,000,000

  • Hi guys.

    How did you get your virtual pro’s stats so high before even starting a game ? Eg, when I create a guy the highest my finishing stat show is 70 as a striker, with the guy tou created it shows finishing as 80.

    How ?


  • I had a question about the pro clubs. Is there a way to setup player roles? Like corner kicks, free kicks, etc. Because sometimes when we play clubs our cpu takes the corner kicks

  • Hi fellas stuck on level 20 atm anyone know how to progress and unlock stuff ?

  • You’ve literally been able to do that since FIFA was created.

  • Can you please do under 100 k
    And do the positions eg CDM ST CB etc
    Thanks very much

  • Hi, how can I change my pro’s boots ? Can’t find the option anywhere

  • try this to log out
    firstly change ur facebook account to the one you were login to later
    then go to customize >>general>> facebook-logout
    dont worry abt ur current data .. it wont be corupted.

  • guys could u also check to see new ways to earn coins n tips for fifa15 ultima team in isoido and android also

  • How to delete club?

  • Suche jemanden mit viel geld bei fifa 15 Android. Wäre toll wenn es jemanden gäbe der mich unterstützt

  • Hello,

    Can you do this financial take over more than one times on the same team?

  • Hey man these tips are really helpful.
    I was a bit of a Fifa noob especially when I picked up 15, going really well now completed the FUT online season vs AI WorldClass to Div 1 and Progressing up the online seasons also, so cheers!

  • Let them fix the HANDS option

  • Hey Ken,

    Go sck a dck if you don’t want to participate, but quit being the good schoolboy cuz in the meantime EA fcks you in the ass. Look at the amount of updates we get…. NONE. So getting a little back for the money I put in buying this game isn’t that unfair now is it…

    • Hey fgt, next time you wanna call someone out for being smarter than you try not being such a sissy btch. It’s not my problem FUT15 is the most expensive thing you own. Go mow another lawn and buy some moar Taco Bell, and take it straight back to your mothers basement where you live. After you crush a 64oz Coke Heavy, squeeze the contents of a bean burrito into your gaping hole. Pro tip: the leftover tortilla feels just like a real woman’s vag. Viola, coin city you fkn turd!

  • Do not understand what Ian doing in career mode but keep getting sacked for disciplinary problems!

    • Pah ha ha ha ha haaaaa! this happened to me last year and I couldnt work it out.

      Is your kinect generally on? You might not have turned off ‘kinect referee’, the option comes up the very first time you start the game with kinect turned on. Check out your Kinect settings in the ‘my fifa’ section.

      If this fixes it, I suggest you wash your mouth out with soap! less swearing more scoring!

  • do best young players from other leagues like bundesliga

  • I recently signed a player. His contract was about to expire and I therefore signed him without paying a huge transfer. He cost me most of my salery money and would join my team at the start of the following season. At the start of that season I got an email reminding me that this player was now in the squad – I was going to put him into the starting 11 right away, but then I couldn’t find him among my players. Then I searched for him under “search players” and I found as a Real Madrid-player. How to can I correct that error? I already tried loading an older save, played the rest of the season again and started the new one, but the exact same thing happens.

    Please help 🙂

  • Wish i had more coins better pack luck and better players

  • No Honda?

  • Game Station & EA tell me that Sony are making a “patch” to sort the issue, any news on this?

  • Hey i just did this and it did not work. It still says recently arrived. I simed to the January transfer window as shown

  • Very good shows

  • Cheap bundesliga plz

  • I like this fifa 15 cheat

  • Why cant uuse different buttons to change the hole kit. One button to change the shirt and another button to change the shorts and another to change socks. Also use differentt balls for for different competitions.

  • thanks for this yeah…i’m on level 56 anyone want hook ups add me psn id jaklam14 holla 🙂

  • Great video for quick profits! Imho, best way for more patient players is play amateur single player seasons. With coin boost they can result to 1500 coins in profit (taking used contracts into account). On Amateur level one can score 5 goals very quickly (usually takes me 2 minutes max) and then just use his/her time to do something else while the game goes on (for example I study a new language at the same time).

    If you have trading tips that won’t take forever I would much appreciate if you could share them!

  • I need a team with 100 chemistry plzzz…

  • or you could just change a shitti youth player who you dont are about that has been at the club more than a year and level him up to 90 and sell him

  • i got the update but my friend didnt ?

  • Hi guys.

    This might sound like a very noob question, but how do I get the shot meter bar that appears over my players head back.

    My ps4 was hit with a ce-34878-0 error which corrupted my fifa 15 data. After reinstalling everything I cannot get any shots on target, where as I have scored from my own half with a virtual pro.

    Please help if you can.

  • Walcott right mid


    Thanks for the tips 🙂


    Thanks, defending corners is always difficult in fifa


    Good tutorial!

  • Salah and markovic 1.4 k 93 and 90 pace

  • what are the keyboard buttons to play this game? i cant figure out the button for sprinting. anyone who plays this on pc,i downloaded it from windows store,do help me

  • using a custom squad also stops your xp going up, this should not be classed as a cheat I would prefer a cash cheat. Thanks anyway.

  • how many seasons does fifa 15 have in career mode

  • ey but if the 10 over how can i do the cheat than ?

  • how do you get on to career mode?

  • U are so wicked

  • I done the same cheap bpl squad for under 5500 coins

  • My son went and bought Fifa 15 with his birthday money this at 12.15pm for PS3 from Argos and the only reason he bought it was because he wanted to play Pro clubs with his mates however he did not realise that pro clubs were not on the PS3 version!!!!!
    At 13.52pm we returned to Argos and they will not refund his money as he has ripped open the plastic wrapping/packaging so beware buyers, do not buy from Argos because when you read the small print it states if games are opened in this way no money can be returned.
    Unless you can actually try the game how would he have known that pro clubs are not included.
    This is a complete con!

    SB from Liverpool

  • Mine did not trigger can anyone help me with what to do to get it to work??

  • It is indeed a waste of contracts. So you might put bronze players in your selection.

  • Can you use it on different manger modes or is it just the one you can use it on

  • i have a better squad for 11k and 82 ratted.

  • What happens if I redeemed a financial takeover and then decided to delete that career? Will I be able to do it again in the new one I start?

  • Pro clubs drop in matches, I cant invite friends from my party to it… whats that about!

  • januzaj LM

  • I redeemed the financial takeover on fifa 15 and it only worked for 2 season can u help so it does it every season!?

  • Ronaldo is only 79 free kick accuracy in this game guys

  • Does anyone know how to unlock fancy passes/flicks trait?

  • hi i think Second Wind best thing

  • Iv gotten matuidi totw
    How much of a rough estumate should I sell him on for?

    • You should keep checking his price but we recommend you keep him for a number of weeks as he’s unlikely to get a SIF any time soon which means when his SIF comes out your card price will go down. If he doesn’t get one then that means it’s still the best card for him out there. His price will go up in a couple of weeks so definitely keep hold of him for a while Kenneth.

  • Please can u get me some coins because I am really low on them so please can u get me some coins or packs

  • Yeah, you should buy it all online!

  • Sorry to be a dinosaur…Can I play fifa 15 (career) without internet….just like all the other years…(PS3) ???

  • thanks for ur share, we do really need cheap FUT 15 formation

  • only able to get it to work for the first season. after that there is nothing can anyone help.

  • Can anyone tell me how to have a career (like on PS2) without an internet connection please. I have PS3 and FIFA 15…Thanks…..Eddie

  • I’m sure if you like the action , you can try listed here to know more on him, he will bring you startling pleasure

  • I activated the financial takeover & gave me 50 million the next season it took it away. WHY? IS THERE A WAY OF GETTING IT BACK? PLEASE HELP x

    • There seems to be a glitch in the game, however you should have spent that money as the board change the transfer budget and wage budget each seas. Next time you get that amount of money you should make sure to spend it instantly to avoid losing it the next season Chloe. Hope this helped.

  • Of anyone wants to trade FT on ps4 my id is mayhemmiller92

  • I bought both lvl 9 & 39 financial takeover in career mode and looks like it’s still not working for the second season.

  • I don’t have my Fifa 15 online , never have and don’t have any intentions , I was just wondering if anyone could help me … Is there a cheat to have unlimited money when you play offline in career mode ???

  • How do I play career without the internet please??

  • Gazi rahmath ullah

    I need more coin 1000000000000000

  • Gazi rahmath ullah

    I need more coin

  • Hey guys. I can’t figure out how to change from midfielder to defender to get all accompishments. Help!!!

  • Why didn’t I get my coins my team is 1 2

  • Hi there it’s more of a question then a comment. I like to bring players up from
    The youth squad the ones I turn into stars always want to be transferd why???

