Our 1st FIFA 15 Pack Opening (Bad Pack Luck)

Our 1st FIFA 15 Pack Opening

Our 1st FIFA 15 Pack Opening

So leaving it a bit late at the end of October, we finally decided to do a video on our very first FIFA 15 Ultimate Team pack opening marathon of the season. We did open some packs on the FUT 15 web app when it was released back in September, but we’re not really classing that as one seen as this piece of footage was taken from the full version game on the Xbox One.

Not having an amazingly wealthy budget on us, we set out with a fair and reasonable 200K coins with the sheer hope of pulling one of the TOTW players out the bag. That’s a more than reasonable budget and if not a team of the week player then at least a decent gold rare Tank.

As EA didn’t release any of the jumbo gold packs as of the time of recording this video, we were pretty much limited to opening the 7,500 packs which contain 3 rares in them. Most of you will know that the three rares isn’t always the players as well, it could well be any of the consumables or Silver players. It literally is a matter of sheer luck and we didn’t have any of that on this occasion.

The video was uploaded in 1080p HD which you can view in full screen and the footage lasts around thirteen minutes long.

We won’t tell you the result of the pack opening but seen as it’s entitled the worst pack luck ever, it kind of gives it away. We’ll be recording more pack openings in the future as well so make sure to either subscribe to our official YouTube channel or keep checking back here at the official website and look under the FUT Pack Openings page.

  • Please can u get me some coins because I am really low on them so please can u get me some coins or packs

  • Nice try. Bad luck, but enjoyed the video nonetheless. I was thinking of doing the same, but after seeing you, even if it’s sheer luck, not going to waste the coins. Will wait for 35K or 50K packs (with all players). Hope to see you open those in upcoming videos. Keep it up.