FUT 15 Full TOTY Squad Now Available For 48 Hours

FUT 15 Full TOTY

FUT 15 Full TOTY

The full FUT 15 TOTY (Team of The Year) squad is now available in gold packs as EA release the entire team for gamers to acquire the players over the weekend. They’ll be available from 6pm on January 17th 2015 up until January 19th at 6pm UK timezone. Many gamers would have waited until this point to open packs as there’s more chance of getting on of these rares players when they’re all available at once.

Electronic Arts released them slowly in mid-week with the goalie and defenders up first, followed by the midfielders and finally the forward players. All of them are up for grabs now but EA didn’t count on the high usage of the FUT store when they released 100K lightning packs and many gamers had trouble opening packs and if you were able to then you were one of the lucky ones.

Most people were getting the message “The EA servers are not available at this time, please try again later” or if you managed to get into your Ultimate Team account then the store was a big issue. The most common message being “There’s an issue with the store, please try again later” which came up the most. Due to this schoolboy error, EA decided to release two more 100K packs for gamers to open as a consolation for the servers being overpowered by high usage. Here are all the details from Saturdays big pack releases.

35K Packs

Limit of 5 and a real chance of finding a TOTY player inside one.

100K Packs

There’s a limit of 2 which will boost your chances of landing one of the rarest players in FIFA 15.

Lightning Rounds:

EA released 50K, 25K, and 100K packs throughout Saturday and more are expected for Sunday (today) although this is unconfirmed at present. We’ll update this page accordingly to when or if they’re released today. We wish you the very best of luck in your hunting and we hope you gain yourself a team of the year card.