FIFA 16 Defending Tutorial: How To Intercept The Ball

If you’ve been okay with attacking but struggling with defending on FIFA 16 this season then you’re in for a massive treat! This in-depth tutorial has tips on how to defend like a boss and use interceptions to retrieve the ball back from the opponent countless times throughout a match. Watch the full HD video tutorial below or continue to read on to learn more.

What you need to do in order to pull this off is to cut the passing lanes and the first step you will need to take is changing your teams player instructions. You’ll need to go to the strikers and on the option of defensive pressing, you need to set that to cut passing lanes for both.

Now when an opponent is passing the ball fluently you need to get your strikers, midfielders and defenders body in the way of the pass to block them. Make sure your player is in a direct line of where the ball is being passed, to where it’s going to be received.

By doing this you will intercept the ball more often than not and have possession back for your team. The key ingredient to the success of this type of defensive play is using the right analogue stick when not in possession of the ball to change your player icon.

Switching players is pivotal to this technique and you will have no option but to learn it. The simple and most commonly used way is the LB/L1 button to switch players. This basically selects the player that is closest to the ball and can be extremely unreliable at the best of times.

You want to use the right stick and all you have to do is flick it in the direction from the player you’re currently highlighted with to the player you want to select. What this effectively does is not tell the opposition who you’re controlling and it’ll keep them guessing.

By using this method you’ll become a master offline in Career Mode against the computer controlled AI, and you’ll reach the promise land of Division 1 in online seasons in FUT. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of our video guides before they’re published here on the official website.

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