FUT 15 TOTW 14 (Week 14)

FUT 15 TOTW 14

So the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of the week is back with the fourteenth edition and it’s truly back to it’s all time worst with the most shocking players available to gamers. Santi Cazorla and Mehdi Benatia are literally the only two players that are worth packing out of the entire squad and anyone else is easily overlooked. You can check

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FUT 15 TOTW 13 (Week 13)

FUT 15 TOTW 13

The thirteenth installment of FUT 15 TOTW is a very special one with some amazing players included and it’s so good it could well be the best this season. SIF (second in-form) Cristiano Ronaldo,  Zlatan Ibrahimović and Mats Hummels are just three on show that are mouth-watering and up for grabs for one week only. You’ll be able to acquire

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FUT 15 TOTW 12 (Week 12)

FUT 15 TOTW 12

So the twelth installment of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW has arrived and their are some decent additions in the squad but a lack of BPL (Barclays Premier League) players is the only downfall. There’s an IF Huntelaar, Johnson and Clichy up for grabs as the TOTY cards edge ever closer. You’ll be able to acquire these in-forms from gold

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