FIFA 15 Defending Tutorial (The Basics)

FIFA 15 Defending Tutorial Basics

FIFA 15 Defending Tutorial Basics

Starting off with our top FIFA 15 defending tips, we wanted to show you the basics of defending in a short video tutorial before you dive into the more advanced stuff. Defending on the game is not just about putting in tackles and winning challenges. It’s much more than that, there’s heading, clearing set-pieces, positioning of players in your penalty area and much more.

This basic tutorial is just to get you started and warmed up ready for the more in-depth analysis of how to defend in FIFA 15. Check out the footage below and see for yourself.

This is simply a quick run through what to expect from our expert defence guide which can be viewed anytime, just click on the defending tips tab at the top of the page on the menu and you’ll arrive at the page with all the content in one place. There you’ll find in-depth articles explaining everything, as well as video tutorials for the more visual gamer.

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