Career Mode Loan System Help

Not many of you know, but the loan system is something that a lot more players should think of diving into when it comes to the FIFA 14 career mode. The natural thing to do in regards to the transfer window, is to purchase players that you’ve been targeting for quite a long time and sign them on a permanent basis. However, we wanted to discuss the loan system and all the huge benefits it can bring if you use it in the right manner.

Career Mode Loan System

Career Mode Loan System

Loan in, Loan Out

For clubs that are smaller so to speak and who don’t have a budget to match the bigger clubs in their league, it’s not all doom and gloom. For example, Premier League new-boys Crystal Palace won’t be able to compete financially with a team like Arsenal, in the Championship, Barnsley can’t compete with a team like Reading, in League 1 Gillingham can’t compete with Wolves and so on.

So for all these types of clubs that have to watch their budget with close detail, make sure you do the right business in the transfer windows. A good trick to do is by loaning players that are surplus to your requirements and don’t fit into your plans but aren’t worth that much in value, you can loan them out to get some additional wage budget.

Keep doing this with all your fringe players and especially all of your youth players that you want to keep because they have talent and may become a future first-team star for you at a later date. Now all of a sudden, you should have a decent wage bill after loaning out a couple of fringe players and now you can go in for loan signings that will dramatically increase the quality in your squad.

Buy Later Option

If you loan a youth player that has reasonably decent stats and will add quality to your first-team lineup, make sure that you choose the option to buy him at the end of his loan contract. This will give you as the manager the first choice on the player and as he’s spent the season with you, he’s more than likely going to want to sign for your club after his stint with you.

After all the negotiations are successful and everything has gone according to plan, you now have a special talent in your squad that will likely be your best player for years to come.

Search Abroad & In Lower Divisions

You may not think it, but broadening your search to look in a variety of different country’s is actually a really bright idea. There are some real hidden gems lying about that you can snap up on loan for some really low wage budget. Also, looking in the lower leagues for some youth academy products is another great tip and should be put into action immediately. Make sure that you scout ever single one of these players first though.

Loaning Players Out and Recalling Them

There’s two options you can take when loaning players out to gain them vital first-team experience, first you can select the short-term loan option. This lasts roughly for three months and after the period has expired, the player will then return to his parent club which will be yours.

FIFA Career Mode Loan Players Out

Career Mode Loan Players Out

The other alternative, is to choose a season-long loan which unlike last years installment, does actually last an entire full season. There was a glitch on 13 where sometimes a player would be away for 2 seasons and sometimes 3. This error has been fixed and it’s now functioning perfectly. If you’d like to recall a player from his loan spell away, then you’ll have to pay some compensation to the club that he was developing at, which will not be that much and should be well within budget.

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