FIFA 15 Career Mode Player Contracts Solved

This is an in-depth tutorial for the FIFA 15 Career Mode and it’s all about the contracts with players, from contract negotiations breaking down and wages, to players morale, happiness at your club and getting players squad roles down from crucial to future 1st team player. We showcase all of the methods on how to keep your player from leaving your club and joining another team in the two transfer windows. Take a look at the video tutorial below that offers tips on how to prevent this as well as other factors involved.

Never Losing A Player In Career Mode

You would have been on the receiving end of your board listing up a player that you did not want to sell, and this is usually your star player or someone really good at least. In-order to prevent this from happening, just before you offer the contract that sparks this chain of events from happening you should save your progress. When your player goes to hand in an official transfer request you will get two very different messages from your board of directors.

One will be that they have no choice but to accept an offer from another club and that you must do this as it’s unsettling the squad of players that you have there already and the player must go. The other is where the board will say that you have full control over whether the player is sold or not and that they trust your judgement fully and will back you no matter what. This second alternate message is the one that you want and all you have to do is keep loading up your saved game until that appears which won’t take may attempts as the engine of the game is random so you should see the message more often than not.

Getting Squad Roles Down To Future 1st Team Player

This is a fantastic tip and one that will make all of your squad happy for as long as you’re the manager of the football club. To get a players squad role down from either crucial or important 1st team player down to squad rotation, sporadic or future 1st team player you have to do the following.

Offer over 5 of your current squad of players a contract and what you’re hoping for is bizarrely one of them to turn the extension to renew down. The player will say something like about that new contract “Boss. I’ve been thinking recently about my future at this football club and I’ve decided that i don’t want to sign a contract extension. I will be letting my contract expire and moving on.”

There are other variations but similarly on the same line of wording and that’s exactly what you wan to hear back from him. Now the next step is to save your progress right away and then wait roughly two weeks for a reply back from the player in question.

He will say something along the lines of (About Leaving The Club) “Boss. Don’t feel you can’t select me for the team. I’ll be giving everything for the team when selected, and i might end up staying: I’m not really sure yet”. Once this specific message comes through you should save your progress instantly and then offer him an improved contract with double the wages that he;s demanding. Now if the player in question is a crucial first team player then with this contract you are offering you can select future or sporadic 1st team player and he will accept it. Just remember to double the wages and give the correct number of years that the player is requesting.

Now he should get back to you with the following: (About that new contract offer) “I’m really behind this club now, and as such I’ve signed that new contract i was offered. It’s great to be staying at this club.” Now if you saved your progress when you should have, then you can load it up every time until you see this very message and you will have gotten the squad role down to it’s lowest form and you can do this with literally any player in the game and as many times as you’d like.

Player Morale, Wages and Team Management

To troubleshoot some of the problems that might be going on behind the scenes in your camp you can sort them out in no-time with these simple solutions. If a player has his status to underpaid, then you simply have to give him considerably more wages. If a players status is feels the team in under-performing then you just have to win more games and get more trophies put in the cabinet more often. The other issues that occur are a player who’s status says unhappy at team management or thinks management is poor, all you have to do with that is go to the next press conference and select player then the player in question and select praise. Just do this a couple of matches in a row and then he’ll be fine.

If it says disappointed at lack of matches then you just have to player the player more but the squad roles glitch should prevent this message from coming up as most of your team will be under a contract that states that they’re future first team players and therefore won’t moan or become unhappy as much.

That’s just about everything in regards to player contracts and happiness at a club on FIFA 15 career mode! Leave a comment in the box designated below if you come unstuck and need our help in any way to do with this tutorial. You can stay up to date on all things FIFA by following us on social media and subscribing to our official YouTube channel to see the latest posted videos first before they become available here on the official website.