FIFA 15 Attacking Tips: Advanced Drag-back Tutorial

One of the hardest parts of the game is to create space and that’s exactly what you’ll learn from this FIFA 15 tutorial that’s completely in-depth and covers everything. You will be learning all the tips about the drag-back technique which is one of the most overpowered and underused features in the game. You can use it to your advantage and use players who don’t have any pace but are world class at passing and tackling. Check out the HD video tutorial below as it shows you all the methods and how to implement them into your game-plan.

This is completely revolutionary and a real game changer because this method effectively takes pace out of the picture and allows you to have the space necessary for doing that killer pass that will ultimately get your team a goal. There are four different varieties of the dragback, and we’ll go into them now.

The Basic Drag-back

Now this isn’t really the most effective one out of the four as you have to stop the ball still firstly with the RT button on the Xbox or R2 on PlayStation and then hold RB (Xbox) or R1 (PS3/4) and direct the left-stick in the opposite direction you’re facing. For example, if you are shooting from right to left then it’ll be right where you aim the left-stick. Due to the fact that you’ve got to stop the ball still which in FUT especially you don’t get a lot of time to do anything without a player running into you at full speed, due to this fact it’s probably one you either have luck with or not.

The Fake Drag-back

Now this fake drag-back is very good and it does not only diversify your play, but it also confuses your opponent and given the right timing it can create space for you. You should definitely use this one in the final third and to do this you need to hold RB/R2 and then press the left-stick in the opposite direction you’re facing and then into the direction you’re facing straight after. So if you are shooting from left to right then you would direct it left then right.

The Drag-back left or right

Now this one should be used in the final third either with your strikers or your wingers as it’s very useful for getting the shot off after you perform it. To do it you need to hold RB/R2 and if you are shooting from left to right then it’ll be left then down or left then up on the left-stick. It is probably one of the more complicated ones to do out of the four but with practice it will be a useful skill in your locker to use now and again to get that shot off.

The Drag-back and Turn

This is by far the most effective on out of the lot! If you watched the video tutorial above you would have seen just how much space it creates for you not only in the opponents penalty area, but in the middle of the pitch. I was using Frank Lampard, Toni Kroos and slow players of this caliber using this specific dragback and it really does deliver results. It’s also by chance the easiest one of the four to pull off as well, you just have to hold RB/R2 and point the left-stick in the opposite direction your players facing.

It’s also very good for using with wingers as well because you can confuse the side-back and get your delivery into the box or get a shot off. You should never use any of these drag-back techniques in your own half with your defenders because as OP as it is, you don’t want to take a chance and get tackled by the opposition attackers.

That’s it for this tutorial, we hope that these tips and tricks will help you on FIFA and you can stay up to date on every video we publish by subscribing to our official YouTube channel. Leave a comment in the box at the footer of this page if you are unsure of anything and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.