The Best BPL Young U21 Players Potential On FIFA 15

The game finally arrived in the UK yesterday and to celebrate we have got a very special information rich video for you in this post. We’ll show you the best young under-21 players in the Barclays Premier League that you should buy straight away in the FIFA 15 career mode. These players grow so high and so fast that they become absolute beast when they’re in their prime.

Take a look at the video below that we did and watch in high-definition as we showcase all the youngsters that go up in overall rapidly as you play each season on manager mode.

You must note though, that some of the players in this list didn’t go up in rating and that’s because EA have setup an engine in the game where half the players on career mode will develop and others will stand still. This changes for each saved game that you create, so if a player doesn’t develop at all for you and you really like him, then you can simply start a brand new game and he will likely go up. If he doesn’t then just keep restarting until he eventually does.

Most of the players were okay though on the plus side of things, and we definitely recommend that you invest your seasons budget in these young players with huge potential. There are also a few in the lineup that are really overpowered on match-day as well.  Next up we’ll be covering the Italian league and then all other major leagues in Europe, so check back to either here at our official website or on our YouTube channel where we upload the footage.

Let us know in the comments box what players out of your career mode went up and which ones were slightly disappointing for you as we’d be interested to know.



  • Daniel Todeschini

    Does Adrian Rabiot a CM from PSG grow? Starts at like 73 and he only 19 at start of game?

  • do best young players from other leagues like bundesliga

  • On my Leicester career, I got Jack Rodwell to 89, Wilshere to 90, Will Hughes to 91, Feghouli to 91, Benteke to 91, John Stones to 87 (he didn’t grow much until he hit his 30’s), Grimaldo to 87, Hugo Mallo to 89, Shaqiri to 88, Nathan Redmond to 86, and Vallette (GK) to 92. I bought high potential players like Chamberlain (bought as an 81, didn’t grow after that), Barkley (grew to 77, sold him, never grew), Baselli (wouldn’t grow at all), Tielmans(was a 77 at 21, had him until he was 25 and he never grew), Laporte (wouldn’t grow past 83), Meyer (hit 81, started going down at 27), Piazon (never grew past 80), Timo Werner (bought as a 77, didn’t grow in the three seasons I had him) and Scuffet (hit 78, sold him to Man U where he hit 85 before he retired).