FIFA 16 Finesse Shot Tutorial

This is a FIFA 16 finesse shot tutorial to show you exactly how you should be shooting to score more goals in matches offline and online. Watch the full HD video tutorial below which has all the tips you’ll need to learn in-order to become a master at finishing chances.

The footage lasts around 3 minutes long and briefly shows you the ways in which you should be using the finesse shots in games. To perform it in-game you simply have to hold down the RB button on Xbox or the R2 button on PlayStation and then press the shoot button.

Finesse Longshots

Most of the FIFA community know the controls for this type of shot as it’s been incredibly overpowered by EA over the past few years and it’s still the best way to finish off one-on-ones with the goalkeepers. To do a finesse from distance then you should check out our FIFA 16 longshot tutorial as it’s explained in greater detail in that including the shot power and aim.

The Aiming

In regards to the aiming, you always want to direct your shot to the corners and in particular the far corner and you want to curl it in. The way in which these types of shots work is they have swerve and and so you must curl them into either the bottom or top corners of the oppositions goal.

The 3 Tap Technique

You may recall this from the finishing tutorial but it also works incredibly well with finesse shots too! All you have to do is get close to the opponents six yard box and tap the shoot button 3 times in a row and your striker or player will do a lovely low shot.

The keepers absolutely hate these specific types of shots and it pretty much guarantees a goal if you’re through on goal with just the goalie in sight. As for the aim with these ones, it’s best to go for either the far corner, near post, but also it’s the only type of shot where you can aim central as well. Most of the time if you aim down the middle it’ll go through the goalkeepers legs and you’ll nutmeg him which is beautiful on the eye and annoys online gamers.

This is all you need to know about finesse shot in FIFA 16. If you subscribe to our official YouTube channel then you will get all of the tutorials exclusively first before they arrive here on the website. Follow us on social media to stay up to date and we’ll have more tips up for you soon.

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