FUT 15 Pack Opening: 11x 100K Packs

So EA Sports decided to release the lightning rounds again on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and we managed to open loads of 25K, 35K and eleven 100 packs. The last packs released in the day were the 100Ks and we had to be pretty fast in opening them by skipping the player reveal and sending most of the players to clubs before quick selling. You can watch all the action in super high-definition below ans see what high-rated and IF players we pulled.

As you could probably guess from the thumbnail, our biggest pull was 89 rated Luis Suarez, but for entertainment purposes it was even more special because we actually got him in the very last pack that we opened. We put in all the special effects like before but also chose some new background music which has gone down quite well on our official YouTube channel where the video was originally uploaded to.

We were hunting for the in-form 87 rated Wayne Rooney card but didn’t manage to get him with our pack luck this time round, but with the players that we bagged which include an IF Adam Lallana we’re more than happy. Let us know in the comments section who you got in your packs from the lightning rounds as we’d be interested to know. You can follow us on social media to stay up to date on all the happy hours that EA release throughout the year.