FIFA 15 Best U21 Young La Liga BBVA Players

In the third installment of the U21 players, we have the FIFA 15 best young under-21 players potential in the La Liga BBVA on Career Mode. We previously covered the Italian and English leagues, but now our attention focuses on Spain’s top tier of football. Check out the video below and learn which players to get for your team in the Spanish league.

Once again, every single player developed and went up from their start rating at least once and there’s a couple of players that got complete forward and complete defender specialties. The keepers, centre backs and strikers were the best positions in this league but the right-backs were absolutely dreadful and it looks like there’s none that will develop even to an adequate level.

We decided to select Real Madrid as the team to be as they already have a great transfer budget and the option of selling the squad that’s already playing for the team in-order to acquire these young prospects. There were already a couple of youngsters in the squad from the beginning which was also an added bonus for us.

Leave your comments in the section below on what players you got out of La Liga and what rating you got them up to on your manager mode. We’ll be back once again next time with the German Bundesliga best U21 players.