FIFA 16 Low Driven Free Kick Tutorial

Here’s another FIFA 16 free kick tutorial and this time we give you all the tips on how to score the low driven effort to convert more of your close range set-pieces into goals. Take a look at the full in-depth HD video guide below or alternatively continue to read on.


The first thing you want to acknowledge is the area of the pitch in which you can perform this and it’ll be just outside the opponents penalty area around 20 to 25 yards out either side of the oppositions goal.


Up next is the most important factor to this technique and it involves using the dipping free kick as your first set-piece you win in this particular area. What this does is show your opponents tell, if the players in the wall jump then you know your opponent is a jumper and you can then use the low effort at goal but if he doesn’t then you don’t use this method.

If they jump then you already have a guaranteed goal and there’s nothing they can do about it which is to your advantage.


Now to cover the direction, if you’re using a right footed player then the ball will curve opposite to his footing so it’ll swerve to the left and vice-versa for left footed players. Make sure you aim wide of the post for shots on the right side with right footed players and near the middle to the goal for the same footed player on the left side.


Next up is the shot power to apply and this will be music to your ears as there’s actually room for maneuver here as you can generate 1 bar, 1 and a quarter, or even 1 and a half bars of shot power with these low shots. Make sure that the only stat you need with the player stepping up to take the free kick has shot power of 75 or above as that’s the only stat you need to look out for.

FK accuracy and curve are not important factors at all and should be ignored with this specific set-piece.


The controls are the last thing to cover and you simply have to hold down the LB/L1 button and then the shoot button which will be B on the Xbox or circle on the PlayStation unless you’ve customised your controller settings of course. That’s it for all the tips and if you follow every single instruction from this guide then you’ll bury these every time without fail.

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