Epic FUT 14 Trading Tips

If you’re going to play the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team mode for the very first time, then it’s very important to learn the costly mistakes that you’ll need to avoid in order to be successful in the game. The reason behind this is that Ultimate Team players are actually similar to one another. There are some players who’re better at controlling the players, and those who trade better but one thing is for sure: everybody needs to be a good club manager.

In your journey to becoming successful in the game, it is important that clubs establish sustainable bases. The following are the best FUT 14 trading tips to use in becoming successful.

FUT 14 Trading Tips

FUT 14 Trading Tips

Prepare yourself

Get a grasp of the rules of the game first and foremost. Though you don’t necessarily have to muster all the rules, the more you know the better. This is especially important for first timers. You can learn some basics regarding these rules from FUT 14 homepage. This is actually the game’s biggest information aggregator. If you’ve been playing the previous seasons like 13 and others before it, your main concern is to find out what has changed in this years installment.

Get started as soon as you can

The sooner you begin playing FUT 14 the better your chances of success. Actually, the game’s most important session is at the beginning. During these initial stages of the game, everything will appear easier.

As the time wears on, the market will tend to be a little more stable, but the best time that you can make the best deals is during the earlier times of the market’s opening. The profits will not just be manifested in terms of coins either. Having done everything at the earliest opportunities, you’re presented with the chance to form a better team.

Select a name

At the time of playing the title for the very first time, participants are usually required to maintain their club’s name. After inserting the name you have chosen, know that you won’t be able to alter the chosen name unless you recur to items contained in the EASFC catalogue.

Dispose all your cards

Immediately after you have inserted the name of your club, you will be given a pack of cards. These are normally 34 in number, and are composed of 29 bronze, 2 silver as well as 3 gold. With this pack, you have all what you need in beginning the play. In a nutshell, this complete pack has a stadium, 1 ball, 1 badge and 2 kits for both home and away matches.

Gain Even More Coins

With the cards you have, you can go ahead and have a great start, but should you be able to gather even more coins, it will be a lot better. With this in mind, do not waste any opportunities. Although you can gain more coins by looking for giveaways on social media sites and via YouTube, your best chance at getting these coins is by buying coins using money. Alternatively, you can buy a pack and sell the packs.

Finding out the latest trends by doing some research wouldn’t so yourself any harm either, looking in niche forums to see what players are good for buying cheap and selling on for a hefty sum is a fantastic idea.

With the above epic FUT 14 trading tips, you can already be coasting to victory. Remember you’ll need to be at your best to be successful in the game.