FIFA 15 Demo Out Now On The Xbox One

FIFA 15 Xbox One Demo

FIFA 15 Xbox One Demo

The official FIFA 15 playable demo is now available o download on the Xbox One console EA Sports have confirmed. The demo is not yet available to play on the PS3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC or Xbox 360 but will be released in due course. The EA Twitter profile tweeted the news early on Tuesday 9th September in the early hours of the morning (UK Time). You can check out the direct tweet below:

An open beta is the only type of gameplay of FIFA 15 that’s been available to the public and for those that signed up for it on both of the Xbox consoles have been testing it out over the past couple of weeks. Now the real deal has arrived and you can download it by using the link that we’ve provided for you below. Please note that it’s a 3.07 Gb file so make sure that you have enough space free on your hardrive.

FIFA 15 Xbox One Download Link – Click Here

We’ll update you on when the demo is available for the older gens and PS4 consoles right here on our official site and via our social media platforms. If you need any help downloading or to ask us any questions then leave your comments at the footer of this page or tweet to us on Twitter.