FIFA 16 High Pressure Custom Tactic Tutorial

This is a FIFA 16 high pressure custom tactic guide on how to get your players high up the pitch and apply loads of pressure on your opponent to win back possession of the ball quickly and easily. This method is extremely overpowered in this years title and more and more gamers are deciding to use it. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn all the secrets or alternatively continue reading on.

There is a default EA Sports high pressure tactic but that one is not OP and can be undone by top players easily with a ball over the top. So that’s why we created our own to help make one that can hold it’s own and get you more wins more often.

This specific custom tactic works great in H2H, Career Mode and Ultimate Team and in FUT you can save the tactic for each time you go into it by selecting the single player tab and then play a friends squad. From there you go into team management and edit the tactic to the one showcased below.

Build Up Play

  • Speed = 81
  • Passing = 50
  • Positioning = Organised

Chance Creation

  • Passing = 67
  • Crossing = 70 if you are a crosser but lower value if you don’t cross much
  • Shooting = 80
  • Positioning = Free Roam


  • Pressure = 90
  • Aggression = 85
  • Team Width = 45
  • Defender Line = Offside Trap

As for the player instructions you want to set your strikers to press back line from the defensive pressing option. Also with interceptions on absolutely every player in your starting eleven apart from your wingers you want to set that to aggressive interceptions.

This will cause your players to fatigue and run out of energy and stamina late on but you should be a few goals to the good by that point and it doesn’t way to heavy on you with this OP custom tactic.

Your players will be so high up the pitch pressing the opponents defenders that for even the poorest of players who struggle to tackle and intercept on FIFA 16 this is the perfect style of play for you. This is a guaranteed way to win the ball back and even if the opponent opts to do a long ball from their defence up to his striker it won’t work for them neither.

The reason for this is the offside setting that we’ve implemented into our system. Your defenders will be at the halfway line and they’ll be playing the offside trap to perfection. The only weakness this has is you are vulnerable to the counter attack, but there’s always a way to combat something on FIFA and that is this tactics Achilles heel.

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