    • You might need to play them more buddy. It also seems that the players who request transfers are usually within the top 5 best players in the squad. Try tying them up to long contracts early.

  • Can someone tell me how to play FIFA 15 on PS3 without internet connection please ? Cheers !

  • I had a major glitch on fifa 15 on ps4 last night ! I perfected legitamatly over 4 seasons a squad that was incredible but coming up to a local derby it wouldnt let me chose 3 certain players ( messi di maria and james rodriguez ) it gad this wierd like globe with a squigle through it next to ther name ! I simmed the game and won but the nxt game still uneligable so simmed a full season ! Next season comes rodriguez can play but di maria n messi still got this thing at side of ther name !!!!! Please help

    • They were probably on international duty.

    • We’ve got to say that we have never ever heard of this glitch and this sounds like a mad one. Seems that by what you’ve been explaining it might well be the three players have gone away on International duty, but they shouldn’t be away with their country for that long. We’ll look into this and get back to you Vinny.

  • Akinfeev should be no. 8 he is nasty. Barely score past him. But great video will purchase some of these de gea and handanovic especially.

  • hey sorry but why my player already made 10 games but in the evets stat only appear 1 complete game?? scored 5 goals but only appear 1?? i mean i cannot raise my player because its like he never did those games =(

    • Hi Diogo, this happens if the opposition team forfeits the match unfortunately, the one that you got that appeared was giving to you because the match was completed. This is a big glitch on Pro Clubs and EA really need to sort it out as we know ourselves it’s extremely frustrating.

  • Can you.use the same financial take different careers? Like lets say you use it for.Dortmund then you start a new career with Shalke 04. Can you use it again ?…& does it work for the second season?

  • I noticed in the first example you had 4 attackers running perfect in line when you were attacking how do you get them to do that

    • Well to make them run up James you have to with the player you have possession of the ball with, face the player you want to run up and press RB (Xbox) or R1 (PS) and that player will then make a run forward. As for all the players running in a line i simply faced them all and pressed the button loads of times. Try it out it’s quite effective, but just remember that you should only tell attacking minded players to run up and not your defenders.

  • Well I just tried the tournament to get quick coins I quit soon as game ends and it didn’t gimme no coins and used 1 contract for every player why didn’t it work on ps3???

  • Nice try. Bad luck, but enjoyed the video nonetheless. I was thinking of doing the same, but after seeing you, even if it’s sheer luck, not going to waste the coins. Will wait for 35K or 50K packs (with all players). Hope to see you open those in upcoming videos. Keep it up.

  • Any tips for successful defending? Also, how do you usually align your team settings? Defensive + Team Pressing + High Pressure? Also, how often/when if ever, do you employ pressure? Or is it more situational awareness. I found that this video greatly improved my offensive play, but I still seem to suffer on the other side of the ball.

    Thank you in advance for your help, and I truly appreciate the great work you all do here at

    • Well, I actually learned it from playing against friends or online. But I can explain how I defend, and it usually works.

      If the opponent has the ball, try to get the ball with the midfielders until he comes close to the box. It’s the best way because if you use one of your defenders , you’ll leave a gap in your defence and the other team can make use of it. So don’t run with your defender towards the opponent, but make the opponent come to you. In that case, you will have more control of your player, and you will keep the defending line closed.

      When you’re trying to get the ball on the midfield, it’s best to do this with players who has pace. They can get to the opponent very fast and take the ball from them, or they can hold pressure. You can hold the X/A button to make you player run towards the opponent automatically. Only do this on the midfield, and while doing this, keep an eye on the opponents movements, so you can see where the players are running to. Now you can intercept passes from the opponent, because you know where the players are. another trick is hold RB or R1. You will call a second player to get the ball. This button is actually meant for getting the ball with two players, but you can also use it to close gaps or defend other players, while your second player is trying to get the ball.

      When playing in difficult situations like counters or players who abuse speed, you need to keep one thing in mind: the ball will always need to get to the box in order to score. If the opponent is running on the flank, he will try to get the ball inside the box and the only way to do that, is to move inside, or pass the ball. So keep players inside the box, because that’s the place where the opponent will be. In a 1 on 1 situation with striker against defender, walk back slowly and keep the defender in the way of the striker. Hold L2 or LB while walking back. He can’t run past you and this will create time for your other players to run back to their defensive line. If this is going too slow, know that it’s always better to have 2 on 1(keeper and defender vs striker) than 1 on 1(keeper vs striker). The last thing will only happen if you’re trying to get the ball

      Another trick is: anticipation. Think along with your opponent, and you will know where he will pass the ball, or where he will run to. He will only run if there’s enough space. He will only pass the ball if he can pass the ball. Runners will make use of gaps. If you see it, they see it too.

      Defending is one of the hardest things to do, because you need to think about a lot of things at the same time, and this requires practise. Defending is more thinking than playing. I’m only using 2 buttons while defending. The key things are keep summary and have patience. You don’t want to get the ball to quickly, because it will leave gaps. Knowing where everyone is, will keep everything organised.

      And then you will get the ball.

  • i was logged in through google+ before (android), then i logged in to facebook. 2 days later i logged out and the app restatrted and now i have to do everything all over again. somebody pls help, i had an entire Barcelona team and now it is alll lost

  • Please for fifa 16 have classic teams like Madrid 03′ United 99′ AC Milan 94 arsenal 2000 etc.

  • Is there a cheat to avoid getting the sack on Fifa 15 career mode?.

    • Hi Scott,

      Well there isn’t a cheat but there are ways round this. First you need to select at the start of Career Mode when composing a new game, the board strictness and set this to the lowest form which is lenient. As you well know football is a results business and stringing a few wins in a row and a good finish in the table at the end of the season all helps. Try and meet your club boards demands and over-achieve if you can, then there’s no chance that you’ll be sacked by your club come the end of the season.

  • Need help with playing career mode on world class and legendary , cant seems to win in fifa 15, practicing possesion play and have been winning online but not killing off team, but cant seems to win in career, it take me too long to break down teams

    • Hi there,

      What we recommend in regards to owning the computer controlled AI in Career Mode is fast quick fluid passing. Pass and move is key here, and the AI just cannot keep up with it. If you start moving the ball quickly, you’ll notice that your win ratio against the AI will increase considerably. Please give this a try and let us know how it works for you.

      • is it the same you recommend for playing in season online, have issues playing against fast pacy teams

  • hi, great article but would it be wise investing in an inform when the team of the year is coming closer and closer ? wouldn’t the price drop ?

    • Hi there, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll notice our tips of the week and how we mention to sell most of the high-quality IF players quick before the TOTY arrives. Thanks for the comment and glad you liked our content.

  • okay thanks for replying, so if that isn’t too much to ask when should i invest in Eriksen next Tuesday ? and when will be the best time to sell him ? 1 week before TOTY ?

    • Yes you should buy him Tuesday or Wednesday and keep him for a good few months, i would recommend selling him in February as his price will be sky high if he hasn’t got another IF by then. It’s a risk, but one that’s well worth taking.

  • ty,this videos is good for me.

  • When your playing your season with your virtual pro that you’ve created his do you switch his position from let’s say being a forward to a midfielder or defence men or goalie

  • Why there are not my county in the game my county name is Ghana and why and
    (we want EA to add new and more African hair style in to the game they don’t have African hair in the game and that is good because I play pro club and I don’t like the hair in the game the hair that I want is not in the game) ya like the new Africa hair style and they need to add in cut seen and why they don’t have this names in the game Max,and Nani why

  • how to bolster defence or foward in career mode??

  • When i try to play a game or sim it in manager mode it says there is an unavailable player on your bench but there is not and its slways the same player as i have removed them all one at a time ps he is a 20 mill player so i dont want to release him help please


      Are you 100% sure he is available? Look for an icon on his profile picture in squad editor. If he is a 20 mill player he’s probably on the national team so look for a white plane logo which means he is on international duty. If it does turn out to be a glitch you can sell him ASAP so you don’t lose the money, and maybe buy him back when he becomes available if you really wanted him.

  • 2 mil please

  • i got the financial take over but how ever i did a new season and finished it when it came to the next season i didnt get any money does it only work on 1 career ?

  • it rreally works but it makes your record go down

  • Fifa 15 pro clubs EA this thing for me (want EA to add new and more African hair style to the game they don’t have African new hair style in the game and that is good because I play pro club and I don’t like the hair in the game the hair that I want is not in the game) ya and why EA did not add my county GHANA WHY BECAUSE GHANA IS ONE BEST COUNTY IN AFRICA WHY EA

  • Had a glitch on fifa15 where an oppo player became invisible…. funny when it happens but annoying at the same time.
    anyone else had the invisible man glitch??

    • Hey Henry Stewart, I’ve also had that glitch on my Fifa 15 and although it shouldn’t happen too many times in the span of your FIFA 15 days , there’s unfortunately no working fix for this glitch although I suspect EA is on the case.

