Watch The New FIFA 15 Celebrations Tutorial Video

FIFA 15 Celebrations Tutorial

FIFA 15 Celebrations Tutorial

EA Sports have released a brand new video showcasing all of the new celebrations that will be featured in this years FIFA 15 title. You can check out the footage below for your viewing pleasure in super high-definition.

All of the celebrations from last year will be back this time round again as well, but there will be a few more inclusions this year as you can tell from the above footage. Electronic Arts seemed eager to add the flag celebrations in for this installment with a whole host of them featured as well as Fabio Borini’s Bite The Wrist, Samuel Eto’o doing the Old Man walk, and many more.

The developers have been extremely busy in the last couple of weeks regarding FIFA 15 with reveal after reveal being released and we’re lucky we’ve been able to keep up with the workload it’s been so hectic. Later on this evening EA are revealing the official FUT 15 Legends ratings so stay tuned for them and you can either check back here later or follow us on our social media platforms. Everything comes under FIFASolved including Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

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