FIFA 16 Career Mode Player Contracts Solved

We wanted to give out tips on the FIFA 16 Career Mode about your players in your squad leaving through various different reasons and how to avoid never losing a player ever again no matter how good their rating is. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn all the tricks on how to do this or continue reading on.

#Tip1 – Save Your Progress

This may come across a little strange at first, but saving your progress after each match played is actually hugely beneficial is not losing a player or getting the sack from your board of directors. You should create a backup file of the exact same career mode and save each one after a match so that you can always go back a week or sometimes even further.

#Tip2 Getting All Players Down To Future 1st Team Player Role

This technique is insane and all you have to do is when your best player comes out with a statement that will be entitled about that new contract, it’s not gonna be good news. There will be a message from the player saying something like the following.

Boss I’ve been thinking about my future at this football club, and I’ve decided that i don’t want to sign a contract extension. I will be letting my contract expire and then moving on.

FIFA 16 Player Contract Declined

FIFA 16 Player Contract Declined

It’s now at this point that you should offer the player a contract immediately the exact same day that he initially declined. The player showcased above was my best striker 91 rated and had the complete forward specialtie and was one of the worlds best. When you offer them an extension straight away this is part of the glitch, you need to offer them a little more money and bonus per goal and put the squad role down to future 1st team player or sporadic 1st team player.

They will come back with a message saying the following:

Morning Boss. Big news, I’ve singed the contract you previously offered, I’ve decided to stay at the club!

FIFA 16 Contract Accepted

FIFA 16 Contract Accepted

Now the player will never moan or be unhappy in your team and you can play them as much or hardly at all and they’ll still have fantastic morale every single season.

FIFA 16 Future 1st Team Player

FIFA 16 Future 1st Team Player

#Tip3 Preventing Players Leaving

This final tip involves most probably your best player being sold by your board or them handing in a transfer request, saying they’re homesick, saying they hate the weather or any other excuse they use to leave your club. All you have to do is follow step 1 and make a backup file of your career saved game.

Then two separate messages will come up saying the following:

I wanted you to be the first to know that I’ve decided to leave. You know I’ve been unsettled but it’s nothing personal and i want you to know that i respect you greatly as a coach. If circumstances had been different, i would have loved to stay. I’ve had a long talk with my agent and we’ve decided it’s best if we move on as soon as possible and he’ll be contacting the club to submit a transfer request. I hope you won’t want to stand in my way.

FIFA 16 players leaving your club

FIFA 16 players leaving your club

The above scenario is one of many variants where the player either hands in an official transfer request or outright just says that he wants to leave your club. All you have to do is load the game back up until a scenario like the one below pops up in your inbox.

I’m happy to stay boss. I want to apologise for the press speculation and to say that i am prepared to stay with the club now. It hasn’t been easy to settle at the club, but i want to give it a go. I’m fed up with all the uncertainty and i want to put it all behind me and get on with training hard every day.

FIFA 16 Keeping Players

FIFA 16 Keeping Players

Alternatively you can in-fact wait until the message where to board says the player must be sold and keep loading it up until they say that you as the manager have full control on whether the player leaves or not. Please leave any comments or questions you may have about this in the section below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive the best FIFA 16 manager mode tips.


  • Hey man, great tips.
    I use all of the above techniques and have done for the last few fifa games pretty much. One extra tip – Sometimes your board keep selling a player on the final day (the notification will come the day after) of the transfer window. To avoid this simply go past the final day on the calender option, in the season tab. You may have to do once or twice.
    This sometimes works for youth players asking to leave the academy as well.

    The only problem I cant fix with this technique is one of my players handed in a transfer request and i have not been able to offer him new contract since. Any tips for getting the “requested transfer” to go away on the contracts page?

  • Boss I’ve been thinking about my future at this football club, and I’ve decided that i don’t want to sign a contract extension. I will be letting my contract expire and then moving on.

    So this message only come when you have offered him a contract? I’ve tried this a lot with people that aren’t happy, and they accept the contract instead of decline it…

  • How do we sign players who dont wanna come? They say something like i love living here and do not want to relocate

  • I got Neymar and El Shaarawy on the same team but I want to keep El unfortunately he’ll want to be a starter, how can make him happy with a place on the bench?

  • Some of my loan player leave the club after the loan is over ibstead of comjng to the club..and they go to free there any limits for number of player that may be the cuz if this matter??

  • I lost Ronaldo in the first season to psg. Now after 2 seasons I can’t sign him back however high wages or bonus. Contract offer is declined always saying he cant play because of the history between us.

  • I have Christian Eriksen as the heart of my offense but he is currently unsettled and reportedly wanting to leave my club. I have tried to offer him a better contract but his agent keeps shutting it down no matter how many times I try to reload it. Any suggestions???

  • HELP! I’m managing Barcelona and Suarez wants a salary increase and Iniesta’s contract is expiring in 8 months. Ever time I offer them a new contract they decline because I don’t have enough in my weekly wage budget to cover their signing bonus. Is there anyway to shift funds from my new transfer budget? The board has already put Suarez on the transfer list until I increase his salary

  • Mitcell Fitzsimons-Fleming

    It says on mine De Gea is leaving my club for bayern when his contract expires in 3 years how did this happen I didn’t even sign him from bayern and it says he isnt willing to negotiate how do I keep him permanently any suggestions!!??