  • what about collocini he’s 79 rated and only 400 coins


    There’s a great feature in Fifa for the Wii where you could put players in training and every four games they’d go up by 4/5 overall points. Best of all: you could get them to 99 and sell them for millions, and because of bad programming their overall would reset to like 48. XD
    BTW a ß means ‘ss’ in German.

  • On my Leicester career, I got Jack Rodwell to 89, Wilshere to 90, Will Hughes to 91, Feghouli to 91, Benteke to 91, John Stones to 87 (he didn’t grow much until he hit his 30’s), Grimaldo to 87, Hugo Mallo to 89, Shaqiri to 88, Nathan Redmond to 86, and Vallette (GK) to 92. I bought high potential players like Chamberlain (bought as an 81, didn’t grow after that), Barkley (grew to 77, sold him, never grew), Baselli (wouldn’t grow at all), Tielmans(was a 77 at 21, had him until he was 25 and he never grew), Laporte (wouldn’t grow past 83), Meyer (hit 81, started going down at 27), Piazon (never grew past 80), Timo Werner (bought as a 77, didn’t grow in the three seasons I had him) and Scuffet (hit 78, sold him to Man U where he hit 85 before he retired).

  • Idemudia Williams

    Hey guys how do I stop my goalkeeper from coming out on controllably. Because sometimes he comes out on his own. Really don’t know if I am pressing any bottom that’s making him coming out.

    • To bring the keeper out you’ve got to hold triangle for PlayStation or Y for Xbox. Try avoiding those buttons and he should stay on his line in goal.

      • Idemudia Williams

        I don’t hold the triangle he just comes out on it own. Some say maybe because am always holding down L2 and R1 when playing. Could that be the problem? Would really love to know. Because is really affecting my games.

  • What time should I open packs when the tote is released?

  • I redeemed level 9 financial takeover and no funds were added, so I redeemed level 39 and again no funds were added. any ideas?

  • Guys, a technical question, I got a couple of those IF Pogba’s for 250k each around 10 days ago, the prices were skyrocketing but I just didn’t remember selling them, now I see the prices are dropping due to a strong TOTW, should I just wait? Will they go back up?

  • having major factor with playing online, my win ratio is horrible, not sure what i am doing wrong, any tiips

  • I redeemed a level 9 financial takeover, it worked for the first season, but it hasn’t worked in the second season. My transfer budget last year was 60million, this year it was just 20 million.

  • how do you get to 2024 and see for any club what players they have?

  • what about glik and nordtviet
    should I wait or transfer them?

  • I go Tadić for 650, Szczesny for 800 and Jagielka for 750 (all 80) and Janmaat for 400

  • Nice tips. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Hi can any one send me any future scout star and financial takeover to ljn2 on psi fifa15 . There are all I use and ill send any others u want

  • Nice thanks
    It is very good

  • its fun

  • Where’s Matthias Ginter? I’m 5 years into a career with Everton and I bought him about 2 seasons in, and he’s 87 overall now.

  • very nice brother thanks.

  • My best player is david silva 87 rated!

  • modric 85 rated! Silva is my brothers!

  • 61 rated player i just started! Ive got lots different acounts ! Well three.

  • hello guys can you guys help me? i like to play pro clubs but im starting to not like it because i have my st 88 and he runs supper slow my height is 5’8 156 lbs and when i change it to cam same height and weight and he’s fast..there’s some times they pass me the ball and my guy starts running but they’ll catch him in 3 sec..I’ve seen some other players that they’re supper fast they’ll take our defense like nothing and they’re lower than 88?


    these tips have really helped me and now i score over 6 goals in a match

  • On my Chelsea career (currently 2022), I have an exceptionally marvelous squad. My starters are Graham Burke (starting at 59 and went to 91!!!), Messi at 95, Enes Ünal at 91, James Rodriguez at 93, Arjen Robben at 88 (got him to 92 but he is now 37), Eden Hazard at 91 (was at 93 but is going down), Junior Malanda at 89, Tomâs Kalas at 89, Aymeric Laporte at 91, Alex Telles at 87, and Manuel Neuer at 94 with subs such as Ben Daoud from my youth squad who is 19 with an 80 overall and who already has complete defender!!!, a goalkeeper from my youth squad who started at 75 overall at 16 yrs old is now 20 with an 81 overall, and a few others, such as a striker named Josh Onovwigun, a 20 year old with an 82 overall

  • Saya suka permainan Fifa 2015

  • Atletico Madrid? La liga champions and got to the final of champions league.

  • Kannst du mir 1000.000 geben

  • Best player is neuer and robben. Bought Robben and packed Neuer

  • My best player was Falcao 88 but i sold him for 32k cause teves 85 had better stats.

  • Ha! Love this! Pretty cool to get Messi.
    I got Cesc in my first pack on xboxone. Ill take it so far.

  • How can I resyart career mode ?? I only have the option of continue career

  • When u are finishing your crosses w your ST do aim or just press O(PS) B(XB)?

  • I got lahm 87 rated

  • ha I got Ronaldo in form st

  • Very helpful

  • I want neymar messi ronaldo

  • Nice pull! I got a Rooney this morning. I will definitely take it!

  • This is god

  • I got Pele and inform
    Hummels in a pack

  • Is it better to use points or coins to purchase packs?

  • Get fifa packs

  • Thanks

  • i’m only commenting to enter the giveaway but this website rocks

  • Dude this is awesome. Don’t quite have the luck or money like you guys do.

  • Wish I was as lucky as you guys. Opened 50K worth and the best I got was Cech and Busquets.

  • You gotta try Abou Diaby. I’m not a Gooner but my flatmate is. He uses Diaby from Fifa13 through to now and in FUT. He’s so OVER POWERED. I have him in my squad too now. He can play CAM CM and CDM all very well. Feels like Pogba and Yaya Toure when you use him and sometimes he is even more reliable. He is agile, when he dribbles he can easily make a change of direction of pace. He’s very hard to be tackled probably because he’s got long legs and he’s strong too. I often pass lob through ball to him and he can take on Defenders like Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva and past them….then score. I don’t understand how can he be so overpowered while his rating and stats are not so good. You gotta try him man. I’ll check your posts for testing Diaby.

  • Barcelona should honestly be 5 or 6, Bayern Münich, should be 2, Real Madrid 1 only because they won fifa club World Cup

  • Are you guys going to fix the bug in career (pro) mode were you don’t get pick for tournaments for you nation? The alert comes that you have been selected but the tournament such as the 2018 world cup. Just gets simulated.? Just would like to stop checking for up dates to see if it has been fixed… Simple No would do me..s

  • For CDM, Busquets is a star. He has impressive defensive attributes, and his technical abilities make him versatile. Not that fast or strong though.

  • please what’s the meaning of over powered

    • It’s when a player doesn’t necessarily play like his overall suggests, but instead he plays ten times better like an 81 rated player but on the pitch he plays like an 88 rated player. That’s what OP (overpowered) means.

  • Great tips on crossing the ball thanks can’t wait to try them out

  • hey, when you cross the ball do you releas the sprint button, or continue the cross with the sprint button down?

  • This helped me so much

  • Some advice please!
    I have won Sergio Ramos TOTY card currently his price is dropping when I check ever half hour or so.
    Obviously I want to make the most I can out of this card.
    How should I go about it?
    Will his value increase as the days go on or will he be at the peak of his value now?
    Thank you.

    • Do you not want to keep the TOTY card??? If that’s really the case then no you should wait until February/March time as his price will go up dramatically then as he would not of been available in packs for 1-2 months and never again as well. This is when you’ll get maximum profit for Sergio Ramos.

  • Please fix the bug for PS4 where INFORM player stats are not reflected in game… It’s a total con then surely? An inform players stats are the same as the regular card…

  • These are not the best teams to do a career in Fifa 15 career mode, these are the best teams on Fifa 15, only.

  • I got Neymar in a 50k pack

  • So i packed team of the year david luiz and i wasnt sure if i should wait and then sell or sell now. When will his price go up and about by how much? Thanks!

  • I just got diego Costa in form black card level 87. Should I sell him now? He is currently at 2 million. I’m scared to sell and he increases over time. What do you think?

  • Hallo ik ben janko

  • Barkley (Everton). He’s rated 79, plays high like an in-form 87. Excels in all phases–ball winner defensively akin to Matic or Pogba. Nice pace/ dribble weighting. He can definitely get past defenders on the counter. His shooting is very similar to D. Costa,powerful and accurate–even from distance. Overpowered game-winner for sure.

  • hy when was this pack offer?? maybe is gonna be some more this offers?

