FUT 15 Pack Opening – TOTY Iniesta Packed

Carrying on from our incredible pack luck of pulling out a 94 rated TOTY Angel Di Maria card in our previous FIFA 15 TOTY (Team of The Year) pack opening, we thought we’d do another one. This time we got an even higher rated rare player in Andres Iniesta of FC Barcelona in a 15K pack.

This would turn out to be the last TOTY player that we’d pull from this years lineup but we were more than pleased with the two Beast players that we happened to get. Watch the full 3 minute HD video above to see the moment when we landed him and see how overjoyed Stephen was when the beautiful shiny blue card was revealed.

There’s also some really decent high-rated pulls as well as IF (in-form) players from these 15K virtual packs featured in the footage too. Get in touch in the comments box designated at the footer of this page and tell us what the best player you managed to obtain when the team of the year was in full flow as we would be interested to know.