FIFA 16 Price Ranges, Web App News & More

FIFA 16 Price Ranges

FIFA 16 Price Ranges

With literally little under a week to go until FIFA 16 Ultimate Team goes live, EA Sports have released some news on the new price ranges, the web and companion apps and FIFA Points. This is to make the experience of the end-user more safe, secure and fun for all involved.

Web & Companion Apps Are Back!

The FUT transfer market will be back on both the companion and web apps starting from September 17th 2015. All returning and verified gamers will be able to start building their own Ultimate Teams and opening free daily gifts in the form of packs each day and also trading with other users in the auction rooms. You will however have to start your journey on the web app before you can go mobile and use the companion apps.

Brand new FIFA 16 Ultimate Team users will have to first play on either the Windows PC or any console of their choosing before they can use the apps. Once you’ve played on your respective console you’ll get verification most probably in the form of an email from Electronic Arts stating that you’re verified and are in-fact a real user. This is new security measures that EA have put in place to stop coin glitching/farming and to separate the real players from the bots.

Depending on how well this combats coin glitchers, EA will keep up both apps live until the situation gets out of hand and then they will therefore close them down. If this is a success and they see a steady decline in coin farmers however, the apps will stay up live and kicking.

Buying And Selling On FUT 16

FUT 16 Price Ranges

FUT 16 Price Ranges

The gap of prices of players will be significantly increased in-order for the market not to crash like it did when EA introduced price ranges in FUT in the last installment. Now FUT 16 price ranges will see a new lower and higher price difference meaning you can put a player up for much more than you previously could. This is to protect cheaters from buying coins online and making it a fair environment for everyone involved.

The chart above showcases what prices were in FUT 15 to what they’ll now be like in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and as you can see they’re a lot wider than before.

Consoles Will Now Be Separated 

Unlike in previous installments, you can now only choose one console to be your main one for playing FIFA 16 online. Before you could log into your Xbox 360 and have the exact same team on the Xbox One. Likewise with the PS3 to PS4 and you could even open packs. That is now a thing of the past as when you first start FUT 16 you’ll be asked which console is your preferred one and all the coins, players and club items will be stored on that console and that one alone.

Your default account on whichever console you choose will have everything in one place and will not be available on any other console unless you log in to the same console on a friends Xbox or PlayStation for example.

FIFA Points Carry Over Info 

FIFA Points Carry Over FIFA 16

FIFA Points Carry Over FIFA 16

All of you returning Ultimate Team users will be able to one-time carry over all your FIFA Points from FUT 15 to FUT 16 and that included Xbox 360 to Xbox One across gens. The same can be said for PlayStation 3 to PS4 consoles it’s all the same but it is only a one time occasion. So there you have it! What do you think to all of these changes that EA have embarked on? Do you think this will help the FUT community or will it worsen the game more, use the comments section below and have your say.