  • how do u do it my video is blocked tell me please

  • Hi when you say you have to pack you card to get the new rating wot do you mean by pack them thanks

  • Tip: with a FREE kick you can be the receiver. Use left stick and walk to te ball to receive it short.

    Thanks for the video



  • I like your vidios because I like the bit when it went fast

  • I like your vidio

  • How do I get free coins and packs

  • How long after the English January transfer window closes will it take to update all the new signings? because ive been waiting to start a arsenal career mode until after the deadline so all the new signings will be at their respective clubs. Ive got xbox one if that makes any difference? if you could get back to me by email that would be appreciated.
    Thanks Ashley

  • Can you please let me know when the squad update for January transfers on career is out. Impatiently waiting to do a career with new squads

  • Please can you fix the bug where editing a player even if it’s just their boots, will mean that they will wear short sleeves in winter games. Keepers wearing short sleeves in rain and snow really detracts from the realism. Any players that normally wear undershirts also lose them and only wear short sleeves.

  • Helllo
    how can i update my fifa 15 on xbox one?

    • You have to wait until EA release a patch, nothing is needed from you when this happens as the update will automatically start when you turn on your Xbox One when they release the next patch update Sergi.

  • when is team of the season

  • Geef mij messi en rondo en neur
    Ik heet Dimigamer

  • can some one please send me a f take over mine got busted please ill send bk anything weegav1983

  • Hey guys could some one send me a fi take over please mine is busted wanna check if it works this way cheers please weegav1983

  • What about the update for the squads not in ultimate team? When the update be

  • quando vai sair um patch pra time brasileiro no fifa 15 para consoles

  • What do you press press for the most effective cross tho!.. I can’t connect my crosses at all!!.. Yet concede nearly every game on them!!. WTF!!!

  • without the subs and the chemistry styles the teams only actually rated 68….but otherwise i really like this

  • Clinton n jie at Lyon class

  • Hey fifa 15 you forgot about Gabriel Paletta he moved from Parma to AC Milan

  • Will the other player’s prices drop when upgrades come? I was just wondering that should I sell my time now and build it again after upgrades.

  • i got hazard and nay mar on a 7.5k packs

  • Robin Aurelio Sankar

    i dont have money to open a single gold pack

  • started career with bradford and got januzaj, chambers and ibe and lukaku..ALL ON LOAN

  • I try over and over to get good player and get nothing and need help

  • I got messi if 96

  • Marco Reus is better than Paul Pogba Marco Reus is 89 rated longshot and Paul Pogba 88

  • Ohh my god, Neuer… so damn lucky haha (although 3m is a lottt of packs)

  • Fifa nya kayak babi

  • It’s really good and helpful

  • Honestly, who cares, he was trying to help us out. Thanks Bro!!!

  • On several of my games with low league teams I’ve bought Bigirimana from Newcastle for between 0-4.5k hes a 64 cm 20 years old after a season in league 2 with Morecambe he was worth 800k and up to 68

  • Lisa Marie Farrow

    Ricardo carvalho 77 ovr free

  • When you say recall them immediately, do you mean the same time that the loan offer is accepted or should you let a couple of days pass?

  • Curious. What do you do when you actually have to use subs, like when playing a season? You obviously are not using the bronze players. Do you stock up on Fitness Cards?

  • Can you send me 100000 coins

  • i got suarez. bt I want messi, neymar, kaka’

  • What a fucking joke, is ea so greedy that they have to make people buy fifa points. They make millions and can’t handle people buying from coin websites. Maybe instead of putting time into updates like this they should put time into making a fucking decently good game.

    • If everybody just stops buying fifa points then ea will lower the fifa points prices beacuse theill not make any money if everybody buy fifa points

  • Christopher Beckett

    Ea go on about cheating but they do it them selves buy rigging games so somebody with lower rating gets mor chances so why spend money on higher rated teams if this is so

  • For my forwards I also have remy who is great but I also have jovetic whose finishing is supurb. I got them both for under 1500 altogether

  • Benito raman is the hidden beast of them all. Unstoppable on the dribble and speed is ridiculous. 24 on my career mode. 80 rating. 50 goal per year scorer All competitions.

  • kero as coins rapido

  • I’ve used all of them in your list except for Sturridge. I did not have great success with Lacazette, dos Santos, or Ibarbo. They were not useless but I can’t say I scored more than expected with them. I would agree with all of the rest. Doumbia scored 6 goals in the first three games I used him. Scores practically every time he gets a shot off in the box.

    Ever think of doing a FIFA UT top 10 under powered list? Would love to see something like that.

  • He has got amazing skill

  • Noticed your bronze bench in a previous video you did. Makes a huge difference. I posted the EA match fixing on other sites and they thought I was crazy. I actually had my goalie fist a corner into his own goal in the 90th minute to lose a game once. It was maddening.

  • Ronaldo 99 in 15k pack

  • Nice packs,
    New years day I got Ronaldo then 5 packs later Ruud Van nistleroy.
    Could not believe it.
    Then a couple of weeks back, got legend Suker on Friday and again on Monday. 5 legends and CR7 so far this year. No Messi yet..still time though

  • Je ve messi neymar gratuitement slvpl

  • You are telling correct i played a match with everyone in the subs bronze with real madrid seasons worldclass and suddenly the diffuculty became like a beginner and i won the game 5-0

  • Ferdinand Marshall

    I packed Muller IF and Griezmann IF in the same pack

  • Fix Servers
    Do more stadium updates
    -A lot of teams in the game don’t even play their own stadium.
    More options to youth academy
    Update scouting things in career mode
    -When trying to scout people you don’t know their wages until you scout them for a few days even though if you go into buy or loan it shows you their wages which doesn’t make any sense.
    A lot of people hate the price ranges on FUT and so do I, but it would perfectly fine to have that if the price of Fifa points were a lot lower.
    Usually a couple of days before a match you can “say” something about your team/players or about the other team/or players, good or bad. I wish their was multiple options to chose what you want to say. Like for example if I went praise one of my players, in the news its says Blah Blah praises RVP and thats pretty much it. I want an options like Blah Blah praises RVP for the game winner against Manchester City. If it wasn’t for RVP’s late goal then Manchester City would that much closer to us in trying to take the title. So basically more options for what to do and more information given.
    Crowd look and act more realistic
    -Ex: I won the FA Cup with Manchester United against Liverpool, but even after I won the Liverpool fans were cheering me and my team on.
    -If you are beating a team or a team is beating you really badly then you can see some of the crowd leaving and hear the commentators taking about the crowd leaving.
    -Instead of 1/6 person wearing the same thing , I would like there to be more things for the crowd to wear.
    -The crowd look more realistic
    -I know they already have a lot of chants, but more is better
    -Had more people to the crowd as well. Like add kids, different looking people. Not the same white or black guy that are in each row twice.
    Chose the commentators in more languages
    Make be a lot better and more realistic
    You can chose how many friendly matches you want and be able to chose who take are against.
    -Not sure if its only me, but everything a get a lower rated team I always end up playing one of the best teams in the game. Like who was the smart guy that thought hat would be a good match to get us ready for the season.
    I know this isn’t east to perfect or svn be able to ever perfect it, but penalties are given way too easily.
    I have an Xbox 360 and I assume that PS3/4 tell you when a friend is online playing the same game. I think it would really cool if you could be able to watch your friend only when they are in a match. If your friend doesn’t want that then they can go to settings and say no or just be able to give access to certain people to watch them.
    There is a lot ore that I would love for them to fix and add to the game, but I can’t really think of anything else.
    Thanks for reading this!

  • We want referee mode

  • u only win 1-0 with 90+ wtf

  • I got Blue messi and iniesta in same pack

  • -more advanced contract negotiations, more options, make players haggle, clauses, agents, wage changes.
    -more advanced training procedures, rest days, individual training schemes, different focus points.
    -as a Grimsby fan, conference or national league teams, start lower and put players at the bottom who have potential.
    -more real life stadiums.
    -more advanced and different commentators, remove bug of player being out form, dropped but they still go on about “faith and give another chance”
    -more manager instructions, like change tactics mid game in career, like tempo change, where to use ball and easier to change positions.
    -allow for player instructions in ultimate team.
    -player ability change in ultimate team.
    -more advanced set-play and formation setup.

  • Fix the servers, and in career mode fix the friendlies, the crowd, the stadiums, the referee, and do the realistic gameplay to all leagues not just Barclays Premier League!!!!
    Oh, and also add the Greek Super League. I beg you PLEASE!!!

  • IF A player has a 5* Weak Foot And 80+ Free kick Accuracy He should be able to Take a free kick With Foot Of His Choice just like Cazorla And Other Players Do IRL

  • Kevin Smith Dob

    I did what it says I tried many times but didn’t work for me

    • Follow Each Step in the Video properly and u will get it. I have been able to do it !!!!!!!!!!

