FIFA 16 Best Young U21 Bundesliga Players Potential

In the next part of our FIFA 16 Career Mode under 21 series we concentrate on the best young German Bundesliga players potential growth. Watch the full video below to learn which players to get for your team that will develop from wonderkids into world class assets.

The majority of the young talent did grow by an extreme margin and their potentials were glitched via the loan technique to has potential to be special. I also did the manager mode training module to get certain specialties with specific players as well. There are complete defenders, complete midfielders and complete forwards and loads of 90+ rated machines to get excited about.

Among the 40+ players there’s the likes of Max Meyer, Niklas Süle, Kingsley Coman, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg and many others. I go through the squad report and tell you their starting overall rating at the very start of career mode, their end stats and what club you can go get them from too.

I stopped the progress at May 2025 as i didn’t want the group of players to decline in value or stats and the majority reached 29 years of age with the whole squad at the peak of their careers. There’s gameplay clips of certain players thrown in for good measure as well just to give you a glimpse of what they’re like on the pitch.

Next up will be La Liga and let us know in the comments section what overall rating you got with any of the tanks from this squad as we’d be interested to know. Subscribe to our official YouTube channel to stay up to date and get an exclusive first look at all our videos published before they land here on the website.

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  • Patrick Pflücke, what a little diamond, right from the start, fresh out of the box, he terrorised opponents and helped lead Pompey to an easy promotion!