How To Use Contain When Defending

If you’ve been searching for a way in how to use the secondary contain defending method, then look no further as we’re going to cover it all in this post. In order to make sure that you concede as few goals as possible, make sure you read these helpful tips below on containing your opponent.

FIFA 14 Contain Defending

FIFA 14 Contain Defending

The Contain Basics

You’ll need to set contain as one of your top priority’s to becoming successful at tackling on FIFA 14. It is one of the best ways to stop the other team from scoring twice as many goals against your back-line and goalkeeper. When holding in the contain button, your defender will be considerably slower and this is unfortunate. The first task that we set you is becoming a little more aware of where players will move and you’ll need to become faster at using this particular method.

When using contain, the opposition winger, striker or all round attacking player can twist and turn to try and get past your defender , but he’ll still have to beat the one that’s set to contain. Once you get faster at mastering containing an opponent, then that’s when you will really be reaping the rewards.

The advantages of using this feature, is that you can block close to 90% of shots and crosses, even if the cross or shot as a bit of swerve on it, the defender that’s containing will still make a rash jump and block the attempted penetration towards your goal.

Imagine blocking nearly tenfold more crosses and shots than what you’re doing right now. We bet that you’re probably conceding a lot of goals from these types of situations and soon that will be a thing of the past.

The Benefits

Not that we haven’t already convinced you that this technique is a must have in your locker if you’re going to be hugely successful at the back, there’s much more to discuss. One of the best benefits of using the secondary contain button, is that when the opposition team are in your final third, it is highly likely that you run the risk of giving away a penalty through a miss-timed challenge.

The good thing about containing, is that you can make your tackle spot on by timing it perfectly by using the jockey feature to retrieve the ball back. By using this, you will concede less penalties and free-kicks than you ever did before. Also, another added benefit is that you’ll notice that you will be having far more possession than you did before too.

When and When Not to Use It

The best areas to call another player over and use secondary contain are by far the wings, and more specifically nearer to the corner flag. We highly recommend that you don’t use it in the middle of the park as you’re more likely to make a ton of errors and be on the losing team. Sometimes you will get lucky, but more times than not this technique will fail miserably.

For a complete list of the techniques on how to defend on FIFA 14, check out our defending hints page and get all the help you need.