  • Non-next gen consoles:
    -In player career mode allow for a change in player morale, no more morale unknown
    -Handballs, what happened??
    -If it snows and it’s not winter, make the kit worn in the match their winter kit (long sleeves, etc..) not just gloves
    -Update haircuts in updates, Bale, Modric, Charlie Austin and Alexis Sanchez for example
    -Champions league copyrights please!!!!
    -More realistic trophies, the “Champions cup” trophy is not the same size as the FA Cup trophy
    -Interviews for players and managers after the match (long shot, I know)
    -If players supposedly know each other (international matches), in the prematch hand shake, they should greet like they do
    -Introduce penalty styles, Hazard’s walking to ball style for example
    -Training sessions for players in career mode
    -International anthems for both teams in a match should play in sync
    -More realistic captains in career modes, Ramires would not be captain before Ivanovic in real life further more Ronaldo should be captain of Portugal in career modes
    -In player career mode, if the manager loan lists a player, a club should attempt that player for a loan, the following season especially
    -Some players missing from the game, big fix (Robinho)
    -And finally next gen for Xbox 360 and PS3

  • i made a team that took me ages and loads of money to spend and now because of this price band the team comes down to like 70k wtf

    • I done exactly the same m8 had players like motm yaya toure paid 4.5million for him and now you can get him for 900,000k wtf has happened to u EA rip

  • Does this still work as of today (April 24th 2015)? I’ve been trying with quite a few players and nothing has every changed, I recently did it with a youth CDM how started with “showing great potential” and recalled him about 15-20 times and nothing changed

  • How can I get the players , who receive red cards, back into my playing 11? I lost Cesc Fabregas

    Please do answer and reply to my mail. It’ll be a big help and favor.


  • The whole points factor is a joke! EA is a rip off company and if you want to be able to buy these so called TOP players your have to play hundreds of game just to afford one of them! Failing that spend £79.99 to afford enough packs to any reasonable chance of finding one which is slim to none! I’ve opened 100’s of pack over the years and never had a TOTY and only had rubbing TOTW players! Once again EA ripping people off and spoiling a good game! who cares about coin sellers/buyers there the only ones who bother playing the games anyway! And you generally find these people had previously spent loads on FIFA points before they started buying coins, they were just sick of being ripped off!

  • Interview player after games especially in career mode. Show manager and subs reactions towards goals and shots. Practise every week especially in career mode. Latest hairstyles. When for instance playing career mode as player the player you created should earn their ovaroll if the want it strong just like in reality

  • And please add the South African (Premier Soccer League) League just as it is

  • -International competitions in player career mode
    -Preseason tournament in career modes, like the Emirates cup etc
    -Starting on the bench if manager feels the player should according to practices which should be there in player career mode
    -Running past the ball glitch
    -Managers in player career mode should be able to change for nations before different games, not just keeping to one the whole career
    -Weather should change during matches, from afternoon to evening

  • Best keeper.

  • Ok, understand, but do you do if you need a sub? Substitute a bronze in???

  • Ramos is an OP forward, but not near as bad as Diego Costa. FIFA makes him look like a god on the pitch, for those who know how to use strong forwards. And another thing, why is Lacazette number 5? That dude is way more overpowered than Remy.

  • thanks for sharing bro

  • This is really good

  • an under 18 and 21 premiership
    add good players not in game
    croatia ukraine bosnia serbia and african nations like ghana and nigeria
    brazilian league and conference + airtricity 2nd devesion
    realistic teams like moses starting over hazard
    have sky sports saturday crew giving reports like jeff

  • how to download its very hard

  • One recommendation to add to the above strategy is that once you have loaned a young prospect out, save it ** PRIOR ** to recalling them. Players can skip multiple levels at one time, so by saving it prior to recalling them, you can keep trying until the player progresses to a high level.

    Once I (finally) was able to loan out Youri Tielemans, it took me about 7 tries to get his rating to get to Exciting Prospect, but it’s totally doable this way.

  • All i can say is its nonsence got rating to 77 great bpl team lost everygame so far tonight using this. Doesnt work

  • Ever since the latest totw no.32 came out on Wednesday I cannot find hazard’s new 89 card or Sanchez motm orange 88 card. I can find anyone else but these 2 player’s it’s very frustrating because I want to buy one or both players but cannot coz theyr’e not on the market? Also when I play a totw match in fut it says completed when u win but when I put my ps4 back on again the latest totw says new when it should say completed.I wasn’t having these problems until the new price ranges came into effect. If anyone can help or give me some feedback on these issues i would be very grateful

    • Hi Wayne,

      The market is completely ruined thanks to these new price ranges, if someone has packed IF 89 rated Hazard then they don’t really want to sell him or the coin sites have bought them all and quick sold them as they’re bitter to EA for introducing the price range feature as it ruined coins selling websites. Hope this has helped you understand. Hopefully 16 will be greatly improved.

      • Thanks m8 for ur response it’s a pain in the arse with the new price caps but like u said fifa 16 will probably be sorted fingers crossed. Thanks again

  • FIFA 16 should let you create your own team & have real players in it. So you can have some of the best footballers playing against each other.

  • Hope ea sport’s gets it right this time. I’ve had many probs with fifa 15 especially since the transfer market has changed and cannot find the players I need namely Sanchez motm 88 card and hazard totw 89 rated. Hope these matters get resolved for fifa 16

  • A story mode, if Fifa ever has one, will most probably not be developed in 5 months time. My guess? Probably they are just trying to develop the game with another perspective, not necessarily through a “story” as we understand it.

  • I have had a problem with totw in fut for the last 3 month’s now,I also had the same glitch/problem half way through in fifa 14 u know we are currently on totw 32 now but when I go on the challenges it shows numbers 19-32 instead of 32 out of 32 also when I complete a new challenge when they come out on Wednesday after 6pm it says completed but when I go on fifa 15 the next day and go into ultimate team it says the totw challenge is new again.I have no idea why this is my account is linked to origin too.Can anyone help regarding this matter or does anybody know if ea are going to fix this? Thanks guys

  • Back Up Bregade

    So I’ve got a couple of players that say ‘an exciting prospect’, and two that say ‘Has potential to be special’, after I’ve nade sure that all offers are refused, and saved it, what do I do? How do I grow their overall rating?

  • does it work on xbox 360?

  • omg! it works!!!

  • To be realistic like la liga and ligue 1 u should have channels in for a like in commentary if u add Ray Hudson put bein sports live on top screen and maybe Fox sports 1. Plus put copa America in there make it look like the world cup game in cop a America add some Caribbean teams like Jamaica,Haiti and other teams. In career mode make ur player get to sign contracts with Nike or puma. A 1 on 1 conversation with manager. In big games like Elizabeth classics put like live television of group fans watching there team live in a different area of the world. At end make it like nba when u have a story and u try to improve it

  • It works well just follow the instructions as per the video properly and u will be able to get ur player !!!!

  • Guys is there some trick to get ronaldo in a pack or just luck

  • Carl phillips

    Won’t be buying fifa 2016 they have killed the game you can not buy any high rated players any more there just not on the market so what’s the point of playing if you can’t even buy the players you want

  • We should be able to do something about the money we earn as players or coachhes in the career mode. A lot of times you would chose a contract offer among many based on the salary they offer you. So we should be able to spend that many on things or items to make it more realistic. I don’t see the point of having a salary if you can’t spend it.

  • hello,i am playing fifa 15 on android mobile therefore i dont know the R2 or L2 buttons can you plz tell me about these bottuns for mobile..

