No FIFA 16 For PS Vita Or Nintendo 3DS

FIFA 16 3DS PS Vita

Electronic Arts Sports have recently announced that they’ve decided against bringing out a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS version of FIFA 16 this year. The news will not be welcomed by fans who own the handheld machines but the developers have made their decision and have stuck by it. An official EA representative spoke to Pocketgamer about both version. “With

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See How The World Plays FIFA

How The World Plays FIFA 14

There’s quite a few stats that you might not know about the most successful football video game series and some of the most interesting ones have finally been revealed for the first time. The statistics are for the latest installment (FIFA 14) which was released worldwide on September 27th 2013 a couple of months back. The official EA Sports Blog

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FIFA 14 iOS and Android Devices Detailed

Mobile Devices Screen 17

A Detailed Introduction To FIFA 14 Mobile Devices The Mobile Devices Description Developed to be complete with real leagues, real teams, and real players. Welcome to the most authentic football game on the App Store. Feel the excitement of every pass, shot, and tackle with new touch controls. Plus, live every moment of real-world football mastery with the EA Sports™

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Mobile Downloads Reach 26 Million

FIFA 14 Mobile Downloads

It’s just coming up to Christmas in little over a months time, but already EA Sports have announced that their massively successful football/soccer game FIFA 14 has already raked up well over 26 million downloads for the mobile edition of the title. The free-to-play module was introduced this year, and it seems to have payed off for the Canadian based

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FIFA 14 Android & iOS Cheat Codes

iOS Android Cheats

We’ve come across a brand new tool that provides FIFA 14 Android & iOS cheat codes to unlock unlimited coins and FIFA Points. There are no surveys or passwords in order to gain access to this clever piece of technology, which normally puts most people off using these kind of devices. A video was posted by YouTube user (FIFA 14

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