The Complete FIFA 15 Custom Tactics Tutorial

FIFA 15 Custom Tactics

FIFA 15 Custom Tactics

Today we are going to show you how to use custom tactics in FIFA 15 Career Mode, Ultimate Team and all the other popular game modes. Setting up the right tactics can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing matches and you can watch the detailed video tutorial below that gives tips on how to implement them and what they exactly mean.

The first thing you need to do is from the main menu in FIFA 15, go to customize – then team sheets – and then select your favourite club that you use a lot or support. From the main squads menu that you’ll normally go into to change the players in your starting lineup and bench simply press RT (Xbox) or R2 (PlayStation) and go to the end tab which is entitled tactics.

Once there you will need to create a new custom tactic and then you can start experimenting and selecting the game-plan that suits your personal style of play. There are some default tactics that you might have noticed that you can use in any game mode at anytime and they are the following.

  • Long Ball
  • Possession
  • High Pressure
  • Counter Attack

All you have to do is when you’re playing a match just press either up or down on the directional button and it’ll bring up these options for you to select. Now we’ll explain to you what they mean to squad if you were to select them whilst playing a match.

The Long Ball Tactic

Now this should only be used if you have either one of two really decent strikers that are amazing in Arial battled or if you have two strikers who’re blessed with blistering pace. This is because the way you have to play with this style is hoofing the ball up the pitch with your centre-back up root one to your centre-forwards if they’re the heading type, if they are pacey then it’ll be the lobbed through ball that will be your main threat.

The Possession Tactic

This is for players who like to pass the ball short to other teammates that are in space and playing it simple. Your players will only move further up the pitch once the opportunity presents itself and the risky pass will not be an option with this particular style of play. The possession tactic should only be used if you see yourself as a very patient player that can take their time to wait for an opening in a game.

Your teammates will also prefer to give you close support instead of making darting runs forward, so the tika-taka style of play is very much on the agenda with this one.

High Pressure

Selecting high pressure will result in your team playing really high up the pitch and vulnerable to pacey opposition. You should only choose this tactic if you have loads of pace within your back four and really good tacklers further up the pitch as that’s where you’ll be chancing on winning possession of the ball back for your team. This is a very high-risk strategy, but it can pay huge dividends and give huge rewards for those who know how to use it properly to their advantage.

The Counter Attack

Now this tactic is all about soaking up pressure from your opponent and playing really deep with your back-line. Once you win the ball back from the opposition, most of your players will look to make forward runs and catch your opponent on the counter attack. It does exactly what it says on the tin and we recommend that you select this in-game when you’re defending a corner kick as that’s when your opponent has most of his team forward in your half.

We hope this post has cleared everything up in regards to using custom tactics in FIFA 15. You can watch the video tutorial anytime if you are unsure and rewind at pivotal parts where the information is a lot. It’s a lot to take in and for some users it’ll be very daunting and complicated but we hope that this in-depth explanation has given you a better and more clearer understanding.

Leave your comments either on the video itself on the YouTube watch page or on here for any questions that you may have and we’ll answer them for you as soon as possible.