FIFA 15 Pro Clubs: Best CAM Build Tutorial

Carrying on with our best build tutorial from our last post, we show you the best build for the CAM position on FIFA 15 Be A Pro Clubs. This is a vital position on the field and many gamers choose this as their chosen squad role when playing as a virtual pro. In the video tutorial below we run through the exact height, weight and overall build that you should use for your number 10 when creating your player.

As you can see from the footage above, the CAM is the best player at going up in their rating quick and fast compared to any other position on the pitch. We don’t know why this is but they always seem to go up in stats at a very fast rate.

There are two different types of number 10’s that we showcase, the box-to-box player and the playmaker who’s job is to dribble with the ball and use his passing skills to set up the strikers and wingers. The box-to-box Central attacking midfielder is more of a Frank Lampard type player who’ll ghost in at the last minute joining attacks whenever possible to cause a threat in the opponents final third.

Next up for Pro Clubs we’ll be looking at the centre back position and what build fits best for that type of player, so leave your comments in the section below to let us know which position you’d like us to cover next and we will try and get something done for future videos.

  • I had a question about the pro clubs. Is there a way to setup player roles? Like corner kicks, free kicks, etc. Because sometimes when we play clubs our cpu takes the corner kicks

  • Pro clubs drop in matches, I cant invite friends from my party to it… whats that about!

  • Does anyone know how to unlock fancy passes/flicks trait?