FIFA 14 For Xbox 360 Or PS3 Cheap Deals At Gamestop

An Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 14 can be acquire at Gamestop for as little as £5.97 when you trade-in two games from a compiled list of 156 titles. The games in the list don’t necessarily have to be brand new either, as such games like F1 2012, GTA 4, WWE 13, BioShock Infinite and many more are eligible. You can check out the full list here, and see for yourself what you fancy trading in.

FIFA 14 Special Offers

FIFA 14 Special Offers

Gamers can even take up the option of buying the latest installment for £39.97 and it will then be shipped out to you and turn up at your door with a stamped addressed envelope that you simply put the two games you wish to trade inside and the n send them off through the post.

You’ll have wait up to ten days to receive a receipt of your transaction, accompanied by your £34 refund as well. The special offer looks set to stay for the entire duration of pre-orders, and it actually works as a terrific pre-order bonus. Will you be trading in two old games to obtain FIFA 14? Let us know if you’re thinking of doing it by commenting using the box designated below.

FIFA 14 hits North America on Sept 24th, and worldwide on Sept 27th 2013.