FUT 15 TOTY Midfielders Now Available For 48 Hours

FUT 15 TOTY Midfielders

FUT 15 TOTY Midfielders

EA Sports have unveiled the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTY (Team of the Year) midfielders and they’re now available in packs for a limited time of 48 hours starting from 6pm on January 14th, up until 6pm on January 16th 2015 both UK timezone. The following three players have gotten themselves a shiny blue card for all their efforts on the big stage over the past twelve months.

  • Andrés Iniesta 95 Overall (La Liga BBVA)
  • Ángel Di María 94 Overall (BPL)
  • Toni Kroos 93 Overall (La Liga BBVA)

Electronic Arts also released some special gold packs to give gamers and increased advantage of finding these all-rare players for the next 24 hours too.

15K Packs:

There are literally an unlimited amount of these that you can open from the start of TOTY up until the end. They’ll knock you back 15,000 coins and you’ll get a mix of consumables and players with 7 of them being rare.

25K Packs:

There’s only a limit of 10 of these, but they are all players in the packs, to which 3 of them will be rare. Sometimes one of two of the rares will be silver but that’s just the luck of the draw so be aware of that.

On Friday the 16th of January, EA will be releasing the all mighty forwards with Ronaldo, Robben and Messi all upgrading to there blue cards and being made available. We’ll update you both here on the official website and on our social media platforms if you’re following us on there. We wish every one of you the very best of luck in finding a team of the year in your packs.