FIFA 16 Fake Shot Tutorial: BEST Tips

Easily one of the most overpowered features/skills in the entire game this year! The fake shot is covered in today’s FIFA 16 tutorial and you can watch the HD video below to learn exactly how to do it with all the tips and tricks included.

The controls are the simplest to remember as it’s just either the shoot and then pass button or the cross then pass button. That’s basically B then X on Xbox or circle then X on PlayStation and it’s best to use the shooting button rather than the crossing button as after you perform the fake shot you can instantly revert back to a shot straight afterwards but either are perfect okay to use.

You want to be using this on the wings and in and around the opponents penalty area but it really can be used almost anywhere on the pitch. It’s fantastic if used multiple times in a short space of time like doing two or three fake shots in a row can really confuse the hell out of the opposition defenders and create clear goal-scoring opportunities for your team.

Using the left analogue stick you can choose where you want to exit and the general direction you want your player to perform the fake shot. You can exit in almost any direction which is what makes this skill so OP and really easy to use. It has been in the FIFA series for a number of years now but a lot of gamers tend to forget all about it as they learn more advanced skills throughout the years.

That being said, this still holds a top position in the running as a superb skill to beat opponents with and will no doubt always be overpowered by the game makers EA Sports. The fake shot first touch is one of the best ways to take control of the ball as soon as your player receives it and can fool almost any opponent if done in the correct manner. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and subscribe to our YouTube channel to find all the videos uploaded there first before they arrive here at the official website.

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