Women’s Football Included In This Years FIFA 16 Title

History has been made today because for the very first time women will be included in the upcoming FIFA 16 game as a way to get more of the female audience involved in the sport and video game. You’ll be able to play as a woman’s national team and play up against other women’s national teams with the list including England, France, Germany, USA, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Spain and Brazil.

With the total of 12 teams available for gamers to play with you can use the match day feature with the offline tournament and online friendly matches. You will only be able to play women versus women and not men vs women.

Real Ladylike Player Animations

EA Sports have really pushed the boat out by introducing 3D player modelling with all-new in game player animations. A variety of head scans have been processed for FIFA 16 and now the female players will move, celebrate, shoot and tackle just like they do in real life football to give a realistic footballing experience. There’s a separate kind of game engine for the women’s football to give off a different dynamic to the game when playing with them.

Womens Football In FIFA 16

Womens Football In FIFA 16

The body movements and personality on the pitch has been captured by Electronic Arts for the more well known women players as an added feature.

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All Top Player Head Scans Included

All of the top pro women footballers have had their heads scanned for the upcoming title and will be included into the game with realistic graphics.

Let us know what you think about this new added feature to this years upcoming game by using the comments box designated at the footer of this page. There’s been mostly negative feedback on the social websites like Twitter and Facebook but get your own opinion in as we’d like to hear it.