FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Club Ratings Glitch Solved

If you struggle to win matches on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and you cannot explain why, then this is the best video that you will watch all year round regarding FUT that’s a promise! We’ve found a major glitch where you can win 90% more of your online matches against real opponents in the online tournament and in divisions/seasons.

As the video explains above which you can watch in super clear high-definition, if you select to play your high-rated players then EA Sports will rigg/fix the match in favour of the other player who has a poorer squad than yours. For example, if you’ve got an 85 rated team and you come up against a player with a 79 rated team then EA will side with the lowest rated club and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, until now.

This is a lot to take in and you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t know about this major fault in the game. Really EA should just let two player battle it out in a game of FIFA and may the best man win. That’s not what happens though, they have to interfere and their engine supports the underdog.

Have you ever noticed how you’ll absolutely dominate a player for 85 minutes of a game hit the post, have about 32 shots at goal, with 23 on target and their keeper gets MOTM and they have 3 shots, 2 on target and beat you something like 2-1. This is a prime example of the underdog engine and so many of these matches take place especially if you have a really tank team full of the highest rated world beaters in the world of football.

This is not just like this on Ultimate Team, career mode is just the same where you’ll beat the team at the top of the league and then lose to the team that’s at the foot of the table with a horrific goal difference. Now we’ll tell you how you can get round this on FUT or alternatively you can watch the video we’ve assembled above.

All you have to do is put a load of bronze players on your bench as this counts towards your teams rating when facing an online opponent. Now whereas before your team might have been 87 rated, it can now be a 78 rated or maybe even lower depending on how low of bronzes you go for. I absolutely guarantee you that you’ll win ten times more matches than you previously would have before using this technique.

By all means let us know in the comments box designated below how well this method has helped you in FIFA 15 UT and what rating you use for your club.

  • Noticed your bronze bench in a previous video you did. Makes a huge difference. I posted the EA match fixing on other sites and they thought I was crazy. I actually had my goalie fist a corner into his own goal in the 90th minute to lose a game once. It was maddening.

  • Je ve messi neymar gratuitement slvpl

  • You are telling correct i played a match with everyone in the subs bronze with real madrid seasons worldclass and suddenly the diffuculty became like a beginner and i won the game 5-0

  • Ok, understand, but do you do if you need a sub? Substitute a bronze in???

  • All i can say is its nonsence got rating to 77 great bpl team lost everygame so far tonight using this. Doesnt work