FIFA 16 Passing Tips: Driven Ping Pass Tutorial

You may have noticed playing FIFA 16 this year that it’s very much a passing game and this is a tutorial on how to nail the driven pinpoint pass straight to your players successfully. This new feature EA have implemented for the latest game is extremely overpowered and you simply must have this in your locker. Take a look at the full HD video tutorial below to learn all the tips on how to perform it in matches online or offline.

You simply won’t be able to compete against the top gamers in online tournament finals whether it be the champions shield or FUT Draft or against the big boys in Division 3/2/1. It’s a fantastic way to the ball up top to your strikers and wingers with one very effective pass.

Now for the controls it’s a piece of cake! You simply hold down the RB/R1 button and then press the pass button which is A/X depending on console. You can also do this with the lofted ball which is the cross button but we’re gonna concentrate on the driven pass which acts as a fast ping into a players feet.

The one thing that you need to take into consideration when performing this in-game is the distance between the player that makes the pinpoint pass and the receiver. You can’t be too close to the receiver of the ball because it’ll just bounc off of his boot or miss him entirely.

I recommend around 6 or more yards just to be on the safe side, but at the same time don’t try and be too optimistic and try a 40 yard pass either it’s important to get the balance right. The areas that you want to aim at is the wings and the centre-forward.

Long are the days gone where you can do a short pass to anyone that’s more than 5 yards away from you can you should only do the short pass when you are right next to the receiver otherwise the opposition defender will get in front at the last second and nick the ball off of you.

The computer controlled AI is a lot smarter on FIFA 16 and they mark your attackers closely then in any other installment in the franchises history. That’s where the driven pass is a game changer and will separate you from all the other players if you use it in the correct manner. Timing is another factor that has to be right and you cannot just start using ping passes for every pass all around the pitch it just doesn’t work like that.

A nice little trick that i want to throw in is if you get the distance correct, then the player can do a really neat one-touch pass onto another player that makes a run. This is extremely effective and hard to combat defensively if you’re on the receiving end of this brand of football.

The above tutorial has all the tips visually that will help you out considerably in where and when to use this amazing technique. Whatever you do though, make sure you implement this into your game-plan this year and you can always practice against the computer offline in career mode or in kick-off.

  • Abdullah Alwuqayyan


    First, It’s a pleasure to leave a comment in the most helpful channel for FIFA game πŸ™‚

    Second, Your YouTube channel helped me a lot to improve my way of playing FIFA since the previous version. So Thanks very much for your efforts for your subscribers.

    Regarding the passing techniques in FIFA 16 I would like to inform you that I have a small tip but maybe it is a little bit awkward, in my opinion, to use for some players.

    This passing technique is like PINPOINT PASSING but for short and mid-range receivers also it can be used in pinpoint passing. Details will be shown below.

    Well, We normally use normal passing for this types of ranges but normal passes are sometimes slow and easy to be intercepted So I tried to use pinpoint passing for near players but it is mostly hard to be controlled by the receiver because of the ball’s speed. However, this passing technique allows to pass the ball in adequate amount of speed and accuracy in which the defenders “AI” mostly will not able to intercept the ball plus it is more controllable by the receiver.

    The technique is relied on the way of using the controller. Normal passes is done while we moving the player, to be more specific the LEFT ANALOG is used and pointed to the receiver while we are passing.

    THE NEW TECHNIQUE is done with reversed way by pressing the pass button “X” or “A” while the left analog is not in use. However, the direction is coming after that. In short explanation the direction is made after pressing the pass button not before it. The timing is crucial between the passing and the directing. Moreover, it can be used for pinpoint pass also as I said before. πŸ™‚

    If you need any more explanation regarding this technique don’t hesitate to contact me πŸ™‚

    Also it’s a pleasure if you add me as a friend in PS …. My ID is Pochiii

    Hope this comment be a helpful tip for you and the players community.

    Best regards