All FIFA 16 Defending Tutorials And Tips

FIFA 16 Defending Tutorials

FIFA 16 Defending Tutorials

It’s no secret that one of the hardest aspects of FIFA 16 is the defending. Although EA have introduced teammate intelligence with the defenders this season so that the computer controlled AI helps you out by running with the oppositions attacking runners, it’s still difficult to get to grips with.

Below are all of our FIFA 16 defending tutorials and tips to help you keep clean sheets and win more matches offline and online. Simply click on a link of the specific art you wish to learn and become a master in defence and midfield on the game.

How To Use Jockey Tutorial

How To Master Interceptions Tutorial

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One comment

  • I love your site. I have watched every video on here. I am excited to try out the tricks when we play next. I used to get a lot of one on ones, but didn’t convert a lot of them. I will try the 3 tap method and the R1+O shot.

    For defending, I saw it on another youtube video, that we should hold x while defending to contain and then do a conservative tackle when he is near?

    What do you recommend? I tend to sit back and don’t rush towards the player and that gives him a chance to always come near the box. If I rush towards him, he dribbles past me. Should I run towards him and then hold X or hold the LT button to jockey back? should I jockey back without sprinting even if he is sprinting? I feel that he will get past me easily if I do that.

    Thanks for looking at my question. I feel that my defense needs to improve.