The FIFA 14 PS4 Invisible Ball Glitch Solved

We noticed that there have been a considerable increase in gamers who own the PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 14 complain about a terrible invisible ball glitch. We searched through forums and saw that many players were reporting the match ball appearing during certain matches, and then amazingly disappearing in the next one they played.

FIFA 14 Invisible Ball Glitch

FIFA 14 Invisible Ball Glitch

So we thought we’d solve this problem that keeps on occurring and write a post dedicated to giving you the answer to this annoying issue. All you have to do in-order to stop this glitch from happening in the future is outlined below:

  • Go to customise
  • Then go to settings
  • Game settings
  • Match and then you’ll simply have to change the ball from default, to literally any other ball type that takes your fancy.

It’s weird because this glitch was first found by us in last years installment, and we thought that EA Sports would have found a fix to the problem by now. The method that we’ve gone with above, is a great cure for the short-term, bit it’s not practical for the long-term though. This technique can also be used on the Xbox One and 360 platforms as well.

We hope that this article has cleared everything up for you, and if you’re still having any issues, comment on this post below and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.