FUT 14 Gamer Creates Anti-Cheat Tool To Combat Hackers

If you own the FIFA 14 game for the Windows PC and tend to play the Ultimate Team game mode, then you are in luck. You may know that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of hackers that cheat their way to a victory against players without even kicking a ball.

FIFA 14 Anti-Cheat Tool

FIFA 14 Anti-Cheat Tool

You would have probably come across these players at some point playing FUT, and it’s most common in the tournaments and online season/division games. It’s done by the hackers that hack the EA servers and tell them that the match is over after 1 second of play. These cheaters are then credited with the win wrongfully. Yet there’s one gamer that has decided to make a stand and create an anti-cheat tool that’s prime objective is to spot these hackers using bots and block them permanently.

The gamer who goes by the username on YouTube of CheatMeNot14 has not only modified the software, but they’ve also uploaded a video tutorial on how to use it and you can check it out for yourself below.

EA Sports are not known for their ability of banning users who use Ultimate Team in the wrong fashion, so this handy little tool will have to do for now. Lets just hope that EA either find a way to combat this obvious misuse of the game, or more annoyed FUTers decide to create tools like this and one especially needed for the console versions of the title.

Leave your thoughts on this subject as we’d like to hear what experiences you’ve gone through and how much this amazing piece of software can benefit you in the long-haul  by using the comments box at the footer of this page.

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