FUT 15 Pack Opening: We Bagged Our 1st IF This Season

So the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team pack opening that we’ve been doing so far have been disappointing to say the least, but with the Black Friday special released by EA we finally pulled our first IF of the season in a pack. We won’t let on the identity of the player as we don’t want to spoil the video for you which you can watch below in 1080p HD.

It’s taken us literally months to find one and we had to open so many jumbo and premium packs in order to finally land ourselves an in-form at long last. We go through 35K, 100K and a shot at a legends pack in this epic video that lasts just over 3 minutes long and gets into the action straight away.

We were obviously hunting for that record breaking Lionel Messi card but it escaped us unfortunately, he’ll no doubt get many more IFS throughout the year on FUT though so plenty of time for us to pull him. Electronic Arts have been tweeting away on Twitter for the past day or so giving out notifications to their followers on what times packs are released and on what consoles. You can follow us on our social media platforms to get info on happy hours and know the time-frames in which they’re released.

Let us know firstly what you thought of the video in the comments section below, and also what players you managed to get if you opened any packs on the day as well. We are just glad that our bad pack luck streak ended and hopefully this is the start of something and we can carry on getting decent rare players on Ultimate Team from now on.