  • Good info I wanna know about attacking ultra attacking defensive park the bus

  • Fifa 16 career mode wishlist
    -let any player reach any overal based on there performence. I once playied four seaons with a player named mark uth 68 ovr and 24 yrs old and top goalscorer all 4 season and only went to 69 i wouldlove to see him go to the 80s or 90s and big teams buy them with any player.
    – make a inform list like 20 players from each league that are doing good so that you can always buy someone whose inform and be able to look at all the informs and then have a team of the season also during international cups have players of the tournment so you can buy.
    – be able to apply to any club or international team bc i hate waiting for portugal to offer me i should just apply and have a resume
    – have a good creation center like kits stadium ticket prices sponsers coaching staff and so on
    – if your the coach of lets say spain you should have a player informsfor your nation too like if theres a spanish striker who is in great form you can know about it to call him up
    – have contracts with clubs so that when your contract ends you can either stay with the club or move on to a different club
    – in be a player mode also have contracts and make money actually count towards something like buying attributes and stuff so i can go to a team with a better contract
    – show real life manager with teams and have responses to player interactons
    – be able to train a player to a different position like if sanchez is a winger i can train him to be a striker
    – have teams make loan offers and be able to loan players not just youngsters
    – make fans extremely more fun to listwn to and more lively
    – also make sure teams are like there real life difficulty bc i hate when im man u and im versing QPR at home i lose 3-0 bc there playing amazing but when i play away to chelsea i destroy them 5-0 have it be more realistcally and if a team is in form have them be in form and play better
    – also if a team is losing why are they parking the bus if a team is losing they should be attacking to make sure they equalize i see this happen alot
    – add a training mode and coaches to raise stats and train players so that if i have a player doing good in training i can give him a shot in the next game
    – better celebrations and more intense cup matches and wins
    – have a manager resume have every cup matter and accomplishments like if you made a team an invinciable one season or not
    – have player stats stay like if im 5 years in i wanna see the stats of lets say ronaldo from 3 seasons ago i can do that
    – have cpu play more better offensivly like one two passes and shots from far out that can go in more of a variety bc i feel as if all they do is cross the ball and pray for the best
    – have cpu do skill moves and surprise us like if im playing against messi i want him to play as real life messi and dribble past my players and if do amazing passes and shoot from far out bc i feel when you play against big clubs and players there just another team or player have them stand out and surprise us this is how you can have little inform players get known for big clubs
    – fix gameplay

  • loganelliott2

    Improve servers
    -More national teams (especially in north America & Asia- especially teams that have recently been in the world cup) & more national team’s licenses (official logos & jerseys
    -Add cups like Gold Cup & Copa America
    -Add champions league teams/ include more teams in rest of world.
    -Add more stadiums (especially national team & MLS pitches)
    -Add more leagues (EA has been really good & really have a ton of leagues but I would always love to see more- obviously getting Brazilian league back would be superb)
    -Add champions league(s) (UEFA, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL)
    Bring back online origin features like create-a-team, player, downloading rosters, etc.
    Allow national teams to have larger rosters/ reserve pools to choose from in play modes
    -Add some of the top-flight player’s personal celebrations/ free kick/ penalty kick styles

    I know I sound greedy but if just a few of these were actually implemented, I’d be over the moon

    • And I forgot to mention adding some of the women’s national teams! Fifa has a golden opportunity to go into unprecedented territory and the women’s game is progressing in popularity.

  • For career mode when you play a championship team and you are promoted to the premier league they should change it into a premier league kit instead of the same championship kit.
    For competitons like champions league and europa league fa cup semi final legue cup final there should be kits with their offical logo on the side becuase when i play i keep seeing they’re league i am hoping ea will do this.

    Also they need to include more national teams and leagues like conference you so league 1 and 2 you might as well do confreence teams and a lot of other leagues which you didn’t put.

  • make the team sign contracts with differe nt sports brands like nike adidas and sponsors lie samsung fly emirates chevrolet why not even apple and google.

  • and can you add african leagues like sff first division

  • Can you take about controller settings? I usually use assisted but want to know if it’s worth using manual for through balls. Assisted through balls always seem to be almost too accurate. I was wondering your take on this. Thanks for all the info. Your work is amazing! Keep it up.

  • Nicholas Constant

    Hi, please can EA re-scan the premier league for FIFA 16. Chelsea, the champions must have their re-scans. Also, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have some players that need re-scanning. Kind regards

  • I got most of my guys to has potential to be special and after the new season began, some of them returned to at the club since! Why would that happen?

    • Once they reach the age of 22 it goes away but don’t worry as they still have potential to be special and will reach a rating of 90 minimum.

  • simon please add stadiums that you can upgrade

  • Hi guys, care to share on tips of getting CR7? When opening packs, do i need to keep all players in terms of higher chances to get players which i’ve yet to owned such as CR7? Pls reply and share guys…thanks

  • Is there anyone who can give me some feedback on this. I am trying to buy hazard if 89 or if 90 sanchez motm 88 and terry’s if 86 but haven’t seen them on the market since they came out does anybody know why this is?

  • i cant believe it actually works

  • Hope they sort the transfer market out in fifa 16 as I haven’t been able to buy the players I want for month’s now on fifa 15. They make so much money from these franchises that they should start giving better rated players in the packs u open too! Instead of opening 500k of packs and getting some 80 rated totw player worth about 20k. C’mon ea make it better this time please.

  • Wow helps a lot

  • tshabalabalaba

    i pulled team of the season player and now he doesn’t sell bc the price range only goes so low. EA THERE ARE OVER 250 TOTS CLYNES GOING FOR 280k MINIMUM BUY NOW. U CANT DO WAGERS OR SELL ANYONE NOW. WHY EA WHY??????

  • luke shwa full potential is 85 on my mode but thanks for all the tips,a have learned lot from you.

  • FIFA15 Worst FIFA

    EA sets a lower price for a price in transfer market. If I’ve that player and wants to “Quick Sell” it, its price is way below lower price. It should be equal to or greater than lower price range..

  • Yes Maybe Because You Might not be putting in the right stats.

  • i Have the fifa 15 latest ps3 update. I am not able to see players feet. They dont have any shoe.
    Please help

  • Thank you very much I have signed many players this way. I just have two questions though?
    1. Is there a limit or cap on how many players you can sign in a transfer window.
    2. Does this method affect your saves I.e. I have £31 mil transfer budget but like £2mil wage budget but when I go to adjust the budgets both wage and transferred says 0 each.

  • Please help my game somehow my defense tends to break down, I keep giving goals away I also tend to miss easy goals, any chance you can analyze my gameplay,?



  • I keep getting counter offers and it won’t let me back in to sign for $0. Anyone else running into this issue?

    • All you have to do is give a player who’s young and has poor stats at the time and expects future 1st team player crucial 1st team player and he’ll say that he thinks that squad role is unrealistic and it’ll say contract offer declined and he won’t give you a counter offer. If it’s the other way round and he’s a great player who expects crucial or important 1st team player then you give him future or sporadic. This is how you combat counter offers Robby.

      • Yes this works , however I got a contract offer declined when a player (chambers) was saying I can’t join your club because ‘the history between clubs’ & ‘I think the fans will turn on me’. I am Southampton and chambers is from Arsenal which I find weird

  • Is there going to be any 100k TOTS packs on the 30th may or 1st of june

  • I didn’t found my cristiano ronaldo purple

  • My CR7 is lost

  • Ronaldo, Messi , pogpa , pirlo, benzema, roben, neymar, xavi, suares, iniesta,

  • Mike chambers played for souphhamton before arsenal

    • I know that but I don’t see Southampton as Arsenal rivals. I think he wants more money because I give him what he wants on players demand

  • you have daniel villalva hector villalba cristante andersson talisca amavi maupai musa castelleto kongolo rudiger mbombo bellin gonçalo guedes and so on

  • Does age matter for growth I.e. Can a 24/25 age player potential change if I use the loan glitches and can they reach 90+

  • Hi Stephen

    With bazoer how did you score both goals and what buttons did you press like the header and the long shot where he’s falling down from 23.53 – 24.07


  • Hola buenas tardes

  • Can you do this in Ps4?

  • Been trying this a few times now following the instructions to the letter. Even offered £0 wage and future star role not matter what I get a counter offer from the player. Anyone else getting this?

  • I’d like to see a germany , england, France, Spain, italy and brazil… but most of all is really really like to see you guys do a NON TOTS best of regular rare gold builds now for each leagues… perhaps with 1 max 2 informs in the squad. Cheers

  • Sigh! Its not working at all. After the player rejected the contract, I followed by manually searching and offered £0, but the club rejected it. Please help me…

  • LB is making driven shot only

  • good tutorial

  • Richaro zivkovich- start 69 ovr. Potential= 90+ in like 3-4 years

  • I want to sign me ssi for ever in ultment team

  • Hi I was able to sign Messi with Manchester United at 1.25 mil salary,20% bonus & crucial first team player! But i did this in the year 2016

  • It worked for me for the first season two days ago. But I’m on my second season now, and unable to re-approach the player after the player rejects the initial offer! Who do I do?!?!

  • Reblogged this on myxot.

  • Never played Manager mode – which help video could start me of or a book. You have a great way of helping/ presenting. No crap no prima donna attitude – hence I dont mind asking you . One more question where can i read about the `maths’ of Fifa 15. How does it use the player numbers in a match as it runs. I want to check its not too random

  • I got mauro icardi to 88 rated at just 26 years of age.he is a class all rounder. From CrAAzy Ashworth

  • how to buy a RONALDO my brother says your team is old like lewondaski lahm arjen robben

  • I need that

  • 👍🏻

  • Very helpful thanks

  • Want to know how to stop some one that uses up trow pass

  • Why are the midfielders in the scout report all have low pace and strength and stamina

  • Good tutorial and i really got the answer that i’m looking for on striker. I agree about the striker.

  • It is a really good thing

  • Danieell humphries

    My 8 year old son was loosing his patience with “the invisible ball glitch” thankyou so much your video redlly helped!!

