FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Pack Opening – We Packed Lionel Messi

So if you’ve been following our FIFA 15 Ultimate Team pack openings over the last couple of months you would have noticed that our pack luck was terrible for quite a while. As of late it’s been getting a lot better and improved considerably, if you needed any evidence to how much it’s in this video that we uploaded to our YouTube channel this week. We actually got Lionel Messi in a pack who’s basically the best player in the game with his normal stats.

That’s excluding legends of course, but for an 93 rated machine it’s not bad going at all! I actually thought that we’d never see the day when we pull a player of his high quality out of a 35K pack, it literally was unbelievable. We also bagged ourselves a 86 rated¬†Thibaut Courtois from the exact same batch too.

We’ve obviously added some extra special effects in the footage for good measure, but we go into the squad to show you our new Messi card and then get on with the rest of the packs. It’ll probably be quite a while before we get luck like this again so we’re just going to savoir it for the time-being.

This was of course part of the FUTMAS that EA are currently promoting at the moment and it’s the best Christmas present we could have ever imagined. Let us know in the comments box below who your greatest player you’ve ever got our of an FUT pack as we’d be interested to know.