Top 10 Most OP Defenders On FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

So following on from the goalkeepers which we previously covered, this is the top ten list of the most OP (overpowered) defenders in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. We have to give a special mention to both Felipe Santana and Eliaquim Mangala who just missed out on inclusion of this list. Take a look at the video below that we uploaded to our YouTube channel and see the most OP defenders in the entire game.

We start from ten and make our way down to the number one spot with some gameplay of defensive tackles and Arial battles thrown in with certain players as well. Not all of the players will have footage shown of them in action as we didn’t want the video to be too long as we all know watching a video that lasts ages in watch-time can be a drag.

There’s no doubt that all of the defenders in this list are overpowered and will be good acquisitions to any FUT squad that you choose to create. There’s a player for all the major leagues as well so that the chemistry is still high and most of the players are not high rated in overall stats as well.

There are a couple that are high rated and have really decent attributes but on the whole they’re reasonably cheap to buy in the FUT transfer market so you don’t have to have loads of coins in-order to acquire them. We haven’t just included players from the CB position either, as there’s right-backs, left-backs and centre backs in this list.

Having a solid defensive back-line in FIFA 15 is absolutely pivotal for you to concede less goals and score more at the right end of the pitch. It’s more easier to score goals on the game than try and keep your opponent out, that’s why we started with the OP keepers and now have moved on to the back four.

One thing that you need to remember when watching this list, is it is not the best defenders, but instead the most overpowered and that means that the players included actually perform better than their overall rating actually suggests. They could be 79 rated but play on the field like their in-deed 89 overall. That’s what OP means in FIFA. Next up will be the most OP midfielders so make sure you don’t miss that.

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