  • i had a great keeper who was 17 and had ” has potential to be special ” and out of nowhere he jumped from 17 to age 57 , totally ruined my player , why did this happen ? Isn’t the first time it’s happened with another fantastic player

  • How do u get the coins

  • JoshJamesTierney

    I got Messi on my Chelsea career for £146,000,000 and £825,000 a week wages without any goal bonuses…

  • Len Combs (@lencombs)

    Thanks for the video! I also found the Advanced Ground Pass skill game 3/14 very useful to practice the roulette as you can practice the timing against an AI defender running towards you repeatedly then finish with a pass to your team mate in the box when roulette successfully.

  • why when you edit the kit of scouted, youth players their age jumps to age – 60?

  • Is there a way you can sign players without paying them wages?

  • tipsandtricksfor

    Kool, thanks for the tips.

  • tipsandtricksfor

    I’m still suprised of Schweinsteiger moving.

  • tipsandtricksfor

    Christian Eriksen has become really good. At Ajax he wasn’t that good….

  • If you edit the appearance of your players from the youth academy AFTER the 1st of January 2016 in your carreer, the player will almost certainly gain 40 years of age. Is there a way to avoid this? Besides NOT editing him?

  • The easiest way is just to edit the rosters before you start your career. Then you can get Messi and Ronaldo if you wish.

  • Hello just wondering if you could tell me why I haven’t got my FIFA updates yet ie, all new updated transfers like Memphis depay, bastian all Man U ones? As all my mates have there’s. Thanks

  • Musa 75 to 92

  • Can I have aguero depay man u

    Bastian sweinsteiger man u

    And hazard plz

  • How do u do the glitches

  • When is it best to get the players straight away or…?

  • Do not edit player until he is 18 years old.
    if u edit any player from youth academy he will turn 56 yaers of age instantly.

  • Jari Litmanen played for fc lahti as well.

  • It isn’t called Dean Court anymore!

  • It’s the vitality Stadium

  • And before that it was the goldsands

  • Can’t wait for Fifa 17 get to play at Olympic stadium

  • 1.000.000 coins

  • Great improvement even though some were overdue like signing free agent after window closes, and Pre season tournies. However I hope each year they can add some minor improvements e.g. Add the ability for most leagues & national teams (if not then the players) to be available in career mode so we have a wider range of players to choose from such as;
    1. Croatia , Nigeria, Ghana, men’s NT etc…
    2. Maybe have an U21 segment to manage major men’s NT
    3. gabigol from santos because & his team aren’t in the game I can’t play with him but I could in previous FIFA editions

  • Give each decent/good club 200.000.000 coins

  • Didn’t you have a fraction of the budget from the season before if you didn’t spend much anyway!

  • That Pedro looks like a great card, though the price is putting me off.

  • Aboubakar is one of the best non-rares I’ve used so I’m expecting a lot from his IF

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with my youth squad, that is a couple of youth were signed when the squad limit was reached hence they remained in the youth squad. The squad size has been reduced however I cannot get these players to the upper squad. Is there a way of solving this?

  • Yedlin?

  • messi? ronaldo? the arsenal full-back who was supposed to be faster than theo walcott? robben? so many players that aren’t included: but that should be! would also like to thank you for this phenomenal website!!!!!

  • when changing the controls in defense it changes them in attack so pass then becomes LT rather than A… got into game.

  • This game mode is brilliant but if u win all your four matches don’t expect anything amazing

  • If you have started a career in Fifa 16 and I played Fifa 15 last year it didn’t give me the option to get that extra money at the start when setting up my career. Can I still get this money or would I have to start a new career again and if so how do I make sure I get the bonus money. I think it was 60 percent in the tutorial u gave when u r going to have a billionaire take over the club.

    I hope u have the time to reply to me. Thanks.

    • If you haven’t got that option then you most probably won’t until FIFA 17 John, it gives you the bonus on the basis of how much Career Mode you have played on the previous installment.

  • What happened to the free player transfer glitch? Is it not available on fifa 16??

    • There are new cheats on the website right here and the YouTube channel for career mode and it’s to get loads of money to spend on players. The free player glitch works on PS3/Xbox 360 but not next-gen consoles Alan.

  • That whole thing about players with that special something is kinda wrong because in the previous fifa i bought a guy named bernard and he went up to 90 after to or three seasons

  • anyone help me out I had setup right on the last game with the sliders can’t seem get balance right I wanna quick fast tempo takes me ages to get it right just want to so it’s competitive not too hard not too easy frustrates me cuz i won’t do a career until u get it right

  • So, I posted a comment on the youtube video itself, but I did a lot more testing and confirmed my suspicions. You don’t have to be a certain rating to achieve ‘Potential to be Special’. There is just a more in-depth growth system than there was in previous Fifas. There is a range of each (possibly, not the last) that have to be traversed. If the scale is say 1 to 10, with 10 being PtbS and 0 being Since 20xx, you can only move like 3 ticks per loan (up and down). It looks like each level increases your value by around $500k (tested on Sterling and Euro and it was the same). So, when you have an exciting prospect and you return from loan $1.5 million more valuable, you have to loan him out again. Using this knowledge, I got Martial and Shaw to PtbS my first season as Man United.

    Also, it should be noted that if you loan out a player with “Recently Arrived…”, it goes to the proper potential message upon return. I never tried this in previous Fifas, but in Fifa 16, it does that.

  • I have 3 players come through my youth system below 70 overall with potential to be special. This formula may well work with players already established, but raising youth regens is where all of the potential is at.

    • Yes youth regens are really easy to glitch you’re right and real life players are a little more tricky to do but it’s all good 🙂

      • If you promote a regen with 58 overall, he will only show at the club since..? Even though he had potential 77-94 when i first got him.

  • Did not realise old comment did not post correctly. What I was trying to say is when the controls are changed for defense in the settings they automatically change in attack so pass then becomes LT rather than A… they are not separate which is very annoying and I wanted A as the jockey but pass when attacking…

  • The financial takeover didn’t work for me how do I get it to work?

  • I have the same problem. I want to change my controller setting and switch contain and jockey, but I don´t want to change de attack controls also. I want to keep passing with A. Is it possible to change controls only for defense without changing the atttack controls?

    • Yes you just go to defence instead of attack on the controller settings.

      • I have gone to Defense… but the Attack changes automatically.. this is what I am saying. I have gone onto settings. Then flicked to DEFENSE and then changed. if you flip to ATTACK controls you will see the A and LT have swapped also with the DEFENSE. Believe me, ive done this 10x+ and they are linked.

        • Then this is obviously a glitch in the game on EA’s part, hopefully they’ll release a patch update to fix this sooner rather than later.

          • Ah right ok. Just thought that it was like that and was going to be. I take it that there is a separation normally between configuring attack and defense.

          • Oh yeah without a doubt it should separate both it’s just a glitch in the game that needs addressing and EA Sports should sort it out before Christmas i would have thought.

  • Seems nice, thanks !

  • Alaine Cristine de Meira


  • I have FIFA 16 on PS3 and when playing at norwich’s Carrow road there is yellow and black triangle glitches appear when running up the wing, can u advise if this has been reported or is going to be fixed?

  • does it work if you activate it in January

  • Hi.
    I’ve tried to use the financial takeover on fifa 16 and it doesn’t work.
    How can I resolve this problem?

  • The only thing showing on my recently bought players is “Recently arrived for…”. How can I check their potential anyways?

  • I have got jack freakish up to 80 overall and loaned him then recalled and he is only showing great potential, he is 21

  • Why do my saved camera settings keep changing on PS3?

  • i am not able to create a gameface on chrome and firefox. plz tel me how to do it…

  • would this work if you edited your chosen player to 80 overall and went from there?

  • Hey i am currently playing liverpool fc on career mode (2nd season) and i cant seem to improve the players potential statuses for e.g. Ibe was 71 at 19 and i brought him up to 79 at 21 but still shows showing great potential even with short loans. Origi was 76 at 20 and now is 80 at 21 and still shows exciting prospect. I bought niklas sule currently at 80 at 21 and is still exciting prospect. Is it because i am playing it on pc and maybe this glitch doesnt work on pc?

  • Such an interesting video, I also like the passing tutorial, pretty useful. Would you upload the bargain and cheap players for career mode as you’ve done with fifa 15?
    Thanks for the tips!
    Cheers from Mexico (Sorry for Luke Shaw, Hector Moreno is not that bad)

  • Should have added The Amex Stadium, The Riverside Stadium, Molineux and The County Ground.

