EA Sports Launch Xbox One & PS4 Living Worlds Trailer

EA Sports have released yet another trailer for the next-gen systems in the space of a week, and this latest one is entitled “Living World Trailer” which showcases all the new developments that have been made for the next-generation machines. You can view the new teaser that lasts just under two minutes below.

The latest addition has built in producer series commentary with some of the Electronic Arts team members discussing what the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will bring to the worlds most famous football title.

They go on to explain how EA have merged with SkySports to find out what sort of crowd reactions occur during live matches. The next-gen editions will have the following integrated into them when they’re released this month:

  • Brand new 3D crowd technology enhances atmosphere with closer touchline cameras
  • Enhanced Stadium exterior
  • Pure player focus feature, so commentators concentrate on the correct players at the right times
  • Replays Have been tweaked to show better camera angles for all the goals scored
  • 1080p HD graphics mean that the detail is crisp and clearer than ever before
FIFA 14 Living Worlds Trailer

FIFA 14 Living Worlds Trailer