FIFA 16 Career Mode Youth Academy Tips: Growing Physical Stats

This is an in-depth tutorial about how to grow the physical stats of your young youth academy players on FIFA 16 Career Mode. Watch the full video guide below that’ll teach you exactly how to set this up on your manager mode.

The first thing you need to do is hire a couple of scouts who’ve got 5 star judgement and experience and then send them out wherever you want. There’s a myth that some places are better than others and this actually rings true, going somewhere like Argentina or Brazil which are the two best countries to scout will get you more high rated wonderkids in your youth academy compared to somewhere like Slovakia.

The best regions are Europe and South America and the only difference is that you’ll get more players with a potential of 94 in the better regions compared to the poorer ones. Once you have setup a youth scouting network then you should send them out for around 6 months or longer and make a search for physically strong players.

Now as for when to promote your youth players to the 1st team and offer them a professional contract that should be done after a few months of them being in there. Make sure that you dodge the dreaded May update as after May their stats will go up but their physical stats won’t throughout their career and they’ll become flops and not an all-round player.

When they are in your squad you should immediately start loaning them out to clubs and glitching their potential so that they acquire has potential to be special. If you don’t know how to do this then we’ve already covered a tutorial on how to grow young player potential here and that’ll teach you everything you need to know.

As for developing them over the years this is the most important part of the whole formula. You absolutely at no costs should use the player training drills to develop them. This acts as the May update and halts players growth with their physical stats so make sure to dodge using it.

You should however use it later on in their careers when they’re in their late 20’s to do up the technical statistics. By following all of these tips you’ll have some amazing 90+ rated youth academy youngsters that have an all-round game to them. Make sure you subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get the latest Career Mode tips and we’re also on social media under FIFASolved.


  • I have three 15 year old youth players and they won’t be old enough before the dreaded May Update.. Will they be ok after may when they’re old enough?

    • Yes, because this post is bull. There’s no May update in fifa 16. Players grow steadily. The may update was a terrible feature/bug in fifa 15, that was fixed in 16. Some players physicals will grow and some wont. when you promote them will have no effect on this and it seems at random which ones will get physical growth. So wait as long as possible, or at least until they’re 17 to promote them, because they will grow in height until then. And taller players with the same stats will always be a better option.

      • Does this apply to ps3?

      • Yep, also training don’t make it less likely either, in fact I’ve noticed if you get a player’s agility up with beat your man training, their speed often grows with it in the upcoming months.

  • Great post! I’m struggling to understand why training youth players affect their physical stats? Like if I’m training a 17 year old, you’re saying his physical stats will halt, whereas if I don’t train him they continue to grow? Just doesn’t make sense. If it is the case, what is the earliest you can start training (I.e. at what age do the physical stats stop growing)

  • Question in this video ‘growing physical stats’ you have PTBS players that are well under 80 rated. However the PTBS hack video, you say they have to be 80 rated at least to make that happen? Please let me know how! Great videos though, just found this site and will continue to use it and share the videos!

  • How do you grow players naturally? So you’re saying if I have a player 70 overall and I need him to get to 80 for ptbs and he’s u-21 how do I get him to 80 without training him? Or if I have a 16 y/o overall 67 how do I get him to ptbs at 80? If all I’m doing is recall from loan and playing him regularly or occasionally, how do i do it with playing through seasons?

  • This acts as the May update and halts players growth with their physical stats so make sure to dodge using it.
    What do you mean??

  • ok guys, my name is earl. while playing fifa 16 i discovered a way to glitch the players from youth academy potential. it is pretty easy. all you do is sign a youth academy player save the game as you do then simulate till the player signs. if the player stat says showing great potential, you exit career mode and then reload simulate again, you will notice that the stat might say an exciting prospect or has the potential to be be special you can do this until you get the result you want i have done this and all my players from youth acedemy has the stat has the potential to be special.