The Complete FIFA 16 Set Piece Tutorial

FIFA 16 Set Piece Tutorial Guide

FIFA 16 Set Piece Tutorial Guide

To be a top player in EA Sports FIFA 16 you have to take advantage when you get set-pieces and end up defending like a boss and at the other end scoring from corners and free kicks. On this page you’ll find the complete guide to set-pieces with everything covered from defending and scoring from corners, to converting all types of free kicks and penalties. Simply click on any of the links below of which tutorial you want to learn and become a master of it in no-time.

Penalty Tutorial (Scoring)

Near Post Corner Tutorial (Scoring)

Short Corner Glitch Tutorial (Scoring)

Dipping FK Tutorial

Low Driven Free Kick Tutorial

Power Free Kick Tutorial

Free kick Glitch Insane Method

Tika Taka Custom Tactic Tutorial

High Pressure Custom Tactic Tutorial

Counter Attack Custom Tactic Tutorial

Best Controller & Camera Settings

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