FIFA 15 Passing Tutorial: Patient Build-Up Play Tips

This FIFA 15 passing tutorial for build-up play has got some of the best tips we’ve ever given out in one single YouTube video, so prepare to dominate Ultimate Team and win 80% more matches than you previously did before. The video that can be viewed below is around 14 minutes long but you must watch all of it from the start up until the end to get the full picture in what we’re trying to teach you.

Our formula for this method contains six vital steps that must be followed in-order for this technique to work and you as the player to receive the full benefit from it. If you watched all of our defending tutorials then you’re one step ahead and almost halfway to becoming the ultimate FIFA champion.

Here are the six steps that you must follow to ensure that you keep possession throughout the match and dominate play with super slick passing up and down the pitch.

  1. To play from the back you must accept defeat in-order to learn.
  2. Always pass to who’s available.
  3. Be unpredictable.
  4. Make sure to use fast-paced passing, and use one-twos & pass and move the ball.
  5. Spread Play.
  6. Have a third eye.

The footage can watched in super 1080p High-definition and contains actual gameplay of the online tournament in Ultimate Team with the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final games included. You’ll also see us give out examples of how to implement this passing tika-taka style into your gameplan on FUT 15. With circles and arrows highlighting the appropriate players, this tutorial really will help you win more matches in FIFA 15 for the rest of the season.

As you can see from the above content, i play the opponent off the park and they’re literally not even in the game as i can keep 90% of the possession in the match and they end u p being nothing more than a mere spectator watching on. This method even tends to make players rage-quit even at late stages of a tournament as the above video proves.

You’ll have to practice passing the ball around in defence at first with your centre-backs, side-backs and goalkeeper. However, as i mention in the video you will more than likely concede quite a few goals whilst practicing, but it shouldn’t take you too long until you become a master at passing the ball around at the back. Even if you end up losing a few games 5-0 it really doesn’t matter! It’s about learning from your mistakes and promising yourself that you’ll never make an error like that again.

Another aspect of FIFA that most gamers don’t understand is whilst you perform the patient build-up play from the back, you are at the same time creating momentum for your team. This helps passes stick and passes that weren’t quite on or not possible before are now a possibility. This makes creating goal-scoring opportunities even more greater and easier than ever before! The best part of all of this though is that you’ll actually end up playing the beautiful game the way it should be played.

Nice slick one touch passing along the ground with no hoofing the long-ball up to the centre forward anymore, this is the exact style of play that Arsenal, Swansea City and FC Barcelona play in real-life. So we hope this FIFA 15 tutorial helped you out, if you want to leave a comment asking a question about these tips then leave your reply in the box at the footer of this page. We shall reply to everyone and anyone that needs our help. We’ll have more tutorials coming up on the official site and our YouTube channel soon.

  • I noticed in the first example you had 4 attackers running perfect in line when you were attacking how do you get them to do that

    • Well to make them run up James you have to with the player you have possession of the ball with, face the player you want to run up and press RB (Xbox) or R1 (PS) and that player will then make a run forward. As for all the players running in a line i simply faced them all and pressed the button loads of times. Try it out it’s quite effective, but just remember that you should only tell attacking minded players to run up and not your defenders.

  • Any tips for successful defending? Also, how do you usually align your team settings? Defensive + Team Pressing + High Pressure? Also, how often/when if ever, do you employ pressure? Or is it more situational awareness. I found that this video greatly improved my offensive play, but I still seem to suffer on the other side of the ball.

    Thank you in advance for your help, and I truly appreciate the great work you all do here at

    • Well, I actually learned it from playing against friends or online. But I can explain how I defend, and it usually works.

      If the opponent has the ball, try to get the ball with the midfielders until he comes close to the box. It’s the best way because if you use one of your defenders , you’ll leave a gap in your defence and the other team can make use of it. So don’t run with your defender towards the opponent, but make the opponent come to you. In that case, you will have more control of your player, and you will keep the defending line closed.

      When you’re trying to get the ball on the midfield, it’s best to do this with players who has pace. They can get to the opponent very fast and take the ball from them, or they can hold pressure. You can hold the X/A button to make you player run towards the opponent automatically. Only do this on the midfield, and while doing this, keep an eye on the opponents movements, so you can see where the players are running to. Now you can intercept passes from the opponent, because you know where the players are. another trick is hold RB or R1. You will call a second player to get the ball. This button is actually meant for getting the ball with two players, but you can also use it to close gaps or defend other players, while your second player is trying to get the ball.

      When playing in difficult situations like counters or players who abuse speed, you need to keep one thing in mind: the ball will always need to get to the box in order to score. If the opponent is running on the flank, he will try to get the ball inside the box and the only way to do that, is to move inside, or pass the ball. So keep players inside the box, because that’s the place where the opponent will be. In a 1 on 1 situation with striker against defender, walk back slowly and keep the defender in the way of the striker. Hold L2 or LB while walking back. He can’t run past you and this will create time for your other players to run back to their defensive line. If this is going too slow, know that it’s always better to have 2 on 1(keeper and defender vs striker) than 1 on 1(keeper vs striker). The last thing will only happen if you’re trying to get the ball

      Another trick is: anticipation. Think along with your opponent, and you will know where he will pass the ball, or where he will run to. He will only run if there’s enough space. He will only pass the ball if he can pass the ball. Runners will make use of gaps. If you see it, they see it too.

      Defending is one of the hardest things to do, because you need to think about a lot of things at the same time, and this requires practise. Defending is more thinking than playing. I’m only using 2 buttons while defending. The key things are keep summary and have patience. You don’t want to get the ball to quickly, because it will leave gaps. Knowing where everyone is, will keep everything organised.

      And then you will get the ball.

  • Need help with playing career mode on world class and legendary , cant seems to win in fifa 15, practicing possesion play and have been winning online but not killing off team, but cant seems to win in career, it take me too long to break down teams

    • Hi there,

      What we recommend in regards to owning the computer controlled AI in Career Mode is fast quick fluid passing. Pass and move is key here, and the AI just cannot keep up with it. If you start moving the ball quickly, you’ll notice that your win ratio against the AI will increase considerably. Please give this a try and let us know how it works for you.

      • is it the same you recommend for playing in season online, have issues playing against fast pacy teams

  • having major factor with playing online, my win ratio is horrible, not sure what i am doing wrong, any tiips