FUT 14 Legends Ratings Unveiled

FUT 14 Legends Ratings

FUT 14 Legends Ratings

EA Sports have finally revealed a small portion of players ratings that will be arriving on the Legends game mode for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team on the Xbox One this November. The console is due out then and the title will be launching with it, and if you pre-ordered the next-gen Xbox, you’ll receive a free copy of the football simulator for your troubles.

The Legends mode won’t just be limited to the Xbox One though, as it’s also going to be made available for the 360 as well. Basically it’s a Microsoft exclusive and there’s no sign that it’ll be arriving on the Sony PlayStation anytime soon if ever.

Each week Electronic Arts are going to be unveiling nine new legendary players statistics to keep the gaming community guessing. It’s just a little teaser to eventually find out who’s in the top 5 at the end of it all. This week see’s the countdown start at 42 to 31. So there’s 11 players who’s stats are detailed and in total there’s going to be 42 legends.

Check out the gallery below and leave your comments on who you think will be in the list next week where it will countdown from 30-21.

Legends Ratings 42-31

We will update this page accordingly when each of the respective ratings are unleashed by EA Sports, so make sure to check back periodically.

Legends Ratings 30-21

Legends Ratings 20-11

Legends Ratings 10-1