FUT 15 Cyber Monday Pack Opening – We Bagged IF Pogba

So on Cyber Monday we decided to do our biggest ever pack opening to date in the hope of pulling the record breaking Lionel Messi card and it didn’t disappoint. We managed to pack loads of high-rated players along with a Paul Pogba IF (in-form) which is worth well over 250,000 coins on the transfer market.

As you can see from the video above which we uploaded in HD to our YouTube channel, it lasts around 14 minutes and we ended up going through 25K, 35K and 100k packs searching for IFS, Legends and gold rare players. There was a lot of poor players throughout the packs but when we got to the whopping 100K packs we opened six of them and they did deliver better results naturally.

EA Sports done four lightning rounds on Black Friday that’s just gone, but on Monday they duplicated these rounds so that gamers would have a great chance of packing a decent player for their FIFA 15 Ultimate Team squads. Although we never got Messi, we still see this pack opening as a success considering we bagged ourselves an IF Paul Pogba. Let us know in the comments box who you got in packs as we’d be interested to know.

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