FUT 15 TOTW 31 Pack Opening – Hunt For SIF Benteke

This is a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team pack opening in the hunt for the SIF Christian Benteke and other players from the TOTW 31 squad. There’s some decent in-forms up for grabs as we go through 300K worth of coins in the search for the Aston Villa and Belgium International and a first in-form Lewandowski, Second in-form Ashley Young and many more. Check out the HD video below to see who we packed and if we got big ben.

As you can see from the footage above, we packed the SIF Benteke and got really lucky. If that wasn’t enough, we also bagged an IF of Inter Milan goalkeeper Samir Handanović who’s 85 rated. There wasn’t a really good chance of getting anyone as well with a budget of 300,000 coins which was due to the new price ranges and the inability to buy coins which was very easy a month ago. Having said that though, our luck was in and we got our man.

Let us know in the comments box designated below who you got from this weeks TOTW 31 team and you can follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date on everything regarding FIFA 15.

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