The FIFA 15 Invisible Ball Glitch Fixed

FIFA 15 Invisible Ball Glitch Fixed

FIFA 15 Invisible Ball Glitch Fixed

We wrote an article about this specific topic last year for the previous game, but now the bug is back so this is a fix for the FIFA 15 invisible ball glitch where the ball keeps on disappearing so that players cannot see it anywhere on the pitch. Watch the high-definition video below as i talk you through the simple steps to get rid of this terrible flaw in the game for good.

Issues in video games are quite common and things like this won’t just happen to you, it happens to millions of players all around the world. To get the ball back so that’s it’s visible to the naked eye again all you have to do is follow the following instructions.

Instructions For Offline Play

To successfully fix the glitch for offline play you have to go back to the main FIFA 15 menu and then go along the tabs to customize, from there you go to settings, and then go to game settings. Once you’ve arrived there you’ll see that the bottom option is to change the ball. The likely-hood is that it will be set to the default ball, simply change it to any other ball and everything will be back to normal and you will be able to see the ball again when you setup a game either saved or new. Once you’ve made your changes just exit out and your changes will be saved automatically.

Instructions For Online Play  

In-order to get rid of the missing ball bug in online matches you simply have to buy or pack another ball in Ultimate Team. The balls are mostly silver and you can also unlock some from the EASFC catalogue if you’re short on FUT coins. That said however, the balls are one of the low cost items in the entire game and you could probably pick one up for a 200 buy now price in the transfer market. Once you have packed, unlocked or purchased a ball you simply have to attach that item as your club ball which is the one that you play with and you’re done.

This fix is permanent and has never been reported as useless ever! It worked last year, it works this year and it’ll probably always work which is really nice to know and very reassuring. Let us know in the comments box designated below if this glitch has caught you out at any point when you were playing FIFA.


  • I have had a problem with totw in fut for the last 3 month’s now,I also had the same glitch/problem half way through in fifa 14 u know we are currently on totw 32 now but when I go on the challenges it shows numbers 19-32 instead of 32 out of 32 also when I complete a new challenge when they come out on Wednesday after 6pm it says completed but when I go on fifa 15 the next day and go into ultimate team it says the totw challenge is new again.I have no idea why this is my account is linked to origin too.Can anyone help regarding this matter or does anybody know if ea are going to fix this? Thanks guys

  • i Have the fifa 15 latest ps3 update. I am not able to see players feet. They dont have any shoe.
    Please help

  • Danieell humphries

    My 8 year old son was loosing his patience with “the invisible ball glitch” thankyou so much your video redlly helped!!

  • Thank you. My 8 year old twins didn’t know what was going on!

  • I have the same invisible ball problem in fifa 16 some help please?

  • I have it on FIFA 17 do the same here 🙂

  • Paul Anthony Browne

    I had this problem a few times but this new season it was every match. I was on the verge of quitting. Thanks a million man. It works a dream. Cheers.