FUT 15 Black Friday 35K & Special Lightning Packs Unveiled By EA

So with many online retailers offering special discounts and special offers all over the globe, EA Sports have decide to get in on the act and release some 35K Black Friday packs on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. They’re available for 24 hours and you’ll have a limit of 5 to open up, unless you have many other PSN or Xbox Live account to open more with.

FUT 15 Black Friday Pack Offer

FUT 15 Black Friday Pack Offer

With the record breaking Lionel Messi up for grabs the stakes couldn’t be higher and you can get all of the details regarding times below.

Jumbo 35K Packs (35,000 coins or 700 FIFA Points) Available for 24 hours

This has only a limit of 5 so we wish you the very best of luck. A mix of players and consumables, at least 26 Gold with 18 Rares and 4 non-rares.

Premium Gold Players Pack (25K or 350 FIFA Points) 3pm (UK Time)

These packs are part of the 1st lightning round and you’ll have to be quick to get them as it’s first come, first served.

Rare Gold Pack (25K or 500 FIFA Points) 6pm (UK Time)

these contain 10 gold with all of the items rare, again you will have to be fast as there’s a certain amount available and it’s first come first served with these ones too.

Rare Players Pack (50K or 1,000 FIFA Points) 9pm (UK Time)

There’s literally a limit of only 12,500 here, so you seriously need to look at the clock and open them asap if you want a chance of bagging that SIF Messi card.

Jumbo Rare Players Pack (100K Packs for 100,000 coins or 2,000 FIFA Points) 12am (UK Time)

Now there are only 25,000 of these packs, but you can open as many as you like to you’ll need to just one after the other and get as many as you can. We recommend sending all the players in the pack to club so you can swiftly move onto the next pack in record speed. You will get 24 items, which all of them are players, all Gold, and all Rare.

Check out our first pack opening for Black Friday above, we will be doing another one soon so stay tuned for that. Please let us know who you got in a pack by using the comments section located at the footer of this page.