  • I don’t think this is correct, I have loaned out Tielemans at 78 and recalled him back mid season and got him back at ‘potential to be special’ it only took 5 reloads

  • I’ve also just done it with Niklas Sule, age 20 ovr 79, after 3 reloads, recall from loan and he came back with ‘potential to be special’

  • And now also Daniele Rugani age 21, ovr 79, after 5 reloads, recalled and returned ‘potential to be special’
    I think a little more investigation is needed

  • I bought it for my Shamrock Rovers Career Mode and waited at least 3 weeks and never got it! I play on Xbox 360 plz help

    • Hi Billy, it should work and i don’t understand why it shouldn’t to be honest but just use the FIFA 16 career mode cheats instead, you can find them here on the site and it’ll give you millions to spend each season.

  • The way I do it is I finish the season. So that way you have your reward money from tournaments and the season, then leave about 1-2 mil in your transfer budget and the rest in wages. Then offer 500k wages to young players who have decent potential and would be good loan targets i.e. Tyler Blackett or Nick Powell on Man Utd and loan them out. Works every time for me had almost 1bil at the end of my 4th season

  • . I have often noticed lookin n observing your videos that when u put up a cross from the flanks in the box u repeatedly tap the shoot button to score a header.i really like to know that reason..

    • It’s just a habit but it does seem to work a treat and there’s no harm in trying it yourself. The proper way though is to press shoot at the very last minute to beat the defender in the air.

  • Doesn’t work, every time I try to sell the player it just says ‘transfer talks have broken down as they could not agree on wages’

    • You didn’t watch the whole video Freddie, i said specifically that you need to swap the player that’s how you get rid of them. If you try and sell them then no club will buy them because of the high wages.

  • My custom settings are not working again. Happened in Fifa 15 too. Any suggestions? PC – windows 7

  • whats the best way to trap or collect the ball from a goal kick ?? ie chest it down.

  • Very useful video and information, thanks !
    I have a question about camera settings: if i change height und zoom in a custom setting for the camera (Tele Broadc.) this affects nothing ! I have PS4/Fifa16/no patch. Nothing is changing in my camera view.

    That problem already was in Fifa15, but most users didnt recognize it at all ….A matter of self-deception. 😉
    Look here:
    For Fifa16 there are already some entries with my problem here. So my question: are you ABSOLUTELY sure that changing heigt and zoom REALLY change something ?
    Any help for my problem ?

  • Kristoffer Hvenegaard

    Quality work. Appreciate it! But why is Hector Bellerin not present? He’s 80 overall as a 21 year old i my second season. Quality RB!

  • I bought the level 10 financial takeover in my shamrock rovers career mode, it gave me the money then I simmed on one day and it took it off me. Please help!!

  • I just checked your video and I like it. You have pointed out great guide for beginners. Most of the users are not aware with these tips. Thanks!

  • Como se tem muito dinheiro no fifa 15 ultimet team

  • Why is there no ball on my fifa16 during game play?

  • The ball has become invisible after the first game when turned on in seasons online it is impossible to play

  • Is there a specific method when it comes to actually loaning out the players? It is nearly impossible for any of my players to go out on loan.

  • Is this glitch working on ps3?

  • Hi, thanks for taking time to show us this wicked tutorial glitch. But does this glitch still work today?cause I know EA has not to long launch a patch update for it, but would this effect doing this glitch? I’m using Xbox One.. Best regards

  • Any free kick tutorial? I scored over 50% on fifa 15 and am now useless?

    • I have the same issue only scored like 5 on this 1 in liken 200 games used to score 1 in 2 on 15 from decent spots maybe more

  • It doesn’t seem to work at the Xbox 360 though…? Have anyone tried?

  • it works i now have 500 milion

  • Abdullah Alwuqayyan


    First, It’s a pleasure to leave a comment in the most helpful channel for FIFA game 🙂

    Second, Your YouTube channel helped me a lot to improve my way of playing FIFA since the previous version. So Thanks very much for your efforts for your subscribers.

    Regarding the passing techniques in FIFA 16 I would like to inform you that I have a small tip but maybe it is a little bit awkward, in my opinion, to use for some players.

    This passing technique is like PINPOINT PASSING but for short and mid-range receivers also it can be used in pinpoint passing. Details will be shown below.

    Well, We normally use normal passing for this types of ranges but normal passes are sometimes slow and easy to be intercepted So I tried to use pinpoint passing for near players but it is mostly hard to be controlled by the receiver because of the ball’s speed. However, this passing technique allows to pass the ball in adequate amount of speed and accuracy in which the defenders “AI” mostly will not able to intercept the ball plus it is more controllable by the receiver.

    The technique is relied on the way of using the controller. Normal passes is done while we moving the player, to be more specific the LEFT ANALOG is used and pointed to the receiver while we are passing.

    THE NEW TECHNIQUE is done with reversed way by pressing the pass button “X” or “A” while the left analog is not in use. However, the direction is coming after that. In short explanation the direction is made after pressing the pass button not before it. The timing is crucial between the passing and the directing. Moreover, it can be used for pinpoint pass also as I said before. 🙂

    If you need any more explanation regarding this technique don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

    Also it’s a pleasure if you add me as a friend in PS …. My ID is Pochiii

    Hope this comment be a helpful tip for you and the players community.

    Best regards

  • when is a real money glitch/ free player glitch coming out

  • Huge fan of yours and the work you do. I’ve got myself in a fix and am wondering if you have any advice. While testing out different scout future stars I accidentally saved with a player who had 78-94 potential (normally I wait much longer to promote them) but he has the “at the club since” title. Do you know how I can boost that?

    • Hmmm only by loaning him out but if he came from the catalogue Chris then don’t worry i’m sure he’ll grow to a 90 rated player no matter what m8.

  • When I bought the financial takeover in game I dindnt give me until I bought all 3. Plz help me plz

  • Hello, great work you’re doing here.
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if putting a player on his non-favourite position will have a negative effect on his growth.

    I play with Ajax and have Al Ghazi which is a great talent. He is a right winger and his best foot is his right, but I prefer to play with a right-footer on the left wing. But if I play with El Ghazi on the left wing while he is a RW, will this have a negative influence on his growth?

    Thanks for your reaction.

    Greetings from Holland 🙂

    • No Victor this doesn’t affect a players growth what so ever but it may make him unhappy at being played out of position but that’s as bad as it gets m8.

  • Does your fifa 16 tips/cheats/tricks work for Ps3?

  • I just started trying legacy defending a week ago Not sure if i like it but i want to know which is more effective in defending crosses: pressing the pass or shoot button. I’ve been having mixed results with both. Thanks!ki.

    • That’s a great question Rich, i tend to press the pass button if i see a player completely free but otherwise i press the shoot button which works as a clearance and they are also best to do from corners.

  • How I wish I got see live FiFA games. whew!

  • My coin value jumps from my real amount of money to a much lower value (1000 for example), which is incorrect, so I can’t buy any players over 1000 even though I really have 15k coins. This has been happening since the start of fifa and its really annoying because i can’t play ultimate team now. If anyone could help that would be amazing!

  • Is there a guide that shows which drills increase which positions? If you have a 70 ST for example, training his defense seems to do little, while chance creation seems to help. Curious what to do for mods and attackers to grow their value for sale fastest

  • No matter what I do I suck at defending and just the game in general. I need like a full fledged boot camp from whoever the best player you have is to make me 10x better. I am tired of constantly getting wrecked 4-0 online no matter how many articles I read or how many videos I watch. Please for the love of all that’s good help me on Xbox One before I do destroy something very expensive. My gamer tag is Kinetic Omelet and my email is listed below. Please get back to me to help me as soon as possible preferably tonight. Thank you.

  • @FIFASolved I am struggling with the dipped free kick tutorial. Following your instructions and the best I get is the crossbar. Using Gareth bale or neymar depending on what side. I used to score 50% on fifa 15 and this is what’s letting me down in this game. Alot of your other videos have helped me but need to master this. I can’t even get past silver on the free kick training

    • That’s crazy, i score them every single time without fail with the way i show in this tutorial, try using Depay, Eriksen or Çalhanoğlu and see if it has a different effect Aaron.

  • Like the video Steven. I am quite new to XBOX controls and I find it quite hard to do skills. Is there a way that I can do skills easily, as I want to use skills in matches? Thank you

    • Hi Eddy, you should check out the skill tips page as i have done loads of in-depth tutorials on all the skill moves and i explain in a way that even non-skillers would understand so you should learn a lot from them m8.

  • Does this work on ps3
    Please tell me

    • If the option is not there then the answer is no bro, but it doesn’t matter too much because the player training is not as good as you think which if you’ve viewed the video i explain that it’s best to just let player develop naturally.

  • Patrick Pflücke, what a little diamond, right from the start, fresh out of the box, he terrorised opponents and helped lead Pompey to an easy promotion!

  • Hi guys I’m new in this game, I can say that I do have pretty good with my attacking skill but when I’m trying to defend it does make for me difficult. so I