FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Transfer Market Price Ranges Detailed

Literally starting from today’s date, EA Sports are introducing the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team transfer market price range that’ll change FUT trading for good.

FIFA 15 Price Ranges

FIFA 15 Price Ranges

When this feature is implemented which will be anytime soon, all players, IFS, consumables, and club items will have a minimum and maximum price attached to them so they can’t be sold for over the value of the specific item. The highest and lowest coin values will be set to every item in FUT so that players cannot buy coins illegally online.

This new feature has been implemented in order for users to understand the value in which items should be sold on the transfer market and make the high-rated players more obtainable for all players involved in FUT. Last but not least it’s an effort by Electronic Arts to crack down on coins selling websites and encourage users to buy FIFA Points from the store.

Eden Hazard Price Range FUT

Eden Hazard Price Range FUT

Here are some additional details that you might want to make a note of about the new price range feature detailed below.

  • Brand new in-form players will receive a Price Range upon release.
  • The Price Range for certain players may be adjusted in the future as we work to improve this feature over time.
  • The Price Range for each FUT item will be set wide enough for you to still enjoy trading on the Transfer Market.
  • Open bid transfers will be unavailable after Price Ranges have been activated. In order to list an item on the Transfer Market, you will have to set a “Buy It Now” price within the Price Range.
  • When you list an item on the Transfer Market, the range at which an item can be sold will appear. These price ranges will be set by the FIFA Team based on analysis of past Transfer Market prices.
  • All of the price ranges will be for all major consoles including PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

At this present moment in time, the Web and Companion Apps are both down and will continue to be down until further notice from EA Sports. Please let us know what your opinions on this revelation is by using the comments box designated below.

  • What a fucking joke, is ea so greedy that they have to make people buy fifa points. They make millions and can’t handle people buying from coin websites. Maybe instead of putting time into updates like this they should put time into making a fucking decently good game.

    • If everybody just stops buying fifa points then ea will lower the fifa points prices beacuse theill not make any money if everybody buy fifa points

  • Christopher Beckett

    Ea go on about cheating but they do it them selves buy rigging games so somebody with lower rating gets mor chances so why spend money on higher rated teams if this is so

  • i made a team that took me ages and loads of money to spend and now because of this price band the team comes down to like 70k wtf

    • I done exactly the same m8 had players like motm yaya toure paid 4.5million for him and now you can get him for 900,000k wtf has happened to u EA rip

  • The whole points factor is a joke! EA is a rip off company and if you want to be able to buy these so called TOP players your have to play hundreds of game just to afford one of them! Failing that spend £79.99 to afford enough packs to any reasonable chance of finding one which is slim to none! I’ve opened 100’s of pack over the years and never had a TOTY and only had rubbing TOTW players! Once again EA ripping people off and spoiling a good game! who cares about coin sellers/buyers there the only ones who bother playing the games anyway! And you generally find these people had previously spent loads on FIFA points before they started buying coins, they were just sick of being ripped off!

  • Ever since the latest totw no.32 came out on Wednesday I cannot find hazard’s new 89 card or Sanchez motm orange 88 card. I can find anyone else but these 2 player’s it’s very frustrating because I want to buy one or both players but cannot coz theyr’e not on the market? Also when I play a totw match in fut it says completed when u win but when I put my ps4 back on again the latest totw says new when it should say completed.I wasn’t having these problems until the new price ranges came into effect. If anyone can help or give me some feedback on these issues i would be very grateful

    • Hi Wayne,

      The market is completely ruined thanks to these new price ranges, if someone has packed IF 89 rated Hazard then they don’t really want to sell him or the coin sites have bought them all and quick sold them as they’re bitter to EA for introducing the price range feature as it ruined coins selling websites. Hope this has helped you understand. Hopefully 16 will be greatly improved.

      • Thanks m8 for ur response it’s a pain in the arse with the new price caps but like u said fifa 16 will probably be sorted fingers crossed. Thanks again

  • Carl phillips

    Won’t be buying fifa 2016 they have killed the game you can not buy any high rated players any more there just not on the market so what’s the point of playing if you can’t even buy the players you want

  • tshabalabalaba

    i pulled team of the season player and now he doesn’t sell bc the price range only goes so low. EA THERE ARE OVER 250 TOTS CLYNES GOING FOR 280k MINIMUM BUY NOW. U CANT DO WAGERS OR SELL ANYONE NOW. WHY EA WHY??????