FIFA 15 Advanced Guide: All The Free Kicks Tutorial

One of the most effective ways to score goals in FIFA 15 is by a set-piece, and specifically a free kick from inside the opponents own half. In this latest tutorial we’re going to show you how you can do this easily and effectively. Just take a look at the in-depth video tutorial below to learn all the secrets of how to score a deadly FK.

There are loads of different types of free kicks in the game and you should use them for specific moments and parts of the field during a match. The scenarios for an individual type of free kick can depend on how far out it is, at what angle the set-piece is at, and what type of player you’re selecting to take it. Find all of the information to how to implement these into your game-plan with the instructions and guide below.

The Low Driven FK

So the first thing we need to talk about is the controls and it’s quite simply the easiest free kick to do as it involves holding down the LB button on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation and then the shoot button which is the circle button on PS3/4 and B on Xbox. Do not touch the left or right stick at all with this technique as you don’t need to move them as it will completely sabotage your shot. That is all the controls you need to use for this low drive to happen.

As for the power gauge, you’re only going to need roughly a quarter of a bar/1 bar of power and no-more than that. If you power up over this threshold then the ball will rise and this is what you don’;t want for this type of FK. Now you need to know when to use this method and you should do it when the wall jumps. You can either take a chance with your first FK you get or i would suggest that you perform another free kick, one that involves the ball to be lifted off the ground to see if your opponent makes his players in the wall jump so that you know for your next FK that he’s a jumper.

This is a great tactic to guarantee a goal and if his wall does indeed rise then the ball will go underneath the wall and into the back of the opposition’s net every single time. As for the aim, you should position your shot to the player that’s furthest away from the post that you are aiming to slot the ball into as the ball does have curve on it. This will ensure that the ball curves slightly and either hits the post and goes in or just flies into the net at the first time of asking.

The types of players that you should select to take the low driven free kicks is really interesting. You can literally select any player to take but it’s best to use either midfielders or attackers and preferably players with decent FK stats in their locker. Having said that, the likely outcome almost every time is a goal on your behalf.

The Curve FK

In regards to the curves free kick there are four simple rules that you need to remember when taking these to put the ball in the back of the net every time. You should select the taker who possesses the best stats for curve as this is a vital component for this specific shot to work. As for the controls which is extremely important, you will have to direct the left-stick diagonally upwards to the top left or top right depending on which side you are kicking, but it will always be where the wall is as you’re going to be lifting the ball over the wall and curling it into the top corner of the goal.

Once you have got the hang of that the only other button you’ll need to press is the shoot button which you will all no-doubt know and we discussed which button this was above with the previous FK. There is one man in the wall that you should be keeping your eye on with this curved effort on goal and that is the one that’s squeezed in the middle of the pack. He has specifically got to be in line with the post that you are aiming for.

There isn’t a real reason for this but it seems to work every time and it is perhaps a glitch in the game or a tell that EA have thrown in to help gamers know how to score these goals. The last component to a perfect curved shot is the power gauge and you should again go for around a quarter of a bar depending on who you are taking it with. A player with low shot power would need 2 bars, whilst a player who possesses immense shot power would only require the one bar.

The Dipping FK

Now the dipping free kick is my personal favourite and is the most overpowered set-piece on the entire game! In regards to the controls, again it’s one of the easiest to do which comes in handy as it’s simply lifting the left-stick upwards and holding it there and the shoot button.

The fantastic thing about this dipping effort is that you don’t need to bother with lining up the wall or anything to do with that unlike all the other free kicks. With the shot power you should put one and a half bars in with players who have got terrific shot power stats and 2 and a half bars for players who haven’t got the best. The main statistic that you’re going to need your player to have for this is FK accuracy as that seals the deal in terms of the ball hitting that back of the net each time.

The Knuckleball FK

The knuckle ball free kick is the one that’s for far out long distance shooting and you can perform this by pressing and holding up on the left-stick, holding down the LB button (Xbox) or L1 button for PlayStation and finally the shoot button. This one require the spot kick to be quite a distance out and you’ll be looking to take one from anywhere between 25 yards to 40 yards out.

For the player in the wall, you will want to aim either for the player in the middle of the pack or the one that’s closest to the keeper and furthest away from your target above the wall. For the power gauge you will need to select players who have incredible shot power and then you will need to put in 2 and a half to 3 bars into the strike.

Tips And Advice For Free Kicks

The best advice we can give you is you will need to select a specific player in your squad that has half decent FK stats and start practicing with him immediately. Do not switch between practicing with individual players but instead stick to the same one and you will get the hang of it eventually. Lets say for example if you hit a ball with 2 bars of power with that player that you’re testing things out with and the ball hits the wall, then at least next time you will know to generate more power in the shot for the forthcoming set-piece.

If you have any problems with scoring from free kicks and need our help then please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the box below and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. You can subscribe to our official YouTube channel to stay up to date with all the tutorials and in-game tips that we give out as well.