FIFA 14 Demo Tips

We wanted to give out some helpful tips for all the FIFA 14 gamers that are struggling with the playable demo that’s just been released by EA Sports this past couple of days. So without no further ado, lets get straight in!

FIFA 14 Demo Tips

FIFA 14 Demo Tips

Skills & Dribbling

This year’s installment is totally different to last year’s edition, so you’ll have to treat it that way as well, try and get use to the game and that’ll be a great start. Try not to hold down the sprint button (RT/R2) all the time, unless you find that you’re in a lot of space and can run in that particular direction at that time.

You will have to use the close control options a lot more this time round, pressing LB/L1  which will enable you to twist and turn a lot easier. You don’t have to hold down LT/L2 to perform the skill moves anymore, as this is used for shielding the ball in FIFA 14. If you choose to press those buttons, then it’ll only make your player considerably slower and make you extremely vulnerable.


To help you out with the defending side of things, we’ve got a few suggestions that you might want to take note of, not only in the demo, but to take into the full version game once it’s released at the end of this month. Try pressing LT/L2 and shielding the ball in defence with a really strong centre back, also the wide left-back and right-back can do this and nine times out of ten receive a throw-in for his troubles which relieves pressure.

The brand new momentum mechanics for the players means that you’ll have to position your defending back-line like a pro. Positioning is vital here, and you cannot simply run at attackers with your centre halves like you could on 13 unfortunately. Being extremely patient and waiting for the right time to put in a challenge is absolutely key for you to succeed in defending your goal. One false move, and the opposition attacker will leave you for dead.

When running up the wing to make a tackle on a player, pressing (Circle/B) quite a few times will either give away a foul or regain your team possession of the ball. It’s definitely worth it, and works most times as well.


The corner-kicks on FIFA 14 have been completely revamped, and when playing you can probably tell that the ball stays a float in the air for quite a long time compared to last year’s edition. Curling the ball into the penalty box is a lot tougher this year, but if you can try and get your head on it, then you’ll definitely work the goalkeeper.

Using the chipped and finesse shots are going to work in your favour this time round, and you should use these techniques accordingly. This doesn’t mean that you should try them every single time you’re in on goal, but the right timing will reap rewards and get you more goals for your team. Try the looped shot when the goalkeeper commits himself and it a little off of his line, and the finesse shot when you’re one-on-one with the opposing keeper.


The passing is just amazing this year, and using the through and lofted through balls are much more effective to use. They will come off more than in 13, and the key here is to take a nice first touch and set your player ready to make the pass, then you’ll make a killer through pass that even the most experienced defenders will have trouble with.

The angles from which you choose to pass the ball have been completely revamped for FIFA 14, so that it feels more realistic. make sure you’re facing the direction in which you want to pass to get a better success rate.

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